Weekly Review

Good morning everyone!  It’s been a busy week here.  I’ve had company since Tuesday.  They leave Sunday.  It’s been fun showing them around and doing things with them.  I love sharing our city with visitors!

I’ve started two more online Gale courses: one in communications and one in building a website with a shopping cart.  So far so good.

I managed some hooking on African Dream, but not a lot. I do have the strips cut for most of the finishing though.  Actually, I’m still pulling heavily from my pile of leftover worms from other projects.

A friend broke her foot and today I am going to be cooking some meals for her and her hubby.

I have a long list of things to do today, so I better get at it!  Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

In My Studio…


I finished my online Gale courses in communication and teaching writing: K-3 with flying colors on Friday.  They were fun courses to take to shake up my brain again and bring out the appropriate knowledge for teaching.  I think I’ll take a few more of these courses in the future.

I haven’t done a lick of work on African Dream or my g-mail account this weekend.  A true weekend off!  I was at a meeting on growth principles, and helping prepare food, serve it, and clean up for the church’s graduation luncheon.  By Sunday afternoon, when it was all over, I was wiped and took a good long nap!  Spent some time weeding the yard/garden.

This week’s plans definitely include African Dream and sorting through email.  I’m not sure what else I’ll do.  Depending on the weather I may spin a bit or do some plein air hooking in the backyard.  I’m feeling a bit of a need for a change.  Maybe some dyeing.

Friday is Canada Day and we are hosting a small gathering of friends.  So some time will be spent planning and preparing for that.  I’m looking forward to a week with a relatively clean slate.

Weekly Review

I did manage to work more on my business email, but did not get it totally under control.  Tough to know what to keep and what to toss.

Hooking more on African Dream.  To all those people at the Street Fair the end of May, I have to apologize.  This is going to take a lot longer than a month to finish.  However, I willingly admit I am not working on it four hours a day.  There is just too much going on this time of year!  I am liking the look of it so far though.

Other things accomplished…done lesson 11 of my Gale courses.  One more lesson and then finals to go.

The knit baby blanket is coming along…

In my studio…

WIP African Dream 5 - 1

I feel like I should just press “rerun”.  I’ll be working on African Dream, sorting and organizing the end of the email, and knitting on the baby blanket.

I will also be working on my online courses.  I’ve dropped another one – the e-book publishing one – as it requires a PC with Word on it, and, while our house laptop is a PC, it would be awkward for me to work from that particular machine because of its location, lack of speed, and my unfamiliarity with it.  I’m going to wait until I buy a new laptop, which will probably be a PC, and sign up again for the course.



Weekly Review

WIP African Dream 4 - 1

I managed to sort through most of my business email account.   Only 300 emails left to go! 🙂

I hooked a bit on African Dream.  And knit on the cellular baby blanket.

I did not post any wall hangings to Etsy.  I decided to wait. One of the courses I want to take is an intermediate WordPress website development course.  It will teach me how to create a shopping cart for a new WordPress.org website.  To post on Etsy costs 20 cents for each item for a 3 month listing.  Plus they charge a fee when you sell an item.

I’ve cut the online courses from four to three.  I switched from the beginner website development course to the intermediate website development course, based on the advice of the instructor.  It won’t start until July.  Meanwhile I am taking a course on publishing e-books, a course on communication, and a course on teaching writing to the K-3 crowd.

I’ve also been visiting with friends and chatting with family via phone.  We have an upcoming vacation to plan. 🙂

WIP Thursday

WIP African Dream 3 - 1

I’m still knitting on the cellular baby blanket, and hooking African Dream.

I’ve sorted more of my business email.

I am also currently working on four online courses.  I’m a tad busy here.

Haven’t got around to the Etsy listings yet.  But I will.  Hope everyone has a great day. 🙂

In my studio…

WIP African Dream 2 - 1

This week I want to finish organizing my online email account. It only has 550 emails in the inbox, so should be relatively easy to sort through.  We’ll see.  I find gmail a little more awkward to move things around in.

I also plan to create some draft listings on Etsy.  I hope to take some live by the end of the week.

I also want to hook more on African Dream.

I have two more online classes starting this week as well.

Weekly Review

I accomplished some goals this week, for a wonder.  It is summertime for me, so I’ve been taking time off to visit with friends and family.

