I’ve been away

I’ve been away

Sorry for taking so long between posts folks. I’ve been sidetracked onto clearing an 18 year backlog of mementos destined for family scrapbooks. Tomorrow is my second Scrap Meet of 2019. I hope to finish scrapbooking 2001, which takes 1 1/2 scrapbooks.

I love these Scrap Meets! We are a group of ladies who meet at a local church hall and scrapbook from 9 AM to 9 PM…or until you can stand it! I’m taking a cushion this time so my back won’t send me home early.

Each Scrap Meet is $25 and another $20 for the food. The food includes a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and supper prepared by a 4-star chef. It’s excellent!

The lady who organizes these Scrap Meets – Wanda MacDonald – has supplies on hand if you run out or want to buy anything, but she is not a pushy seller. I really appreciate that! If you want anything in particular it’s best to let her know ahead of time. She is a Creative Memories consultant.

People at the Scrap Meet work on either traditional or digital scrapbooks. It doesn’t matter. I’m working on traditional flat scrapbooking. Some people do beautiful pages with lots of embellishment. I’m not one of those. With 18 years to catch up on, I’m am going as fast as I can!

Other than that, there has been a death in the family and we were out of province for a week to attend a funeral and visit with family.

One of those family members was my big brother, who has suddenly developed an interest in our family history. In an effort to appease his curiosity I took a box full of my mother’s family history files over to his place. We spent a day going through them before he sent them all through his high speed scanner to distribute to other members of the family. I hear he wants to start in on the three or four boxes of my father’s family next. That’s at least 3-4 solid days work.

The only really creative thing I’ve done lately is knit on a scarf made of home spun alpaca and silk yarn. It’s the free Ravelry Drop Stitch Scarf Pattern. I made it a bit wider than the pattern called for and wish I hadn’t. Hopefully when I block it everything will work out fine. I’m half done.

That’s it from here. I hope everyone had a good month. Talk to you all later!

And so it Begins

And so it Begins

A belated Happy New Year everyone! I guess I almost made it for Ukrainian Christmas? A little late for that too… Maybe I can be early for saying Happy New Year to my Asian friends? Lunar New Year is early February this year.

At any rate, we had a wonderful holiday season filled with lots of company. I enjoyed talking to family far away, and I also enjoyed playing many games with people near. Both Hubby and I took last weekend to just rest up. We are feeling a little older. It takes a while to recuperate.

I haven’t done much creative. I prepared my bullet journal for 2019. For those of you who don’t know, a bullet journal is an organization tool/planner. Google “Ryder Carroll”, or just “bullet journal”, and you’ll see plenty to feast your eyes. If it seems overwhelming, type in “minimalist bullet journaling” and see what you get.

I had an email pop into my inbox the other day advertising a Scrap Meet for scrapbookers this weekend. I sat on the fence about it for a while, and then thought about the boxes of memorabilia and photos, etc. I am moving. I decided to bite the bullet, spend the money, and do up some albums before I go east. That should help with decluttering a bit.

This is a big project to take on. I have 18 years of scrapbooking to do! Needless to say, I’m hoping to get a few years into each scrapbook. The photo at the top of this post only scratches the surface of what’s here. I’m looking at a couple of bankers boxes full of memorabilia, plus stacks of planners, boxes of journals/diaries to sort through.

To that end the last 48 hours has been pulling things together. I spent time culling duplicate photos (should have done that long ago!), and creating a timeline for the first year I have to work on – 2002. I haven’t finished 2001 yet, but I didn’t discover that until late this afternoon. It can wait until I finish with 2002.

The good news is these Scrap Meets are held every month. So as long as I can pony up $50/mth. for admission and food, and another $50 for an album and supplies, I can spend up to 12 hours working on an album. Not bad.

Yarn to be Knit

I am still looking at yarn to knit, fibre to make into bundles for sale, and a rug to hook. I unpacked my wool cutter the other day. Now I just have to figure if it will clamp on the table edge for cutting. I’m a bit concerned it won’t. If not, then I have some cubbies I could clamp it to.

I’m thinking of carrying #6 cut wool strips in my shop, but am not sure. Is there a market for such among rug hookers? I see some for sale occasionally by various vendors. I had a lady drop in one day and buy my scraps off me because she was just starting out and didn’t have a cutter. I’m just not sure if it’s better to leave the wool uncut or cut it for my customers. Any feedback from cyberland?

Well, that’s my post for this week. Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and weekend. Take care!

South Korea inspired tile end cap rug. My next rug hooking project.
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone. I hope you are enjoying the Season of Christmas. I’ve pleasantly surprised myself by having all my gifts finished by last Friday. I still have to wrap a couple of them. However, everything is taken care of. ūüôā

We’ve been enjoying Christmas concerts, Christmas Nativity displays, Christmas carols, Christmas plays, early Christmas gifts, Christmas baking, and especially, our friends and family. Thanks everyone! We love you all!

In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m one of those people who loves Christmas. I realize it isn’t the best time of year for a lot of people, and my heart goes out to them. But for me, I’m happy to have something positive to celebrate in the middle of the long dark nights we have here in Canada’s winter.

This year we will be celebrating Christmas with friends over a traditional Korean meal of Jukejang (Hot and Spicy Beef Soup) and Bossom (Spicy Pork and Vegetables). We are also making Sweet Potatoes with Almond Syrup (the Korean name escapes me), and we plan on making a variety of vegetable side dishes called Namul. We have two different styles of kimchi, plus Daanmuji (a spicy pickled radish). I think, after all that spicy food, which will be served with lots of rice, we will simply have fresh fruit for dessert.

Our entertainment is games all day. In the evening more people will join us and we will have more games and fun. Some people will stay overnight and we plan to carry festivities into Boxing Day.

