March Check-In!

March Check-In!

How is everyone doing?  With spring in the air I’ve been busy. 

The end of February I was involved as a student in Workshop Week 6.  It was an online rug hooking camp that spanned ten days.  I signed up for one course and three lectures.  I am eager to move onto a few projects after I finish the Parker’s Cove series.

I finished hooking the Parker’s Cove fishing shack series, and am almost finished the edge treatments. I decided to drop the rope idea.  It just wasn’t working. Instead I am doing the traditional whip stitching using Briggs & Little Heritage yarn. Then I will print off labels I’ve already created, and sew them to a lining by machine. Then hand stitch the lining to the backs of all 35 wall hangings, and finally attach hanging sleeves. I expect this to take until mid-April.  I have to be finished by then. i’ve already arranged for them to be professionally photographed then.

I put in an application to exhibit my Poetry series at a nearby gallery. I will not hear back from them for a few months probably.  They are booking for 2025 exhibits. 

I visited the Makers Studio and Art Market in Windsor, Nova Scotia. I was impressed by the variety of work happening in such a small space. Also the quality of work in the shop. Our trip to Windsor included lunch at Lisa’s Restaurant, which I highly recommend. The Makers Studio is around the corner, less than a block away.

I continue to produce content for my Ko-fi site (jeanottosenstudios), but am currently taking a brief break to finish the Parker’s Cove series. Still, I have numerous videos and blog posts on a variety of topics in my tiers, which range from $10-15CAD/month. 

Well, that’s it from my studio!  I hope everyone has a lovely spring. Take care out there!  Thanks for reading. Have a great day!

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