My main goal of getting my email under control was accomplished this week.  At least for one email account…the big one with lots of email.  I have a second, smaller email account to work on next week.

I also had fun working on African Dream.  And I knit some on the cellular baby blanket.

I did not work on posting wall hangings on Etsy for sale…yet.  I may prepare some listings today, but will not post them till next week.

I also worked on my two free online courses.  I signed up for two more today: one on developing a proper website with shopping cart, etc.  And one on publishing e-books.  It seems my recipes are popular on the blog, and I do have a previous gluten free, dairy free, sugar free cookbook I created a few years ago.  It has been making the rounds of my friends and church members.  Time to make it available online I think.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Weekly Review

Patterns - 2

“Escapee”…ignore the toes! 🙂  I might add some more to this drawing.  We’ll see.

A busy week with company and online classes.

I did manage to finish organizing the booth display for Saturday at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  If you’re in Regina, SK that day, stop on by the booth and say ‘hi!’

I prepared three patterns on backing this week – one to hook at the Street Fair.

That’s all I managed this week folks.  Just too much going on.  I was feeling a bit under the weather at the beginning of the week, but all is well now.  I’m all set to go for Saturday. 🙂

Patterns - 1.jpg

“Northern Exposure” – you’ll see what it is when I finish hooking it! 🙂

WIP Thursday

Garden - 1 (1)

Today I have a few things to do to finish up Dancing Tree.  I’m not liking the dotted effect in the lower sky, so will be replacing that particular fiber.  Then I’ll be blocking and hemming Dancing Tree.  And hopefully attaching a hanging sleeve next week.

I did manage to knit more on the Cellular Baby Blanket.  It’s taking a lot longer than I thought.

Other than that I have two online courses in progress…neither of them related to rug hooking…well, one maybe, on communication.  The other is to give me ideas for tutoring.

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

In my studio…


This week I will be finalizing my display and preparation for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  The Festival itself starts this coming weekend and lasts an entire week.  There are music, theatre, and art performances throughout the week…all for free.  It culminates in the Street Fair on May 28th from 10 AM – 4 PM.  An average of 10,000 people go to the Street Fair.  I’ll be busy.

I’m actually hoping to work more on Dancing Tree this week.  I have picked up my studio sufficiently that I can get in there again and do some work.

Aside from that I have two online courses starting this week, so I expect my time will be taken up there as well.

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


Weekly Review

The Barn 3

This week centred on starting the hooking for The Barn.  I’ve made a start, but am not happy with the fence. There may be later changes there.

Knit baby blanket 1

I also decided to focus in on knitting the Cellular Blanket, a baby blanket pattern from a library book.

Needle box 7

Plus I worked more on Granddaughter’s Needle Box.  I figure I’m about half finished I need to rustle up some clothes pins for makeshift clamps.

I started in on some oval Hardanger Christmas ornaments I found tucked away in a box in a cupboard.

I took some time to update my business books and visit the bank.

I did work a bit on my portfolio, but, as noted yesterday, we need more ink for the printer.

I also found out about an upcoming show in March and April, and quickly sent in my application to take part.

I took part in Blogging 101 and am nearing the end of the course. Hopefully the changes have improved the look of the blog.

That’s my review for this week.  No spinning…yet. 🙂

In My Studio…

The barn wool

Colour planning “The Barn”…no yarn yet, but I’m getting there!

I spent Friday afternoon colour planning The Barn.  This week I will start hooking it.  I have also decided I need to pick up the pace on a few other things.  Less computer time and more crafting time is needed.  So, aside from The Barn, I plan on…

  • working on my porfolio,
  • spinning some fibre,
  • knitting the baby blanket,
  • working on Blogging 101. Don’t be surprised if you see extra posts popping up this week. 🙂

And look what I started yesterday.  A gigantic needle box!  I have a lot of needles to capture in one space.  Hopefully this will help when completed.

Have a great day everyone!

Weekly Review


Hardanger Bell Pull – a modification of the EAC (Embroiderer’s Association of Canada) Intermediate Hardanger course.

In keeping with the list theme, you notice you see a lot of lists on this blog.  I find them easier to navigate and scan as a reader, and very concise as an author.  This week I accomplished a few things to put on my “Done” list.

