WIP Thursday

WIP Thursday


My work corner

Sorry my post is a bit late folks.  Lots of running around doing Christmas stuff.  Trying to get a package in the mail and off to my girls and their men.

I’ve also been working on the jeanottosen.ca some more.  It’s slow going sometimes.  Keep an eye on things!  I plan to run a contest in early January on the new blog.   Today I’m uploading more product to the website.

I’m almost finished reading “Everyone’s An Artist” by Tite, et al.  I really am enjoying this little book.  It has some editing issues (mostly typos), but the content is good stuff.

I’m partly gearing up for International Rug Hooking Day on Sunday, December 4th!  I plan to spend the afternoon hooking along with my online friends.  “Moss” won’t get finished if I just look at it!

1000th Post Give Away!

Wow! Today I celebrate my 1000th blog post! We’re celebrating with a give away folks! I am giving away a set of 10 cards. Value $50 + tax. Just put your name or pseudonym in the comments below and I will use the old fashioned hat method and have Hubby draw the winner randomly. The draw will be Saturday morning at 10 AM at CST (Central Standard Time). 🙂

It’s been great writing this blog and a lot of fun getting to know people online through the blog. Be sure to check out my Facebook page as well for up-to-date and ongoing information and fun!

Check This Out!


Gayle Burton won my first poppy kit in May in my 500th Post Giveaway.  She sent me this photo the other day of her finished poppy.  It is gorgeous!  I love the movement in this.  Great job Gayle!  And thanks for your feedback on the kit. 🙂

I am ordering a new cutter soon so I will be able to make kits more easily.  I plan to have a few for sale on Etsy by next spring. 🙂

In my studio this week…

blog-WIP-MFI have been working on my Etsy shop.  I plan to upload a rug a day for sale for a while.

I am also working on finishing some larger rugs.  Primarily Lost Soul, and Mud Fight.

And there is the large prairie sky and canola field I used to demonstrate at the CVAF Street Fair.

Plus there is spinning to do to replace some sorely need art yarn for canola fields in my Prairie Sky rugs.

And some dyeing for the sky in the large prairie sky rug.

Plus I want to mail the Poppy Kit to Gayle this week.  Should happen by Thursday Gayle.  I will let you know. 🙂

blog-WIP-PS blog-WIP-LS

And the Winner is…!!!

blog-contest-fibreGayle Burton!  Send me your snail mail address at jo6865@gmail.com Gayle.  I will have the Poppy kit out to you as soon as possible. Hope you enjoy hooking it! 🙂

In other news…I was at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on the weekend. It was a nice sunny day with a few rain showers. Just enough to create a bit of a breeze to cool things off. A great day.

I did not sell many rugettes, which was disappointing. However I did sign up several women for classes. And I had several interesting visitors. One lady described herself as a “fiber expert”. Hmm… She was very impressed with what I was doing. But did not buy anything. Another lady was a happy patron from one of the galleries selling my work. She was quite happy with what she had bought and was considering buying a triptych, but did not. Yet another stopped in and said my booth was the closest thing to “art” she had seen in the whole street fair!

The last is kind of worrisome, as it may mean I am marketing myself in the wrong venue. I will give it one more year in front of the gallery where I sell, and then, if my work does not sell there, I will stick strictly to selling in galleries and focus on art exhibits.  Meaning my prices may go higher yet and my work will probably increase in size.  It might free me up to create along my own themes more too.

CVAFAnd in other news, check out my new additions to my Gallery page.  There is new work for sale!

CVAF Street Fair Day!

All packed last night and ready for the sale!  Today is THE day.  The day of the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  There is a mixture of sun and cloud forecast.  We have been told to expect upwards of 10,000 people to wander through this event.  There will be music and art everywhere – buskers on street corners and artisans for seven city blocks, events in churches, halls, and any place with space big enough to house an audience.

I will post more on Monday about the sale.

Remember!!!  Today is the LAST DAY to enter the contest to win a poppy kitClick here to enter and win today. 🙂

Ready to Go!

I did well on my ‘to do’ list yesterday…

  • Finish that last coaster,
  • Sew hanging sleeves to replace the museum hanging system on my smaller rugs,
  • And then sew them on the rugs.
  • Take a final photo of my display setup and print it to take with me to the sale.
  • Pack everything up to go to the sale.

