Blandford, Nova Scotia, Canada

Welcome to my New Blog!

Hi everyone! I’ve been very busy lately. This is my first blog post on Shopify.  Welcome to my new home on the Internet!

Here on Shopify I plan to maintain my main website and store.  This is for the general public and for patrons and clients of my rug hooking.  It will showcase my hooked rug artwork.

It is also for my rug hooking compatriots, who have caught the rug hooking bug!  Check out the shop section for fibre and digital patterns for rug hooking.  I have a limited selection of hooks and hoops available for beginning rug hookers as well.

I will also be blogging on a regular basis.  

So keep your eyes open for changes coming up this fall!

 If you have been, thanks for reading.  Have a great week everyone!


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