Creatively, I did do a lot of knitting in December, but as it is mostly gifts, I can’t show you photos till after Christmas. ūüôā

I also posted some fibre bundles for sale on my website store. I didn’t accomplished near as much as I hoped because I was having too much fun with family, friends, and Christmas. Sorry to my shoppers, but honestly, family and friends come first for me. If you see anything in my online shop you want, and you’re nearby, give me a shout or email and we can arrange a time for you to come visit and look through my boxes of fibre. Nothing like a move to make you realize how much fibre you have!

I’ve pulled out an original hooked rug pattern to work on in the new year. After a year’s break from actual rug hooking I cannot stand it anymore. I have to unpack stuff to hook. Sorry Honey! My cutter is next to find and unpack. Living out of boxes is no fun, and we’ve been doing it since February 2018.

I sincerely hope this post finds people in a good place emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically for Christmas. May there be peace wherever you are, and may the true meaning of Christmas be in your hearts and the faces of those you meet this Christmas season. Many hugs and best wishes for a very…

Merry Christmas

to one and all.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Hello everyone.  Despite being thwarted by a day long power outage on Tuesday I was able to update my shop section of the website by Thursday.  You will notice a few changes.  For one, I’ve taken all the plaids to zero inventory because I appear to have lost them somewhere…in a moving box no doubt…somewhere…  

Gold Fiber Bundle

Secondly, I have listed more fiber bundles for sale – a Lemon Yellow and a Gold bundle.  Right now there are five of each, with a variety of wool fabric and wool and silk yarns in each one.   Each bundle has five pieces of wool fabric at least 3.5″ x 12″ (up to 5″ x 14″) and five 5 yard pieces of wool/silk yarn or roving of different types for texture.  No two bundles are exactly the same, but the colorway is the same.  I plan to create more fiber bundles in the near future.

Hand dyed brown wool DK weight toque.
Toque from Berroco Vintage DK weight yarn.

The past week or so I’ve been busy organizing my knitting and actually knitting.  I’ve knit two beanies – one a cream colored beanie and one a hand dyed variegated brown wool beanie – and am currently working on a hand dyed variegated brown wool neck warmer.  I’ll update you later.  I have a lot of knitting to do before Christmas!  

Also, I seem to be working on a new WordPress platform that is giving me a headache.  Below are some knitting photos I wanted to share with you, but they seem to permanently be stuck on their sides, despite my best efforts to rotate them so they are right side up!  I will continue to work on this issue in hopes of sharing more photos.  Otherwise photos could become sparse on my blog. 

I have a full weekend planned.  I hope my readers are enjoying the season.  Thanks for reading. 

I’ve been absent

I’ve been absent

Hi everyone! ¬†Sorry I’ve been absent from blogging for awhile. ¬†It’s been pretty busy on the medical front and I’ve been taking time to deal with various issues. ¬†Things seem to have sorted themselves out a bit now.

I’m still knitting. ¬†It’s great for stress relief. ¬†I gave away a Fleece Artist Greenwich Dunes National Parks chinook yarn beanie hat or toque. ¬†That required making another to go with the set for a planned recipient. ¬†The hat is finished now and, as soon as Canada Post gets sorted out, will be on its way.

I also finished some Fleece Artist Grasslands National Park fingerless mitts or wrist warmers to go with a matching toque.  Not sure who those will go to yet.

Plus I am currently knitting a Drop Stitch Scarf (a free Ravelry.com pattern) from alpaca/silk home spun for someone.

My plans to knit up my yarn by the end of next year may be a bit optimistic.  However it is all wound into balls now, thanks to the help of a friendly person at a local knitting group.

That’s about it for now. ¬†Hope all my American friends have a great Thanksgiving! ūüôā

His and Hers Beanie Strikes Again!

His and Hers Beanie Strikes Again!

Hi everyone. ¬†I’ve been busy this week with a lot of medical stuff. ¬†However I was able to finish knitting the His and Hers Beanie from Ravelry.com using Fleece Artist Grassland National Parks Chinook yarn. ¬†I’m currently knitting matching wrist warmers from the free DROPS pattern on Ravelry. ¬†My plan of who to give all this finished knitting to is in a state of flux. ¬†I’m not sure what I’ll do with them. ¬†I may end up donating it all.

I was to the Open Fibre Night for the Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild this week. ¬†Had a blast with about nine other people in attendance. ¬†There were three of us newcomers. ¬†Though truthfully I’m not entirely new. ¬†I was there once last year, before my Dad became really sick and I started having health issues. ¬†Hopefully I’ll have time to make it from now on. ¬†Met one of my followers on Facebook. Always such a surprise and delight to meet someone who takes the time to follow me. ¬†Thank-you to everyone who does.

Today I’m off to a local knitting group. ¬†I want to work on those wrist warmers. ¬†I also want to get into the boxes of rug hooking fibre and see what I can conjure up in the way of fibre bundles to sell on my website. ¬†I have lots of fibre, it’s just getting at it right now is problematic. ¬†But it sure would be nice to organize and sell some of it before we move.

I’ve been exploring some interesting facets of bullet journaling this week. ¬†Ryder Carroll, the originator of the system, released his first book on the subject last Monday. ¬†It’s called “The Bullet Journal Method” and it is very good as an introduction to the system. ¬†I haven’t finished the book yet, but there is promise of it having material for seasoned bullet journalists too.

