Fantastic Friday!

Hi everyone!  Today is nice and warm.  We are taking a break from our usual cold winter weather and sporting a lovely 0 degrees Celsius this afternoon!  Hubby and I went for a walk, as we have every day this past week.  The weather this week has been fantastic!

I’ve been busy studying and reading about folk art.  I figure it doesn’t hurt to know a bit about the origins of folk art, seeing as that is what my work is described as, and the various expressions of other folk artists.  I am, in particular, interested in the Canadian scene.

I dropped off my application to be part of the Art Gallery of Regina show and sale this year.  I’m looking forward to seeing what other local artists have been doing come March when the show opens.

I have had a request to offer another rug hooking class.  If anyone is local or interested in attending, please let me know.  I will be taking up to five students in my home for lessons.  Right now I have yet to decide the topic of the class.  So if you have a preference now is the time to give input!

Aside from the above, I am still hooking on “Moss”.

Weekly Review


It’s been a busy week.  I finished the hanging systems for Sprouts and Blue-eyed Grass.  Hubby hung them on the wall for me.  They are now up for sale folks!

Sprouts is 6″ x 36″ and $225 CAD + shipping.  Blue-eyed Grass is 7″ x 36″ and $260 CAD + shipping.  Shipping via UPS runs about $75 CAD.  All pieces are insured for shipping.  Both pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity as well.  Also, the hanging system (dowel) is included.

I had a delightful lady in Wednesday afternoon for a finishing class.  She is doing a wonderful job with her rug hooking and I hope to see her again soon.

I managed to package up Prairie Sky, the large version, and ship it off to its new owner.  Hopefully it will arrive safely.

I’ve been updating my business books as well.

AND, last, but not least, I actually cleaned up my studio!  I sorted out a mess of worms (small leftover strips of fibre).  I am feeling the need to do a scrappy wall hanging.  Hmm…will have to think about it.


In my Studio…


A different kind of weekend this past weekend.  I taught rug hooking to a beginner Saturday.  We had a great time!

Company arrived shortly after my student left to help make sandwiches for a local homeless shelter.  They left after tea and I prepared a quick supper.  Afterwards Hubby and I settled down to watch all 3+ hours of “Gandhi”.

Sunday found me at church, followed by a potluck lunch, celebrating birthdays.  And an afternoon of sleeping!  The latter was totally unplanned and unexpected, but obviously needed, as I slept long and deep.

We enjoyed dinner out before coming home to enjoy a fire in the fireplace while chatting.

Today I’m back at my frame and eagerly anticipating finishing The Barn.

I also have no excuse to avoid my portfolio.  It may mean taking new photos, but we shall see.  I’ll manipulate what I’ve got on my computer first.  Thankfully the weather is nice and warm and, if need be, I can take wall hangings outside to the patio for proper photos.



Weekly Review


Hmm…these are sounding an awful lot like my WIP Thursday.  I’ve been having a great time hooking The Barn.  It’s almost finished.  I must admit I’ve been sidetracked by preparing handouts for an upcoming class.  I did finish that job though and am ready for the weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll be teaching my first “From Start to Finish” class.  I’m teaching it over two afternoons, with hooking time in-between, so the student has time to finish her work before we address the various ways to finish a hooked piece.

I’ve also been thinking about the portfolio…but still not doing.  My big catch, as I mentioned before, is photo quality.  I will be working on that today, along with The Barn.


In my studio…


A busy weekend this past weekend.  Hubby and I went to see Brooklyn in the theatre and appreciated the thought-provoking look it gave immigration.  We’ve dealt a lot with the immigrant community in town and know a bit about how difficult it is for newcomers to Canada.  I marvel at how some of them hold up and manage.

This week I continue to work on The Barn.  I can hopefully finish hooking it this week. 🙂

I also continue work on printing out my blog.  A tough slog and break in my rug hooking.

And working on my portfolio.  Hmm…must get back to that.  To be honest, I am not happy with the quality of the photographs in it.  This is going to take some concentrated time to improve to the point I am satisfied.  I want photos of high quality that I can also use for greeting cards.

Plus I need to finish preparing some handouts for a class this coming weekend.  Looking forward to some fun. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoys the day.  🙂

Weekly Review


I finished it!  The Granddaughter’s Needle Box and Thimble Box are finished.  I’m spending some time gathering needles and thimbles from all over this house to put in here.  Here’s hoping there’s enough room!

Other activities this week?