  • I finished my Hardanger bell pull,
  • I finished, I mean totally finished, Wascana Creek,
  • I did the finishing on Wascana Creek – Study, the original plein air piece for Wascana Creek,
  • I worked on updating my portfolio, and
  • I continued with my Blogging 101 course.

Today I will continue with my portfolio and color planning The Barn.

Planning next week soon.

Wascana Creek and study

“Wascana Creek” and its plein air piece “Wascana Creek – Study”.

Week in Review

Hi all.  Christmas is coming down.  The New Year has definitely begun!  This is the first Week in Review for the year.  I have to admit to not accomplishing a lot of rug hooking.  However I did manage a few things related to my business…

  • Finished hooking Wascana Creek,
  • Hemmed Wascana Creek,
  • Attached a label to Wascana Creek,
  • Figured out my PST (provincial sales tax) owed to the government and dropped it off,
  • Catching up on business related reading,
  • Started the Blogging 101 course put on by WordPress.

Blogging 101 is very informative.  It is taking a lot of my time, but that is okay.  I am learning a lot and enjoying playing around with WordPress.  Plus the community here is great!  So varied and helpful.

See you next week! 🙂

TIGHR Tri-ennial Conference

WIP - Prairie Sky Cirrus

WIP – Prairie Sky Cirrus – finished yesterday.  Three more wall hangings to go on my backing and then it’s on to finishing! 🙂

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following along on this blog you know I’ll be at TIGHR (The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers) Tri-ennial Conference this Oct. 4 – 7th in beautiful downtown Victoria, B.C.

I have two rugs going on exhibit in their Back to Nature exhibit, which, it turns out, is open to the public on Tuesday evening at The Inn at Laurel Point from 4 – 7 PM in Spirit Room B.  There is an admission charge of $10.00.  Inside will be more than a hundred hooked items representing artists from around the globe.  If you’re in the area, and/or want to see what the world of rug hooking has to offer, this is a good time to see a wide variety of work.

I am looking forward to the Tri-ennial, as it is the first rug hooking conference I’ve been to.  I was to a rug camp once, but that’s not quite the same thing.  This conference I’m focusing more on the business aspect of rug hooking and attending lectures and panel discussions, rather than classes (though I have signed up for one class).  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things. 🙂

In my studio this week…

WIP - Prairie Sky - Cirrus 10

WIP – Prairie Sky – Cirrus 10

A little late, but better late than never, I always say! 🙂

Today is more food processing with rug hooking in-between.  I started the Prairie Sky wall hangings for one of the shops.  Hoping to finish them before heading out the end of the month to TIGHR Tri-ennial Conference in Victoria, B.C.  Hubby and I are doing a road trip out to the coast so I can do some shopping for supplies along the way.

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!  Ooooh, I’m gonna have so much fun with these! 🙂

Silk yarn from SilkDivine on Etsy in Quebec, Canada. 🙂

Silk Yarn

Silk Yarn

Rug Hooking Resources – Part 2

I see zucchini, corn, and cucumber. What you don't see are beans and apples.

I see zucchini, corn, and a bag of cucumbers. What you don’t see are beans, beets, and apples.

Had some friends drop by with gifts from the country.  Looks like I’m going to be busy today.  In the meantime…


Rug Hooking Resource List (continued)

Some more detailed resources for those looking for a little inspiration and wanting to delve into the actual practice of hooking rugs.

Beatty, Alice & Mary Sargent – The Hook Book – Stackpole Books, 1977.

Black, Elizabeth – Hooked on the Wild Side – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2004.  A book on hooking animals.

Crouse, Gloria E. – Hooking Rugs: New Materials, New Techniques – The Taunton Press, 1990. A wide variety of materials encouraged and discussed.

Davies, Ann – Contemporary Crafts: Rag Rugs – New Holland, 1992.

Davies, Ann – How to Make Hand-Hooked Rag Rugs – Search Press, 1996.

Dufresne, Gail – Geometric Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2010.

Eaton, Doris – A Lifetime of Rug -Hooking – Nimbus, 2011.  A retrospective of Doris Eaton’s body of work.

Fassett, Kaffe – Welcome Home – Pastimes, 1999.  Has some hooked rug patterns in it.

Feller, Susan – Design Basics for Rug Hookers – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2011.