Meanwhile I am in the Minimalist Bullet Journal group on Facebook. ¬†There another member has posted a video explaining what he refers to as his “Frankinlog”. ¬†It really condenses a lot of information into a few pages…well…actually a double page spread with a couple of Dutch doors. ¬†Dutch doors are pages where part of the page (top or bottom) has been cut off, giving you a shorter page in-between two full size pages to write more notes. ¬†The advantage is you can see the top (or bottom) of a page (say a calendar) and still have oodles of pages below it to write task lists. ¬†I’m going to try it starting January. ¬†I’ll post a photo then to show you how it works.

I hope everyone enjoys a lovely fall (or spring) weekend.  Take care my friends.

Artsy Happenings

Artsy Happenings

This week I reknit the Fleece Artist Fundy National Park yarn flat-topped hat in new modifications.  The top is no longer flat.

I also finished the Fleece Artist Greenwich Dunes National Park yarn neck warmer, and am halfway through knitting the wrist warmers.

Aside from knitting, I’ve been organizing and planning knitting projects. ¬†I’ve been researching how to combine David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and bullet journaling. ¬†Some serious project planning happening. ¬†Check out these videos…

Bullet Journal Set Up & Journaling for Creatives by HoneyRozes
Bullet Journals and GTD – Bohoberry
My Bullet Journal – 4 Months In – Kendra Bork
Boosted Journal by Ricardo has some good ideas on productivity bullet journaling as well.

Checked out Assiniboia Gallery’s “Trains” exhibit yesterday. ¬†Great show! ¬†Some lovely work in a wide variety of styles. ¬†They also have a couple of small Rod Charlesworth pieces for sale as well, but they are not part of the exhibit. ¬†I love Rod Charlesworth’s style.

Spent last Saturday at a music concert at the local university. ¬†It was a modern and contemporary music concert by Barbara Pritchard and Rose Bolton. ¬†It was really interesting. ¬†I’ve never really been exposed to that type of music before. ¬†It reminded me a bit of atonal music, but it was better. ¬†(I’m not a fan of atonal music.) ¬†It was very good, and I (and the people I went with) could see applications for it right away. ¬†So funny. ¬†Hubby is a movie buff and saw the applications for it in the movie industry. ¬†My friend is a family therapist who saw therapy applications right away. ¬†The 15-year-old who went with us confessed to being scared in the middle of one piece (!). ¬†And I was just mesmerized. ¬†The theme was “Fire” and all the pieces related to fire in one way or another. ¬†I felt like I was by the campfire or a forest fire, and warm for the first time in ages! ¬†It was a fascinating body of work.

This week we had our wedding anniversary.  We headed out for a drive in the nearby countryside and enjoyed the scenery.  We went for a short walk by a lake.  Stopped in a small town at the local bakery for drink, snack, and conversation with the locals.  Came back to town just in time to stop at a favorite restaurant for supper.  A lovely day.

Met someone in the grocery store the other day who was curious about my ‘craftwork’ and wanted to know if I would show it to him. ¬†I assured him I would be here at least the winter, and would be delighted to share my work with him. ¬†To all my readers, if you want to come talk crafts with me, I am available. ¬†I haven’t gone anywhere and won’t be until next year sometime. ¬†Just use the contact form on this site, or give me a call.



I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend! ¬†Hubby and I were on the road to Prince Albert to visit a friend. ¬†We had a great time poking around town, visiting Shananigan’s Cafe, and hiking in nearby Little Red River Provincial Park. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner at Smitty’s Restaurant, of all places! ¬†Nice location by the fireplace on a cool windy day.

Lemon Meringue Pie, Shananigan’s, Prince Albert, SK.

I’ve been busy knitting up more hats. ¬†I modified the instructions on the His and Hers Beanie to come out with a hat I like much better. ¬†I wasn’t happy with the top of the hat using the instructions as written, which didn’t seem to match the photo of the top of the hat. ¬†So I improvised and did a regular hat top of one row of decreases, followed by one row of knit stitch the whole way around. ¬†The yarn used is Fleece Artist National Parks yarn – some of the Greenwich Dunes National Park colourway. ¬†It turned out much better than the original pattern, which had you decreasing every single row at the top of the hat. ¬†In fact, it turned out so well I’m knitting another hat from the remains of the Fundy National Park colourway to send down east to my niece instead of the flat topped one.

I had a fun week last week. ¬†Some knitting, some sorting through boxes and culling more books, and a lot of time with friends and family. ¬†I celebrated my birthday with a shrimp pig out at Red Lobster. ¬†Actually, it was too much shrimp. ¬†But that’s okay. ¬†I have shrimp maybe once a year. ¬†Dinner was good and the surprise “party” at a friend’s afterwards was nice too. ¬†I put party in quotation marks because she literally did not find out it was my birthday until 3:30 PM on my birthday, and when we arrived three hours later to spend the evening playing games and watching a movie, she had decorated the place, her daughter had made a card, and they had a gift for me! I feel so blessed to have such friends.

Next up is a knit cowl out of the Greenwich Dunes National Park yarn. ¬†That will go to another niece. ¬†I’m about half finished it now.

I was able to get to the MacKenzie Art Gallery to see the hooked rug exhibit called “Home Economics”. ¬†It was well done and interesting. ¬†I loved the Grenfell rugs and the more modern ones that tell a story. ¬†I was surprised the art gallery shop did not have any hooked wall hangings or rugs from local rug hookers available for sale.

While at the art gallery we also saw an Indigenous Peoples art exhibit called “Boarder X”. ¬†It was all about movement in the landscape. ¬†There was a young lady from the Cree nation there to help with interpretation of the artwork. ¬†I was very thankful for her guidance, as I know little about Indigenous symbolism. ¬†Her explanations helped me greatly. ¬†There were some very moving pieces of artwork in the exhibit.