The Barn is well underway.  The more I hook around the fence, the more I like it.  It shows the scale of The Barn, which is really a stable turned picnic shelter. 🙂

I’ve been busy transferring my blog posts for the last 3 1/2 years to Open Office to edit formatting and print.  I’m keeping a hard copy in binders.

I’ve also been applying to sales and exhibits.  I’ve been accepted at one sale – the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair – and have yet to hear from another.

I’ve also been negotiating with the shops that sell my work.  Prices are $60 for my 6″ square wall hangings and $25 for Christmas ornaments.  Other, larger works, are priced at $150/sq. ft. which is mid-range for this type of work.

I’ve been arranging classes as well.  If anyone is interested in classes in February, I hold them on Saturdays from 1:30 – 3:30 PM.  They are $50 for a teaching fee, and $75 for materials, if you need a hoop and hook, backing and fibre.  The fee will be adjusted if you bring your own supplies.

I have two classes I teach currently: a Beginner Class, and a Curves Class.  The Beginner Class is a simple 6″ square star that familiarizes the student with technique, tools, and fibre types.  The Curves Class teaches circles, backgrounds, and lettering using a floral design.  Both are one day classes.

Today will be busy with more hooking on The Barn, and creating and editing more files for my blog.  I need to buy more paper for the printer Saturday. 🙂

Learning Style

“What’s your learning style? Do you prefer learning in a group and in an interactive setting? Or one-on-one? Do you retain information best through lectures, or visuals, or simply by reading books?”

I’ve spent a lot of time over the years discovering my, my Hubby’s, and my children’s learning styles.  I’m a visual learner who also learns by doing and one-on-one.  Hubby learns through reading.  Not surprisingly, we have one of each when it comes to our girls.

I use learning style theory when I develop my courses to teach new rug hookers.  Children are given the hoop and hook right away, and fibre to play with.  They instinctively love the feel of something different in their hands.

Adults seem to need an introduction…well some of them do.  Those ones that prefer lectures and reading perhaps.  When I teach a class I prepare handouts for the readers, talking for the auditory learners, and I waste no time putting fibre, hook and hoop in hand for the tactile learners in the crowd.  By catering to different and multiple learning styles in the group there is a greater chance of retention and a faster pace of learning.

I also provide a list of resources that includes websites, YouTube videos, links to sites that have online courses, and good ol’ books. That way learning can continue once my students leave my class.

My beginner classes are two hours long in which you learn to hook a 6″ square star mat or wall hanging.  If you’re in the area or visiting, and interested in a beginner traditional rug hooking class, email me at

Saturday Weekly Review

I spent the week working on the Curves class piece.  Also going through my sketchbook checking designs to hook.  And sorting through business stuff.

Hubby made the decision not to retire next year, which changes my plans.  So I’m going to be looking for exhibits again, and pondering sales venues…including an online website all my own.  It would cost money, but be easier to run and easier for my clientele to find and negotiate I hope.  Plus I could sell a wider variety of items on it than I can on Etsy.

For now, we have a ton of errands to do today, so I imagine there will be no rug hooking.  We shall see.  The sun is out and it strikes me that after a week of cloudy skies I might just spend some time outdoors preparing the yard for winter. 🙂

Curves Class

Anyone interested in learning to hook circles, curves, different backgrounds, and lettering is welcome to my upcoming curves class on Saturday, Nov. 14th, from 1:30 – 3:00 PM. Contact me by the 11th to register. Only four spaces available.

The cost is $50 CAD.  I supply the pattern and fibre, you supply the hoop/frame and hook.  If you want to buy a hoop and hook they are available from me for another $50.

The finished size of the piece hooked will be approximately 6.5″ x 7″.

I have decided to stick with the colours shown in the sample in order to save time in the colour planning and cutting of strips.  I will do all that ahead of time.

This class is intended to be the second in a series of rug hooking classes.  The first being my star class where you learn the basics and how to hook straight lines.

Hope to hear from you soon.  Have a great day!

It’s done!

Ready for the excavators.

Ready for the excavators.

Hubby, I and a friend spent the weekend working on the front yard.  We lifted the brick walk that needed to be lifted and moved shrubs to the back yard.  Also took out some rocks that were lining the planting beds.  We are tired and sore, but it is DONE! 🙂

Today it’s back to rug hooking.  The Curves class piece is calling my name. 🙂


Finished! Sixteen Christmas ornaments.

Finished! Sixteen Christmas ornaments.

I finally finished them today!  No sketching or Curves class project worked on.  But I did answer an awful lot of phone calls.