Green, Jane Halliwell – Pictorial Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2009.

Hinchcliffe, John & Angela Jeffs – Rugs from Rags – Orbis Publishing Ltd., 1977.  Different methods of making rugs, including hooked rugs.

Hrkman, Donna – Rug Hooker’s Companion – Stackpole Books, 2012.  A rug hooking glossary.

Ketchum, William C. Jr. – Hooked Rugs – Harcourt, Brace, Johanovich, 1976.

Krull, Betty and Susan Huxley – The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2004.

Lawless, Dorothy – Rug Hooking and Braiding – Funk & Wagnall’s, 1976.

Littenberg, Anne-Marie – Hooked Rug Landscapes – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2009.

Littenberg, Anne-Marie – Hooked Rug Portraits – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2011.

Mather, Anne – The Art of Rug Hooking – Sterling, 1998.

Oxford, Amy – Hooked Rugs Today 2006 – Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2006.

Rug Hooking Magazine –  A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs – Stackpole Books, 1991.  This is an annual publication of Rug Hooking Magazine.  A photographic look at some of the best rugs and information on them by the people who made them.

Rupp, Jenny & Lisa Yeago – Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2007.

Siano, Margaret & Susan Huxley – The Secrets of Finishing Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2003.

The Patchwork Place – Warm up to Wool – Martingale, 2004.

Various authors – Finishing Hooked Rugs – Stackpole Books , 2013.

Various authors – A Rug Hooker’s Garden – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2000. A book on fine shading of hooked flowers.

If you missed the first part of this resource list, check it out here.  As per the first list, if you notice any rug hooking books/videos/DVDs/etc. I’ve missed, please add them in the comments below. 🙂

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Rug Hooking Resources

Wall hangings awaiting hemming.

Wall hangings awaiting hemming.

Hubby is off traveling for the day.  I am at home working on my wall hangings and awaiting the visit of a patron.  Looking forward to a fun time of talking rug hooking. 🙂

For those of you thinking of trying rug hooking, or interested in rug hooking as an art form, here is a short list of resources for you.  This is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start…

Rug Hooking Resource List

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – East Coast Rug-Hooking Designs – ISBN 978-1-55109-569-1, Nimbus Publishing Ltd. – 2007

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Hook Me a Story – ISBN 978-1-55109-279-9, Nimbus Publishing Ltd. – 1999.

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Secrets of Planning and Designing a Hand Hooked Rug – ISBN 978-1-881982-45-6, Rug Hooking magazine – 2005.

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Hooking Rugs with Deanne Fitzpatrick – DVD available on her website – Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio.

Deanne also has a YouTube rug hooking channel, and offers online courses on rug hooking.  No matter where you live you can learn to hook rugs! 🙂

Kahle, Karen – maintains a blog, Primitive Spirit, about rug hooking and inspiration.

Kent, William Winthrop – The Hooked Rug
Kent, William Winthrop – Hooked Rug Design
Kent, William Winthrop – Rare Hooked Rugs  (these are older books no longer in print)

Kerr, Wanda – originator of a blog called WandaWorks and an online paid class forum for rug hookers called The Welcome Mat.

Lovelady, Donna – Rug Hooking for the First Time

McGown, Pearl K. – The Lore and Lure of Hooked Rugs
McGown, Pearl K. – You…Can Hook Rugs
McGown, Pearl K. – Color in Hooked Rugs  (these are older books no longer in print)

Moshimer, Joan – The Complete Book of Rug Hooking – Dover Publications – 1989.

Reakes, Lizzie – Beautiful Ragwork

Rex, Stella Ray – Choice Hooked Rugs
Rex, Stella Ray – Practical Hooked Rugs (older books no longer in print)

Ritchie, Heather – author of some really good YouTube videos…such as Guide to Making a Hooky Rug, Guide to Making a Proddy Rug, and Guide to Dyeing.  Heather also has a DVD available from the UK on these subjects.

Shepherd, Gene –  Visit Gene’s website and poke around.  He’s written some high quality books and produced some excellent quality DVDs.

Shepherd, Gene & Jane Olsen – The Rug Hooker’s Bible – The best of an old rug hooking newsletter, modified and expanded on by Gene Shepherd – ISBN 978-1-881982-46-3, Stackpole Magazines – 2006.

