Finished! And Moving On…

Finished! And Moving On…

The Parker’s Cove series is finished, photographed and ready for sale!  I’ve applied to a juried folk art show to sell them locally.  I will know by the end of April whether I’m in or out of the sale.

Many people have looked at the Parker’s Cove series and commented they think groups of the Parker’s Cove pieces would be nice to hang together.  I agree. The photographer took photos of them in groups, as well as individually, the other day. They look stunning together!  

In other news…

I took an online course called “A Rug By Any Other Name” by Elizabeth Miller of Parris House Wool Works this week  In it I started a new series.   It is on co-existing with nature.

Our backyard is a woodland meadow surrounded by mature trees.  We have perennial gardens along the wooded edges and attempt to do raised bed gardening in the meadow. It has been a challenge.  Let’s just say the deer enjoy our annual seasonal buffet! 😂. We are trying to co-exist peacefully with netting, caging in the garden, and lots of Bobbex (a natural deer and rabbit deterrent).  

It’s not only deer we see, but a wide variety of birds and other wildlife. Plus many native plants are mixed in with our more hybridized nursery plants. So…I have started a wall hanging, using a combination of techniques, on Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum pubescens).  The buds are some of the deer’s earliest food in springtime.  

Keep an eye on this blog as I move through this series on co-existing with nature!


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