Tomorrow is looking like a serious tidying up of my studio.  Plus some sketching and fixing the Curves class project.  We’ll see.  I also have people coming to look at the sewer pipe situation to give a quote, and I have a medical appointment, and I have to pick up my new eye glasses.  Hmm…methinks tomorrow will be busy…

Last Import - 2 of 3 Last Import - 3 of 3

Christmas Ornaments

The finished Christmas ornaments.

The finished Christmas ornaments.

Almost there!  I can’t believe I’m taking so long to finish these!  Four more to go today and I’m done.

Then it’s back to the Curves class piece…and sketching…

Deconstruction of the Curves class piece.

Deconstruction of the Curves class piece.

A cold rainy day today

Christmas ornament linings.

Christmas ornament linings.

The kind of day that makes you want to hunker down inside and do some work.  I will be working on finishing the Christmas ornaments.

I also hope to see what I can do to fix the Curves class design.  It’s going to mean ripping out some hooking and re-hooking to get it right.

Unfortunately I also have an appointment today, so I do have to go out for a while.

Curves class project?

Curves class project?

I was right…

I have to make my curves class design larger.  🙂

I forgot it was Saturday when I posted my Saturday post.  So for the second week in a row my Weekly Review is late.  I spent a lot of last week sketching, working on the Christmas ornaments, and designing the curves class.

Company came over this weekend with a 12 year old young lady.  She gravitated towards my sketchbook and watercolour pencils quickly.  I pulled out an old watercolour pad I have and let her experiment.  Ended up showing her the colour wheel, which she already knew, one point perspective, which she also knew, but added the gray scale and value to her vocabulary.  Also showed her various colour schemes and how they work.  She knew some of it, but not as in-depth as I was teaching her.  We had a blast, and she turned out a decent painting of her mom.

Sorry, no photos today folks…I am mega busy with service people – chimney sweep, plumber, etc.  Maybe this afternoon I’ll actually get something done and be able to post a photo of it. 🙂

Curves Class

Curves class project?

Curves class project?

I designed this forget-me-not hot pad yesterday as a change of pace from finishing Christmas ornaments.  I discovered I am not overly excited about the finicky finishing required on the ornaments.  I am still working on the ornaments though, just more slowly.

I am working on a class to teach curves, different ways to fill in backgrounds, and lettering.  The hot pad above is an attempt to fit all this in on a 6″ square design.  Could get interesting!  Looks like basic shading will be covered too.  I will have to simplify parts of it I think.  And make it larger…so people can read the writing.

Christmas ornament linings.

Christmas ornament linings.

Works in Progress Wednesday

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

Hi all!  What am I up to?  I am working on the Christmas ornaments this week.  Variations of burgundy and gold.  Lots of fun and quick to do. 🙂

Also still working through my photos sketching interesting images.

Projects I’d like to work on…

  • The Barn, a studio piece from a plein air exercise,
  • The Creek, another studio piece from a plein air exercise,
  • a larger poppy wall hanging.

I’m finding myself drawn towards more abstract images these days. Well, actually close ups.  I am fascinated by what goes on in our lives and around us at the microscopic level.  I am a firm believer that it is the small things that matter in life – both in how we interact with people and in what is beneath our feet or in front of our eyes.  Small things are important.  They grow or support or build bigger things.

I discovered I love curves.  A lot of the images I am choosing to sketch from photos include scrolls and curves.  This surprises me.  I have been fond of straight lines for a long time now.  Maybe I am having a style shift?

Other upcoming projects?  I’m designing a mini-course on hooking curves, lettering, and different backgrounds. I am also looking at developing a course to show beginners how to design, transfer to backing, hook, and finish a piece.

For now…it is time to do some sketching and finishing of Christmas ornaments…

Ready to be cut apart and finished.

Ready to be cut apart and finished.

Tackle it Tuesday

WIP Poppy 9

WIP Poppy 9

Working on poppy wall hangings today. 🙂

Started updating the “For Sale” page yesterday. Hope to finish it today.

Will post one more item on Etsy.

And I want to print out the label for the back of “Goldfish”.

Last night I sent out the email for fall classes. So if you want to work on a star wall hanging to learn the basics of rug hooking, contact me at <> .  I will be offering classes on Saturday, September 5th, 12th and October 24th and 31st from 1:30 – 3:00 PM.

Limit of four people per class. Fifty dollars for the kit and class. During the class you can use my tools and equipment.  Fifty dollars for a hoop and hook if you want to continue hooking after class. I will need two weeks notice to make sure I have enough fibre dyed for everyone.  🙂

I am also designing a second class on hooking circles, curves, and wavy lines. It will include lettering. This class is designed to be taken after the first class on hooking the star wall hanging.