Shepherd, Gene – Prodded Hooking for a Three-Dimensional Effect – ISBN 978-1-881982-61-6, Rug Hooking magazine – 2008.

Shepherd, Gene – Prepared to Dye – ISBN 978-1-881982-92-0, Stackpole Books – 2013.

Shepherd, Gene – various DVDs – How to Hook, Ways to Hook, and Dyeing with Gene series.

Gene also offers a very informative paid Internet Rug Camp.  He also maintains a blog and has numerous videos on YouTube.

Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked on Rugs – 2005
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rugs – 1997
Turbayne, Jessie – The Big Book of Hooked Rugs – 2004
Turbayne, Jessie – The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs – 2004
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rugs of the Deep South – 2011
Turbayne, Jessie – The Creative Hooker – 2007
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rug Treasury – 1997
Turbayne, Jessie – The Hooker’s Art – 1997

Wulfraat, Heidi – originator of one of the largest free online rug hooking forums, Rug Hooking Daily.

These are just some of the resources out there on the subject of rug hooking.  You can check my sidebar for other rug hooking blogs.  And if you know of other resources not listed here, feel free to add them in the comments.  That includes books, magazines, videos (links to YouTube), DVDs, blogs, etc.  Anything that might inspire people in relation to rug hooking…

Meanwhile, I’m back to cleaning up my sunroom studio.  Halfway there!

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Cleaning up the studio!

Cleaning up the studio!

A busy day today

Today is busy.  I have gym this morning, and my requisite nap afterwards.  Ugh.

Then it’s time to corral everything for tomorrow into the sunroom studio.  I have some photos of poppies for designing rugs.  Don’t think I’ll have time for it at the Street Fair, but we shall see.  It will give me a head start on designing for next week.

Then in the late afternoon I have a social media workshop to go to, followed by a potluck, which I may not attend.  Depends on my energy levels and whether I can take some food I can eat.  It will make for a long day Friday before a long day Saturday.

There will be no Saturday review this week.  No time tomorrow.  Most of this week has been focused on the Street Fair, and hopefully, I’ve done a good job of that.  We’ll find out Saturday.  I did manage to finish editing the photos of the wall hangings for future greeting cards or other print/internet uses.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and look forward to seeing some of you at the street fair tomorrow.  🙂

What am I up to?

WIP-Spring-11Hi all.  Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  I hooked more on spring wall hangings.  Today there are one and a half to complete.

I have a busy morning and evening laid out.  Dealing with the taxman (or woman in this case) this morning.  Entertaining a friend this evening.  Hooking this afternoon! 🙂

I am growing excited about my schedule this year, especially the upcoming exhibits.  I send my work to be juried into Dimensions 2015 on the April 28th.

My next event is the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  You’ll find me in front of “Traditions” the store, on the east end of 13th Ave., on the north side of the street.

After that will be Join the Thread in Weyburn in June.  I will send two pieces to the show.  I hope to go down for the opening, but haven’t heard if there is one yet!

The end of June will find me in Alberta.  I hope to visit a couple of galleries – one in Calgary and one in Edmonton – to see if they’re the right places to sell my work.

I just heard about another Saskatchewan Crafts Council exhibit at the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon, SK for July and August.  So I’ll be hooking some work for that as well.

By July I should be frantically arranging the shipment of wall hangings to Sauder Village in the USA.  I’ve never done this before and am doing it with considerable trepidation.  There seems to be a lot of paperwork in moving artwork across the border.

After the wall hangings are shipped off to Sauder Village I will be hooking more Christmas inventory and larger rugs for gallery exhibits.

And then, in October, I will be attending The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers tri-ennial conference in Victoria, B.C.  I look forward to meeting some of you there!

That’s the plan so far!  It will be interesting to see how everything pans out. 🙂

Art Business Mentoring

Oh my!  Not a lot accomplished this week.  But I am having fun. 🙂

 Some of you may know that I’ve been engaged in an art business mentoring project with Laureen Marchand out of Val Marie, SK.  We’ve been working together since December and it’s been great!  It’s nice to have the accountability to get things done.  It’s also nice to have someone who’s been in the art world for awhile show me the ropes. 

 Laureen is just a terrific mentor if anyone is interested in using a mentor for their art business.