I am seriously looking at cutting back some of my rug hooking supplies…wool fabric in particular. ¬†Keep an eye on my website store to see if anything pops up that you’d like. ¬†I have a lot of dark colored wool. ¬†If you’re interested in doing background, it might be just the thing. ¬†Let me know and I’ll see what I have. ¬†I’m thinking $1 CAD for each 3″ x 12″ swatch. ¬†My swatches are usually larger than that, but I still will only charge $1 CAD for them. ¬†Shipping and handling will be extra.

If you’re interested, contact me using the form below and we can talk or arrange a visit.


Moving back upstairs!

Moving back upstairs!

The new finish is on our Red Oak floors! ¬†Painting is almost finished. ¬†Progress is slow, but we finally moved our possessions back into the house from storage today. ¬†We are also moving from the basement to upstairs again. ¬†Unfortunately the movers took off for lunch before moving the old dresser upstairs to the second floor, and didn’t come back afterwards! ¬†Not sure how we’re going to get it upstairs. ¬†Hubby was determined to be sleeping in our own bed tonight and dragged up the mattress toppers, pillows and bedding. ¬†I helped, but truthfully, I’m not much help. ¬†I just don’t have the energy and stamina to be moving furniture, etc. these days. ¬†But I have been hauling up clothes and toiletries from the basement, and helping Hubby put the bed back together again.

I have all my sewing, rug hooking, knitting, spinning, stitching, quilting, and scrapbooking items on the main floor. ¬†My winter goal is to sort through it and our artwork. ¬†We have way too much artwork for a smaller house. ¬†We both have some we’ve grown out of, or that have done their time, and it’s time to pass them onto someone else. ¬†Hubby and I have decided it is another winter of decluttering. ¬†Time to pull out the whiteboard and create a plan again!

In knitting, I finished the Fundy National Park Fleece Artist yarn projects. ¬†I made a hat, a neck warmer, and fingerless mitts. ¬†It’s the third time I’ve knit the neck warmer and fingerless mitts pattern. ¬†I think I’m ready to go onto a different pattern for the neck warmer. ¬†I have a few free patterns from Ravelry.com that I am auditioning. ¬†One is the Sugar Plum Cowl by Leah Michelle Designs. Another is Asbraga cowl by Modish Knits. ¬†The third is the Growing Leaves Cowl by Meghan Macko. ¬† I won’t be knitting fingerless mitts from this last yarn – Fleece Artist’s Greenwich Dunes National Park yarn. ¬†Instead I will do a nice hat and cowl. ¬†If there’s any leftover yarn, as I’m sure there will be, I’ll knit another hat.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday Finale

Friday Finale

Hi everyone.  This week I cast on the wrist warmers and started to knit them.  I love the simplicity of the DROPS Design Extra 0-903 neck warmer and wrist warmer pattern.  The only challenging part are the short rows on the neck warmer.  I keep forgetting to wrap them as I do them!

As for the Fleece Artist Fundy National Park Chinook yarn? Let me just say, it is gorgeous to knit with! ¬†Doesn’t catch on the needles. ¬†Smooth and soft. ¬†Nice and thick for warmth. ¬†Also discontinued at this point in time…unfortunately. ¬†However, Fleece Artist is renowned for its excellent yarns. ¬†Check them out at FleeceArtist.com

I am knitting these using the needles recommended – 4.5 mm 16″ circulars for the neck warmer, 4.5 mm double pointed needles for the wrist warmers. ¬†The hat, which was knit from the free Ravelry pattern, His and Hers Beanie, by Krityum, used 4.0 mm 16″ circulars on the ribbing, and 4.5 mm 16″ circular on the rest of the hat.

My current reading is “Conran on Color” by Terrance Conran. ¬†I’ve had this book out of the library before. It’s an easy read for me. ¬†I love the color inspiration it provides.

This week was busy with medical appointments and gym. ¬†Things appear to be going okay. ¬†Still have a ways to go to stabilize things here, but it’s happening. ¬†Progress is slow, but noticeable.

I hope everyone had a good week and will have a great weekend!  Take care and talk to you next week.  Thanks for reading.


The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

…Often go awry! ¬†I thought I had Anne Budd’s book “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Knitting Patterns” out and in my knitting bag, but apparently it has been packed into storage somewhere. ¬†So instead of using one of her hat patterns, I downloaded a free pattern called “His and Her’s Beanie” from Krityum on Ravelry.com. ¬†It knit up kind of square at the top, making for an interesting look. ¬†I’ve also almost finished a neck warmer from the DROPS Design pattern – DROPS Extra 0-903.

Other than that, not much creative happening here.  I did manage to go to a knitting group yesterday at my local library.  There were few people there and I had a good time.  I knit on the neck warmer from Fleece Artist Fundy National Park yarn.

I’m keeping up with my bullet journal. ¬†I have to. ¬†I’m trying to keep track of various issues relating to my health. ¬†I’ve had a lot of medical related appointments, classes, and gym time this past week. ¬†Plus I’ve been out walking more. ¬†I’ve also been using a productivity tracker to track how I’m using my time. ¬†It’s been helpful as well. ¬†It’s interesting to see how I am filling my days with everything in storage!