PLUS, on top of all that I managed to decide what I was going to demonstrate on and cut some wool to hook with.  I am now all ready for the Street Fair on Saturday…I think.

packed-and-ready-to-goI was able to go out to the Festival last night and enjoy an art reception, some local food, some country music, and – a new one for me – thrash metal.  We left the last one.  For some reason the friend I went with could not stop laughing.

The art reception at Traditions was the hit of the evening.  We wandered in to see a quilt of the neighborhood businesses past and present.  While we were looking at it I noticed the owner of the shop, who sells my work, had placed my work in the front of the shop!  I was so pleased to be featured like that.  It was a pleasant surprise.  We chatted up some people, had a drink and some food, and left.  But not before being offered a silk kimono covered button!  So pretty.

Today’s ‘to do’ list is quite different.  I am going to be at the gym for a while.  Then off to have a manicure and pedicure done by one of the young ladies at church.  I will be relaxing the rest of the afternoon I think.  Might try packing the car early for the street fair.  The evening will be busy attending the festival with my friend again.

Do not forget to check out my 500th blog post contest to win a Poppy rugette kit!  See details here.

Today’s Plans

Poppy-CoastersI finished lining most of the coasters yesterday.  One more to go.  Picked up my sale float too, and started pulling together the equipment for the display.

Today’s goals?

  • Finish that last coaster,
  • Sew hanging sleeves to replace the museum hanging system on my smaller rugs,
  • And then sew them on the rugs.
  • Take a final photo of my display setup and print it to take with me to the sale.
  • Pack everything up to go to the sale.

Friday I will be at the gym and then helping some church kids pay their way to a conference by having them give me a cheap manicure and pedicure.  Then there will be a mad rush in the afternoon to pull everything together so I can pack the car in the evening.

Hmm…well, that’s the plan.  What actually happens is another matter altogether! lol

Do not forget to enter the contest I am running for a free Poppy Kit.  Check it out!  Contest ends Saturday at midnight CST.

500th Post Blog Contest!

Today is my 500th post!   Thank-you all for reading and commenting on my blog.  I appreciate my small but mighty community.  🙂

As a thank-you to my readers I am offering the following giveaway…

  • My first kit!!! – a 6″ square poppy rugette design on 18″ x 17″ primitive linen backing with serged edges, and the wool and silk fiber to hook it (value $40 CAD).

blog-contest-fibre blog-poppy-patternThe finished design should look something like this, depending how you vary it to suit your tastes!

WIP-Poppy-1To win this contest all you need to do is add a comment to this post telling me how you got started in rug hooking and what keeps you hooking.

I got started when I decided I needed something to do after my eldest was born.  My sister-in-law suggested we both take rug hooking classes.   I took a beginner course from Lucille Roxburgh and fell in love.  I love rug hooking because I can create and play with colour and texture.  Now your turn! 🙂

Contest closes Saturday, May 24th, at midnight CST.   Sunday I will put the names in a hat for hubby to draw a winner.  The winner will be announced in Monday morning’s blog post.

And the Winner is…

sceneryIt’s that time folks!  The winner of the lovely pack of 50 yds. of my homespun yarn is  Brandi Hudman.   Congratulations Brandi!  If you email me at <jo6865@gmail.com> with your snail mail address I can have this off in the mail right away. 🙂

I am going to have to think about my 500th post contest some in advance.  Running out of unique ideas.  Hmm…maybe a rug hooking kit.  We’ll see.

I was busy on the weekend uploading more rugettes for sale in my Etsy shop.  Check it out here!

I spent time reading lesson 2 of Beginning to Hook Abstracts again.  Seems I need to read things several times before they sink in these days.  Sigh.

I also spent time in the park with hubby taking photos.  It was a very bright day and the photos did not turn out well, but I found one to post to the blog.  Now I am motivated to go out when the weather warms up again and take some photos closer to sunset, when the light is not so harsh.

Speaking of photography, I have been browsing those photography books I took out of the library last Sunday.  They are interesting, but some of them are not suitable for my purposes.  I had great hopes for Low Budget Shooting, but determined it was not going to work for my purposes.  It encourages you to build your own equipment.  I do not have time for that.