Sadly, our mentoring project ended yesterday.  It was our last session and I will miss Laureen’s practical advice.  Hopefully our paths will cross in the not-to-distant future.  In fact, I know they will, because I intend to go to the opening of her show at the Assiniboia Gallery in Regina, SK on April 24th. 🙂

For now you can check out Laureen’s services on her website.

Monday Meanderings

spring-fabricsIt must be spring!  I’m a bit excited and addled.  It occurred to me as I re-read my “Saturday Review” that it was not much of a review!  Informative, yes, a review, no.  So here’s the overall lowdown.

Last week was a good week in a lot of ways.  I was able to network with a lot of different people.  I enjoy that part of being an artist.  I also enjoy creating.  I do not enjoy the business part so much, but I am learning to.  I love the challenge it presents, and I keep trying to think analytically about things to try, how to price and sell my work.  I guess what I have the most difficulty with is actually dealing with the numbers.

  • I was able to fold my greeting cards.  
  • I did hem Okra and finish off Prairie Sunset.  
  • I tried to buy mailing tubes the right size for my Dimensions 2015 entries, but came up empty handed.  Apparently Staples is sold out of the size I need.  
  • I was able to send four small wall hangings “On Approval” to another area of the province.  
  • I hooked some on Goldfish, and 
  • started a 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging. 

 This past weekend I spent more time on my business plan.  It is taking on a life of its own!  I split my expenses and income into different categories and recorded them on different colour tags to hang from my business collage.  I added all kinds of information to the collage itself.  It’s growing crowded. 

 I also spent time at an Etsy 101 workshop put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.  In the process I learned a bit about Instagram.  Now to put what I learned into practice, and still make time to hook wall hangings. 

 Sunday I attended the closing of Moved by the Spirit with a friend.  It was held at the Luther College Chapel at the University of Regina.  Some very nice works there.  I especially liked Louise Tessier’s Garden Way of the Cross, Peace Be With You by Roberto Lopez Lopez, and The Ascension by Jenny Ward. On my plate this week is:

  • the 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging,
  • the business plan,
  • uploading some swatches to Etsy,
  • finding a CARFAC member to sign my Certificate of Origin forms for Sauder Village,
  • figure out the necessary lamp arrangement for taking photos of my work for my portfolio.

Good news!  The small Prairie Sky wall hangings my friend took on approval all sold!  ? 

Now onto that 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.


Odds and Ends


I managed to adjust the mouth on Goldfish yesterday.  But I cannot say it is much of an improvement.  I’m thinking on it.

One of the mailing tubes arrived yesterday.  Staples messed up the order.  They forgot to send the second one.  The tube is too small for my wall hanging.  I will have to find something else.  I am trying hard not to have to purchase 25 or 50 of anything.  But it seems to be the only way to buy the 4″ diameter tubes here.  Am I missing something?  Anyone else purchase larger diameter mailing tubes in Canada?  Where?

Stretched the blank backing for a 12″ square prairie sky rug on my frame.  I’m hoping inspiration strikes before I get to the sky.  I have not decided which sky I’m going to do yet.

Made a list of all the things I want to work on in my business for the next while.  It will require phoning various contacts and asking for information and some help.

Found out just yesterday afternoon there is an Etsy 101 workshop being offered at one of our local libraries this weekend.  Unfortunately the first part will overlap a lunch engagement I have.  I contacted the people running the presentation and they suggested I would not miss anything I needed if I came about halfway through, as I already have an Etsy shop.  The second half would be more meaningful to me – becoming successful at selling on Etsy.  I’m still looking for tips on SEO and other ways to promote my Etsy shop.

Working on my schedule for this spring.  I’m juggling 5 or 6 different planners, trying to find out what works best for me.  I’m finding technology is not good for me.  I need to see a month at a time in detail.  A good old fashioned wall calendar is my best friend these days.  I still enter everything into my small Moleskin planner, as that’s what I carry with me everywhere.  But the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro just do not give me the visual detail I need to make decisions on a moments notice.  It takes too long to pull up the information when I’m on the spot planning with people.

I was trying the planner in the Midori style notebook I made earlier this week, but I do not like it as well as the calendar and Moleskin planner.  So I will use the Midori style notebook for something else.