Hubby and I have spent a lot of time eating out. ¬†The painters are on the main floor of the house now and we have window treatments on our kitchen floor. ¬†Not a good situation for cooking. ¬†The floor refinishers are coming tomorrow morning. ¬†We’ll need them! ¬†The floors are a mess after the painting. ¬†That will, however, mean more eating out, as they have said they need the stove outlet for their big sanding machine.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time the last three days watching videos from The Canadian Financial Summit, trying to familiarize myself with exactly what our financial planner and broker might be up to and thinking. ¬†It’s mostly aimed at Millennials, but there was a fair bit on retirement as well…albeit wealthy retirements. ¬†Some people simply have a lot more money to play with than others. ¬†I did a search for one income retirement in Canada and turned up a bunch of newspaper articles with platitudes and general advice any one income family already knows. ¬†In the process I found some Canadian financial calculators at: Canada.ca .¬† I also did a search for calculators that take inflation into account. ¬†There’s fewer of them out there. ¬†But there’s one by¬†Sheffar Potter Muchan Inc. out of London, Ontario. ¬†Just type in “retirement planner” and the page should pop up. ¬†The short answer to it is that a one income family can survive retirement, depending on their lifestyle expectations and how much they’ve managed to save. ¬†Not everyone wants to golf, sail, and travel in retirement.

Well, if you’ve been reading, thanks! ¬†Have a great week everyone!

Prepping for Knitting

Prepping for Knitting

Hi everyone! ¬†I’ve been busy winding skeins of yarn into balls. ¬†This is Fleece Artist’s Canada’s 150th Birthday National Parks yarn in DK weight. ¬†Great for hats, neck warmers, and fingerless mitts. ¬†I plan to make more hats from Anne Budd’s book “The Handy Book of Knitting Patterns” and the DROPS neck warmer and wrist warmers pattern on Ravelry. ¬†We have a nice little setup in the basement now. ¬†I was able to clamp the ball winder to the table we moved down here. ¬†I don’t own a swift. ¬†Instead I used the back of a chair. ¬†Worked well. ¬†Next up is to find the right sized needles and cast on!

This is a bit more challenging than usual. ¬†We have no sofa down here. ¬†Instead we have three lawn chairs with cushions on them for a bit of padding. ¬†My knitting is in bags underneath the lawn chairs. ¬†I’m going to have to sort through the various bags to see where I managed to put my knit needles. ¬†I don’t think they made it back to their proper place after the last project.

Meanwhile…painters are busy painting the upstairs or second floor of the house. ¬†Hopefully they’ll be done soon and onto the main floor. ¬†I think it’s going to be a tight schedule to finish before the floor refinishers come later this month! ¬†Must check in with the floor refinishers soon.

As for my health, recent tests show I am improving. ¬†However I’ve been told I’m on this medication for the rest of my life. ¬†Sigh. ¬†What a pain. ¬†Still, it’s better than the alternative!!!

Take care everyone, wherever you are.  Talk at you later.  Have a great week!

Hi All – Update

Hi All – Update

Still packing, packing, packing. ¬†Moved most of the stuff downstairs that we need for the month. ¬†Still have to get a small table, 4 chairs, a small cupboard, and the dresser downstairs. ¬†Might not happen tonight. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†I’m waiting for Hubby to finish his packing. ¬†Right now he’s having a well deserved rest.

I haven’t done any handwork this week, but I am thinking about it! ¬†I have some yarn I want to wind into balls for knitting.

One of the things Hubby and I realized today is that, at 170 moving boxes packed, we are too heavy and still have too much stuff for a 2 bedroom apartment! ¬†We talked about some of the changes we’d have to make. ¬†Things such as culling artwork and books further, making tough decisions on hobbies, and getting rid of DVDs and using Netflix instead. Hubby commented it would be a major lifestyle change, and I agree. ¬†But it is one that is long overdue.

Hope everyone had a great Labour Day weekend, and has a great week!

Moving Along

Moving Along

I decided to do some knitting to fill in pockets of time between packing and medical appointments. ¬†To that end I finished knitting a hat, neck warmer, and pair of wrist warmers from Fleece Artist’s Canada’s 150 Birthday yarn in the Sable Island colourway. ¬†The hat is from Anne Budd’s book “The Handy Book of Knitting Patterns”. ¬†The neck warmer and wrist warmers are a free pattern off Ravelry by DROPS design (pattern 0-903).

I have them in a box that is not quite full, to send to the recipient. ¬†I may knit more accessories for other people who live in that household. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†I’ve been trying to get a hold of the Mom with little success. ¬†Our time zone difference and schedules are wacky and not well synced.

We’ve been busy packing the last few days in particular. ¬†We emptied out most of the basement. ¬†We’ll be moving some items and furniture down there for us to use for the month of September. ¬†I’m still not sure how we’ll fit everything we need down there. ¬†My rug hooking store inventory is all there right now though. ¬†That’s a start. ¬†Thankfully that’s not as much as it could be!

In the last two weeks we’ve taken three carloads of stuff to drop off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. ¬†Online selling has slowed down this month. ¬†I’m thinking we have one piece of furniture we might have picked up by the Salvation Army for their thrift store. ¬†That’s not bad actually.

We also made a stab at cleaning the bathroom since the boarder moved out the end of July. ¬†It was a disaster! ¬†Hubby had to take the pea trap apart and clean it out so the sink would drain properly. ¬†I had to shop for a specific cleaning implement (Mr. Pumie) from Home Hardware to clean out the toilet. ¬†Let me tell you, that product is great! ¬†I’m using Zep to clean the shower stall. ¬†Before long the bathroom will be good as new! ¬†Next up is to work on the funky odor coming from the room the boarder stayed in. ¬†I think we’ll need some serious air freshener there. ¬†Would love to clean the carpet, but we’re just ripping it out in a couple month’s time, so why bother?

I’ve been keeping up-to-date and organized in my bullet journal. ¬†I prepared all the pages I need for September in under an hour. ¬†I’m not one of these people who do fancy spreads. ¬†I am bullet journaling for functionality, not artistic expression. ¬†The fanciest I get is colour coding my productivity chart or my sleep quality chart, and those happen on a day-to-day basis, not all upfront prior to the beginning of the month. ¬†It’s almost time to sit down and transfer all my September appointments to my cell phone though.