Of the three books the one that is most useful for me at this time is The Complete Guide to Digital Photography by Michael Freeman.  He covers the whole gamut from understanding and using your camera to the work flow process, editing, and techniques for shooting photos of different types.

So…plans for today?

  • tutor an ESL student,
  • spend the afternoon hooking Lost Soul, and
  • working on an exercise in Beginning to Hook Abstracts,
  • and attending a group ESL tutoring session.

Hope everyone has a great start to the week. 🙂

Weekly Review

WIP-Lost-Soul-4I managed to accomplish a few things this past week, after a slow start.  I seem to have busy days.  The loss of one of my ESL students to an institute of higher learning has been good for me overall.

I managed to finish the first lesson in the Beginning to Hook Abstract course.  I am looking forward to the second lesson. 🙂

I finished spinning, plying, and processing the soy silk/alpaca.  I am now down to very short soft fiber to spin.  These would not be useful for rug hooking, so I am leaving them for now.  I have been scouting around on the Net looking for affordable fiber to spin.  I have to decide whether to buy it ready dyed or to dye it myself when I dye my cloth and yarns.

I have been reading some Wild Fiber magazine articles.  I was gifted with ten back issues, and boy!  Do I ever appreciate them!  It is nice to have such a quality magazine to find information on the world of sheep.

I am about halfway done the last quadrant of Lost Soul.  It is slow going as I am trying to control the colours so they do not get out of hand.  I want the rug to have continuity from one section to the next.

I have been busy sketching most days this week and have pages of rough sketches/compositions for rugs.  Time will tell how many of them are actually turned into rugs.

And last but not least, I organized the contest, which is still running till midnight Sunday.  If you are interested in winning the 5 yard bundles of 10 different homespun fibers, just post in the comments here, and I will add your name to the bucket for hubby to draw a winner. 🙂

My 400th Post Contest!

Which, oddly enough, occurs shortly after my four year anniversary here at WordPress!  The contest is this…

Post in the comments section below, telling me what you might use my homespun yarn for (it is DK to Chunky weight), and I will put your name in an ice-cream bucket with everyone else who does the same.  Hubby will draw the winning name from the bucket.

The prize?  A 5 yard sample of each of 10 yarns I have spun since Wintergreen November 2013.  That will be 50 yards of homespun. 🙂  Ideal for hooking into your scenes, whatever they may be.  A combination of fibers.  Some silk/Tencel (soft and shiny), some BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), some Merino, some silk/Merino, some unknown wool (meaning unlabeled, but feels like Merino or BFL). I have labeled it all for you. For those of you who do not know sheep breeds, Merino and BFL are soft wools normally used in knitting, but I also use them in my hooked wall hangings.

contest-yarnContest runs till midnight, Sunday, January 26th. Winner will be announced Monday, Jan. 27th.

A better photo of the colours…


And the Winner is….!

Deborah Schrang!!!  Congratulations Deborah!  When you send your address to my current email <jo6865@gmail.com> then I will package “Atlantic Ocean” up and send it on its way! 🙂

Stay tuned for my 400th blog give away in the future. 🙂  I’ll have to think of something special to give away by then.

Today I’m back at tutoring and rug hooking in the afternoon. 🙂  Hope everyone else is having a fun and productive day.

blog fall tree trunk


My 300th Post!

Hi all. Today I’m hosting another give away for my 300th post! 🙂   I am giving away a 6″x6″ rugette called “Atlantic Coast” to some lucky person.

“Atlantic Coast” is actually a rendition of a beach I saw while in PEI a couple of summers ago.  It was notable because of the red red cliffs, and the trucked in white sand!  I had to hook it.  It is the first of the original ocean series I hooked during Deanne Fitzpatrick’s inaugural Wild With Wool class.

OceanASo if you post in the comments below if you want this little rug, then I will pop the names in a hat and have someone else do the draw here tonight.  Monday I will tell you who the winner is and the parcel will be on its way. 🙂

ETA: Contest is closed as of midnight CST Sept. 28th, 2013.  Sorry to the latecomers. 🙁  Keep an eye open for my 400th post give away. 🙂

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