For people wanting an in-depth beginner class that includes designing your own piece, putting it on backing, colour planning and then hooking, and finishing, keep your eye out for a future one month long class in the New Year.

Rug Hooking Classes

Class KitsHi everyone!  Just a heads up…   My summer beginner rug hooking classes run Saturday afternoon from 1:30 – 3 PM.  Each class is one day, so choose your preferred date and contact me.   I will need two weeks notice to prepare for the class.

Class dates are:

~ August 8
~ August 15
~ August 22
~ August 29

The cost is $50.  It includes the fibre kit and patterns on backing.  You can use my equipment for the class, but if you want to continue at home you will have to buy a hoop and hook.  These will cost an additional $50.  If you run out of fibre to complete your piece you can, of course, contact me for more.  I take payment for the class by credit card (I use Square), personal cheque, or cash at the class, and would prefer people arrive a bit early for this…maybe five to ten minutes…so as not to cut into class time.

I take 1 – 4 students at a time around my dining room table.  While you are here I have you try different frames, different hooks, and hook different fibres.  I will also show you backing options and provide links to various rug hooking videos online, as well as a class handout to help you when you go home.  I will also provide you with a list of Canadian suppliers.

The pattern I start all beginners with is a star pattern that can be hooked in any combination of green, yellow, or red you like.  It is 6″x6″ square and hooked from silk and wool on primitive linen backing.  You will learn how to hook straight lines and turn corners.  You will also learn how I approach hooking this piece.

Here are a few examples of the completed project.  You can, of course, choose your own colour combinations from the red, green, and yellow.

Star 20 - 6

Star 20 – 6″x6″

Star 19 - 6

Star 19 – 6″x6″

Star 18 - 6

Star 18 – 6″x6″

Star 21 - 6

Star 21 – 6″x6″

Hope to see you later this summer!

Saturday Meanderings

Had a wonderful class today.  Only one student, but we had a great time.  She was a fast learner too. 🙂

Hooked more on the background of Ripening Saskatoons.


Also finished the baby sweater.  Found buttons up in my sewing room. 🙂


I have the main floor picked up for company too.  Not bad!  Company arrives Monday.  So I may not be posting much for much of next week.  We’ll see.  The lady coming is a very artsy craftsy lady, so maybe we will do some fun stuff together. 🙂

Saturday Review

This week was light for rug hooking and heavy on cleaning.  I worked on the berries and background for Ripening Saskatoons and prepared for today’s class.  I also finished knitting the baby sweater from hand spun, hand dyed wool and alpaca.  

Not much different happens from day to day here.  Much of my work this week has been to get my main floor in order.  Lots of de-cluttering going on. I have two or three boxes ready to leave the house. I am tired with all the stuff we have and maintaining it.   It’s looking much better now!  I even finally have all the artwork on the walls! ?

Saturday Review

I worked on Ripening Saskatoons this week.

I prepared for the class next weekend.

I had no car this week, and so couldn’t go out to do some plein air hooking.  Well, not away from the house. It was just as well.  It’s been smoky and hot and I’ve just been trying to survive.

No movement on the portfolio.  I’m so far behind I’m not sure where to start!

In non-rug hooking activities, I managed to start and am almost finished knitting a baby sweater…which accounts for my lack of rug hooking this week.  I have one sleeve and the collar to go.  🙂

Chugging along!


Chugging along on Ripening Saskatoons.  It’s a lot of green! 🙂

Also chugging along on this baby sweater.  It’s from hand dyed yarn with cochineal and various mordants, and home spun  yarn.  A chunky sweater for cold winter days.  Made from a mix of different types of wool, but mostly a luscious soft cream coloured merino.  There is a bit of alpaca yarn in here too.

pink-baby-sweater-1I’ve never knit a baby sweater from bulky yarn before, so I will be interested in how this turns out.  The pattern is from One-Skein Wonders.

Today is gym day, and lunch with the ladies afterwards.  Will see what the afternoon brings.  I really must prepare for next weekend’s class.

In my studio

Work in Progress "Ripening Saskatoons"

Work in Progress “Ripening Saskatoons”

This week is time to hook Ripening Saskatoons.  It is proving tough slogging trying to keep all the values straight.  I am having to rip out and redo sections to get the right depth to the piece.  An excellent exercise in value! 🙂

I also need to prepare some patterns on backing for classes.

And I want to work on my portfolio.  And clean up the sunroom studio a bit.

Join the Thread exhibit is up in Weyburn, and I want to go visit some day soon.

I would also like to get outside to do more plein air hooking, but we shall see.  Depends on car availability. 🙂