Well that’s about it. ¬†I continue to attend the gym. ¬†I’m having issues finding a blood pressure monitor that actually works like it’s supposed to. ¬†Even the top sellers are off when compared to the doctor’s office or gym monitors. ¬†They read really high (and I mean like 20-30 points above where my blood pressure is really at!), which is a problem when you’re trying to keep track of how low your blood pressure is! ¬†We bought a new one that was not up to specs, so we will be returning it and buying something different. ¬†Our current one is two years old and won’t read my blood pressure at all. ¬†Gives me nothing but error messages. ¬†I’ve contacted the company and just got a regurgitation of the instruction manual. ¬†I am very frustrated with them. ¬†Unfortunately that is the company the gym nurse wants me to buy another monitor from. ¬†She is suggesting I pick it up at Costco, so I have a year in which I can return it if it stops working the way it should. ¬†We’ll see. ¬†I wouldn’t buy one at all except the doctor wants me to track my blood pressure every day.

Well, that’s it. ¬†I have to go organize my clothing and decide what to put into storage and what to keep out. ¬†I may just move it lock, stock and barrel to the basement. ¬†September in Regina could mean heat, cold, or even snow. ¬†I just don’t trust the weather here at all.

Life Happens

Life Happens

People who have been reading my blog for a while know that my dad passed away the end of April. ¬†I was totally immersed in dealing with “The Shirt Project” for the two months following his death. “The Shirt Project” was the remaking of about twenty of his old L.L. Bean shirts into mementos for his descendants. ¬†That gave me time to think about Dad and to grieve. My projects received rave reviews from the recipients. ¬†I am glad they like them.

We are¬†still¬†planning on moving to the Halifax area in the future. ¬†But, added to that has been my own health problems. ¬†My old ticker just ain’t what it used to be. ¬†So I’ve been put on medication and had several medical tests. ¬†I’ve joined a gym and am receiving classes on how to take care of my heart. ¬†Hence I’ve decided to not teach rug hooking classes till after things have settled down a bit.

We’ve also been preparing for some interior painting and floor refinishing in our old house. ¬†It’s been a long haul of decluttering, selling stuff, donating stuff, and packing stuff to go into storage. ¬†And we aren’t near finished! ¬†We’ll be working on it throughout the rest of August and beyond.

I’ve done absolutely no handwork to speak of…short of re-spinning some cotton yarn for a friend. ¬†That was an experiment with mixed results. ¬†She decided not to ask me to spin any more of the yarn. ¬†It just was not designed for knitting. When knit up it made a hard surface on the finished project – both spun and unspun. ¬†It was a yarn of six strands, about DK weight, originally intended for crochet, and will be donated to some crocheters.

I have been keeping up with my bullet journalling. ¬†Now the doctors know it exists they are interested in all kinds of records I keep in it. ¬†I’ve switched to using a Traveller’s Notebook style bullet journal, but not the authentic TN…it’s too pricy for me. ¬†I picked up my look alike at Michaels one day while out shopping. ¬†They also had refills for it, much to my delight! ¬†I am finding this less time consuming than using the Lechtturm 1917 journal. ¬†Also cheaper. ¬†The TN style bullet journal allows you to slip four separate notebooks into one cover. ¬†That means information that doesn’t change from month-to-month can go in one notebook, and my day-to-day planner can go in another. I also have a notebook for my trackers for sleep, habits, productivity, weight, water consumption, expenditures/earnings, gratitudes, and blood pressure. ¬†And the final notebook is a food and exercise diary. ¬†It is really convenient to have all that information in one place. ¬†When I finish a notebook, I just slip it out of the cover, put in a new notebook, and continue on. ¬†Not near as much wasted paper as in the Lechtturm, and better organization for me.

Well that’s my post for this week folks! ¬†I’m afraid blog posts will be a bit sparse until I get back to my handwork. ¬†Hope everyone is having a great summer! ¬†Take care!

Motoring On

Motoring On

Hi everyone! ¬†I’m back from our little trip. ¬†The trip was a great time to engage other artists about their work. ¬†I was able to attend the Okotoks, Alberta spinning drop in and take my knitting. ¬†It was interesting talking to the ladies and I was able to wind my next ball of yarn there.

I was also able to visit a fantastic fibre artist – Deb Loosely – while in the area, and had a tour of her huge studio! ¬†Deb quilts, spins, knits, and weaves. ¬†Oh, and she sews as well. ¬†Found a wonderful costume book on her bookshelves that I haven’t seen in years!

By the time we made our way to Edmonton, I was in need of another fibre fix.  I met up with an excellent intuitive painter.  She is just on the cusp of deciding whether to go professional or not.  I encouraged it as her work is very good.  When she is ready, and gives the go ahead, I will post some more about her and her work here.

While away I took some time to knit. ¬†I finished the neck warmer to go with the hat I knit. ¬†Next up are the wrist warmers. ¬†They are knit from Fleece Artist’s Canada’s 150th National Parks yarn, in the Sable Island, NS colourway. ¬†The pattern is a free one from DROPS. ¬†I found it through Ravelry.

I’ve also been spinning a bit. ¬†A friend had some very fine stranded yarn given to her. ¬†It’s actually six fine strands laying together to form one strand. ¬†However, because it’s not plied it will probably split easily when knit. ¬†So I plied one ball and we processed it. ¬†It’s hanging to dry. ¬†Once it’s dry I’ll wind it into a ball and we’ll pass it off to our expert knitters to compare with the original yarn, to see which is easier to knit. ¬†If they like the plied ball better, I’ll ply the rest of them. There are a lot of balls.

In-between all that Hubby and I have been packing stuff, selling stuff, and designating stuff for charity. ¬†It’s a time consuming process. But we are managing to whittle things down slowly. We want to be done the process by the end of the month, when the painters come to move most of our stuff into storage before painting the interior of the house.


Weekly Review – Update

Weekly Review – Update

This past week I’ve been busy listing items for sale online, and selling them. ¬†I spent too much time this week sorting LEGO for sale. LOL ¬†Also listing furniture and selling it. ¬†We’ll gradually get this house cleared out! ¬†I had no idea we had so much stuff packed into it! ¬†I guess after 24 years you collect a lot of junk.

I’ve also been following my rug hooking friends on Facebook and Instagram. ¬†There’s some really cool stuff going on in the world of rug hooking. ¬†Check out: ¬†Val Galvin, Della Ackles, and Janine Broscious. ¬†Della and Janine are on the road! ¬†I love following along on their adventures! ¬†Val is busy offering hook-ins and workshops out of Chemainus, BC, where she lives. ¬†Wish I was there Val! ūüôā

I’m busy planning upcoming projects and resting my wrist after a minor medical procedure. ¬†Next week I start at a gym three days a week. ¬†Hopefully it won’t tire me out for the rest of the week. ¬†I’m planning to start some new projects.

Have a great week everyone! ūüôā

The Shirt Project – DONE?!

The Shirt Project – DONE?!

Wednesday evening I finished off the fourth and final quilt of The Shirt Project. ¬†Those who recall the origins of the project know that my goal was to make about 30 items from Dad’s old L.L. Bean shirts for descendants of my father who wanted them. ¬†To see the projects check out the slide show below this post. ¬†Wednesday evening we packed like mad and we mailed most of the packages Thursday morning.

All told I made 29 items in 2 months. ¬†That is record sewing for me! ¬†I had a lot of fun doing it too. ¬†One person hasn’t responded to texts related to his memento, so I haven’t been able to start it. ¬†Another doesn’t want anything. ¬†That’s fine.

Total cost of the project was just under $500CAD.  Most of that was for postage.  I had to mail fifteen parcels across Canada.  Other than that the costs were for the Moda fabric for the puppy quilt, thread, sewing machine needles, and some sewing machine pressure feet.

I made quite a dent in my supplies, but not as much as I thought I would.  I have less quilt batting and less muslin.  Also donated one sheet set to the cause for quilt backing.  It was an old set with holes near the edges from being caught in our hide-a-bed mechanism.  It was destined for the garbage anyways.

Next up is a major freezer cooking session. ¬†I’m due at hospital for a procedure next week and am not sure how long I’ll be out of commission. ¬†Will try to post next Friday again. ¬†Have a great week everyone!


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The Shirt Project – Almost There!

The Shirt Project – Almost There!

I’ve been working off and on, between company, on Dad’s L.L. Bean shirt project. ¬†I finished the third moose and flying geese quilt and am onto the fourth quilt – a puppy quilt. ¬†The puppy fabric arrived in the mail Tuesday. ¬†It is Woof-Woof-Meow from Moda. ¬†I purchased through¬†Dinkydoo Fabrics.

Third quilt finished.

Moda puppy fabric from DinkydooFabrics.com

Design for the puppy quilt.

I packaged up six of the thirteen batches of work to send to the recipients. ¬†Had to confirm addresses before shipping. ¬†Also notified them all their packages were in the mail. ¬†So satisfying to see this project come to a close! ¬†I have to finish the last quilt and a jackknife pouch, and that’s it!


The Shirt Project – Quilts

The Shirt Project – Quilts

I was lamenting I might have to buy cotton yardage for the binding for these L.L. Bean shirt quilts, and then thought about it and asked myself “Why?”. ¬†Surely I or one of my friends would have something I could use! ¬†Before going to my friends I decided I needed to check out my own stash first.

I thought it was a lost cause. ¬†But Hubby had been up in my sewing room rearranging the packed boxes for our move so he could get at the walls to repair and prime them ready for painting. ¬†I wandered through the room and spied a clear tote with some cotton yardage in it that I’d forgotten all about! ¬†Out of sight, out of mind. ¬†Sure enough, I found fabric to bind one of the quilts in the tote.

The fabric for the binding on the second quilt came from Dad’s old cotton housecoat. I hadn’t cut it up for blocks because it seemed a bit flimsy. ¬†As the binding is doubled over before being stitched down, I figure it will be good enough for a toddler quilt. ¬†I finished sewing the binding on the quilts Tuesday afternoon.

Then I started designing the third quilt, which is going to a little boy.  Unfortunately I am running out of shirts!  It went through several metamorphoses until I settled on these colors.

And by yesterday afternoon we have an almost pieced top…

It doesn’t look half bad! ¬†Thank goodness Dad liked blue shirts for dress shirts! ¬†Hoping to work more on it today. ūüôā

Have a great weekend and upcoming week everyone!

Quilting Along

Quilting Along

The Shirt Project continues! ¬†I’ve moved on to designing quilts from Dad’s old L.L. Bean shirts and quilting this week. I started out trying to keep it simple, so it would go quickly and look good – a simple 4.5″ square quilt with stitch-in-the-ditch quilting. When I moved my design board downstairs to the dining room the plain quilt looked, well, a little plain. So I added some flying geese squares. Not too many because I’m starting to run out of fabric to make things match. It still looked plain. I decided to add appliqued moose to the centre blocks of the quilts. Still not totally happy with the design, but it has elements that reflect my dad’s interests. I’m sure the recipients will be happy with whatever they receive.

Running low on fabric has its challenges. I was scouring YouTube looking for ways to make quilts from scraps. I discovered crumb quilting this week! A crumb quilt is a quilt made from pieces of fabric too small to make a piece for regular quilting – meaning usually less than 2 1/2″ in any direction. (This is my generic definition.) I watched all ten videos in one series by Darlene Michaud. I tried to make a 4.5″ x 4.5″ square. It took an hour to come up with a very poor looking one. I think I made my crumbs too small. Lesson learned. Having taken the time and thread to do that though, I think it will be easier on my time and thread to make a plain scrap quilt from leftover blocks 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ and larger. I’m going to try and design one that way first. If I don’t come up with enough blocks, then I’ll switch to doing a version of a crumb quilt…with larger pieces of fabric.

Other than that, not much exciting happening this week. I am debating the best and most affordable way to bind these toddler quilts, and the best and most affordable way to get all these mementos to their recipients. I think a trip to Alberta is in order as thirteen recipients live there. It’s cheaper in gas to drive there and back than it will be to mail to the thirteen different recipients. Plus we get to visit and stay with relatives.

The Shirt Project

The Shirt Project

I’ve now taken to referring to all this sewing and quilting of Dad’s old L.L. Bean shirts to “The Shirt Project”. ¬†I finished the moose wall hangings Sunday evening. ¬†So far I am a week ahead of my overall schedule for sewing items. ¬†That is good because the quilts may take longer than I expect. ¬†I want to hand stitch those bindings to finish them.

Here are the finished “flying geese” pot holders. ¬†I found a basic flying geese quilt pattern online (just google “flying geese pot holders”) and adapted it to my materials. ¬†Each one of these has two layers of Radiantex (R) in the centre, facing outward on both sides. ¬†That makes both sides suitable to use with hot pots and pans. ¬†These are really designed as hot pads for the table as they have no hanging loop. ¬†However they will serve as both pot holders and hot pads. ¬†They are 8″ square.

And here is the table runner in various stages.  It is roughly three feet long by twelve inches wide.

Next up are four 40″ square toddler quilts. ¬†I have designs drawn in my bullet journal and have cut out the pieces for two and a half of the quilts. ¬†I am waiting for coordinating fabric to arrive in the mail for one of the quilts. ¬†I had a special order for “a puppy quilt”. ¬†Dad didn’t have any puppy shirts, so I am augmenting his shirts with some puppy fabric. ¬†I don’t think I have enough shirt fabric for the final quilt to be similar block style to the others. ¬†I may end up making a form of strip quilt, or something like it. ¬†Something that will use up scraps and still look good. ¬†But first I have to do an assessment tomorrow and see if I have enough fabric left for one hundred 4.5″ squares.

Having a great week and hope to have a better weekend.  Take care everyone!

Weekly Review – Let it Rain!

Weekly Review – Let it Rain!

Hi folks! ¬†It’s been raining off and on this week. ¬†We badly need it. ¬†I am happy to see it.

I had a great time at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair this year.  Found some friends selling their wares and chatted them up a bit.  I hope they did well.

This weekend is our multicultural festival, Mosaic. ¬†Hubby and I were out to the Korean pavilion last night. The food was good and so was the show! ¬†Lots of good dancers there. ¬†Not sure yet where we’re heading tonight for Mosaic. ¬†The weather forecast is for thunderstorms, which can be an issue here on the prairies.

I’ve spent some time fussing over the moose wall hangings made from Dad’s shirts. ¬†The binding proved more than I could handle alone, even with YouTube videos to watch! ¬†I called in reinforcements. ¬†A friend came over and showed me how to do it quickly and, well, almost effortlessly. ¬†I have one more to fix and one more to go. ¬†Then it’s onto attaching hanging sleeves. ¬†I hope to be done the wall hangings by Sunday evening.

After that I have potholders, a table runner, and three baby quilts to sew. ¬†I think I’ll be leaving the quilts till last.


Weekly Review – Inspiration and Progress

Weekly Review – Inspiration and Progress

Hi everyone! ¬†I’ve been busy this week. ¬†It is the annual Cathedral Village Arts Festival. ¬†Hubby and I have enjoyed some of the performances and plan to go to more. ¬†So far this week we’ve seen the Mandolin Orchestra, a jazz band, a ladies choral group (Sisters of Mercy), and a Baroque ensemble. ¬†This is the first time in five years I have not been a vendor in the Saturday Street Fair. ¬†That’s okay. ¬†It was a great time ¬†in the past, and I will enjoy it again tomorrow as a spectator.

I’ve also been working on tote bags and wall hangings from Dad’s old L.L. Bean shirts. ¬†The tote bags took a lot more fabric than I thought they would, but they are sturdy little 15″ square bags, complete with two pockets inside.

I am still figuring out the moose wall hangings. ¬†I’m trying not to buy any fabric for this project. ¬†I need to bind 40 linear feet of edge in something…I’m thinking I’ll need 2 meters of dark navy or black fabric. ¬†I’ll be going through my stash I’ve already packed to see if I have anything suitable.

I thought I’d tell you about and show you a great little bilingual coloring book on Alberta, Canada. ¬†It is by Doris Charest, an artist operating out of St. Albert, Alberta. ¬†The coloring pages in this 8″ x 11″ book are moderately detailed, and include cityscapes as well as natural landscapes and wild animals…even insects! ¬†If you’re Albertan, or making a trip to Alberta soon, this would be a handy little book to pass away some pleasant hours coloring. ¬†It could be colored by children over ten, I’d say, up to adults. ¬†It could also be used as a tool by teachers to teach their students about Alberta. ¬† The coloring book is available on Amazon.ca for under $12 CAD + shipping. ¬†Ms. Charest’s main art website is www.dorischarest.ca ¬† She also offers online art classes.