WIP Thursday

WIP Thursday


My work corner

Sorry my post is a bit late folks.  Lots of running around doing Christmas stuff.  Trying to get a package in the mail and off to my girls and their men.

I’ve also been working on the jeanottosen.ca some more.  It’s slow going sometimes.  Keep an eye on things!  I plan to run a contest in early January on the new blog.   Today I’m uploading more product to the website.

I’m almost finished reading “Everyone’s An Artist” by Tite, et al.  I really am enjoying this little book.  It has some editing issues (mostly typos), but the content is good stuff.

I’m partly gearing up for International Rug Hooking Day on Sunday, December 4th!  I plan to spend the afternoon hooking along with my online friends.  “Moss” won’t get finished if I just look at it!

Weekly Review


Sorry for the late post folks.  It’s been a busy day.  Unexpected company and some running around town.  I’ve been busy working on my website.  I think I’m done transferring files from the old blog to the new.  Next up is to post a few more items for sale.  We’ll see how it goes next week.

Also been creating draft listings on Etsy and posting items for sale on Etsy in my JLT Studios shop.

I did manage to hook a bit more on “Moss”.  I had a friend hold it up a distance away from me and decided the problem is values again.  Seems if I have color issues it’s usually in the values.

I started knitting swatches for a sweater pattern I want to knit.  A friend helped me wind two skeins into balls of wool yarn.

I had fun this evening at Nouveau Gallery’s 11th Anniversary Celebration!  I love this gallery.  If you’re ever in Regina I highly recommend it.  They represent a variety of local artists working in a wide variety of different media and styles.  Tonight’s work did not disappoint.  It was wonderful!

I’m being featured!



A better title for this post might be News and Views.  I received notice yesterday that my Etsy shop, JLT Studios, will be the featured shop on Etsy’s blog for the month of November.  With that in mind, I will be posting more offerings on my Etsy shop between now and the end of November.

I’ve also been working on my own website, due to be up and running in January 2017.

I was going to post a recipe today, but have been pretty busy.  I keep forgetting to take photos of food!  How about a picture of kale growing on my patio…still!  It’s looking really nice these days.



Quick Update


ArtNow is on in Saskatoon at Prairieland Park folks!  If you haven’t been, go check it out!

As you know, African Dream is done the hooking stage.  I’m hoping to block it this afternoon.

I’ve already started colour planning for my next wall hanging.  It’s a long narrow wall hanging I’m calling Northern Exposure at the moment.  It’s moss growing on the north side of a tree.  Not sure how this is going to turn out.  I’m thinking I need some brighter colours than I have in my stash, but I so don’t want to go to the dye pots right now.  I have so much excess fibre around here.  I might try a funky colour scheme.




It’s finished!


I finished hooking it!  Now for the finishing.  But for today I’m off to Saskatoon to drop off my wall hangings for ArtNow, which is happening this weekend at Prairieland Park in Hall B. Hope you can make it out to see my work. If it’s not on display at that moment, ask about it. They will have business cards and brochures, and if they have time might be able to pull it out for you to look at.

In my studio…

Studio Aug 15 2016 - 1

My Gale courses finish this week.  But I still have finals to write.

This week I want to:

  • Continue hooking on African Dream.
  • Finish sorting business email.
  • Knit on the cellular baby blanket.
  • Determine if I need to take wall hangings to the SK Art & Fine Craft Fair in Saskatoon and back myself mid-September, or if someone else is going up there and can take them and bring them back.  It turns out I have company that weekend.  Plus Hubby’s last day of work is that Friday.

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


I’m Back!

AB vacation 2016 - 33

Canola field in bloom!

AB vacation 2016 - 3

Beaver pond gone amuck!  There were seven beavers damming this creek and creating a massive pond, or rather, a small lake!

AB vacation 2016 - 7

Preparations for a Moving Party!  It was difficult to stay gluten free this trip!

Had a great time on vacation in Alberta, Canada.  Spent time with family and shopping.  There is no provincial sales tax in Alberta. 🙂

Stopped by Shuttleworks and picked up some lovely knitting books by Sally Melville, “Hooking on the Wild Side”, and a sweater pattern for knitting.  Also picked up some fiber for spinning.  Everything is 30-50% off!  I highly recommend them.  They are closing their doors soon, so the deals will only be available for a short while, and while supplies last.

This week I’ll be skipping my recipe of the week in order to get back in the swing of things here on the blog.  Today will be my “In my studio…” post and Wednesday I’ll be back to my regular “Inspiration Wednesday”.

So…in my studio this week…

  • work on my website development course
  • work on “African Dream”
  • finish sorting my business email

In good news, all three of the finished pieces I submitted to be juried into the Saskatchewan Art & Fine Craft Fair were accepted!   So if you want to see “Blue-eyed Grass”, “Sprouts”, or “Dancing Tree” in real life, then is your chance!  It will also be the first opportunity to purchase them, as I have yet to post them online for sale.  The Fair is September 15th through 18th in Saskatoon, SK at Prairieland Park.  Looking forward to the event! 🙂


In my studio…


I had a great time at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  I met many friends, neighbors, and new people.  I demonstrated to a lot of people.  However some rain later in the day dampened spirits a bit.  My canopy roof decided it had enough and one of the supports broke.  I will definitely need a new canopy if I do anymore outdoor sales.

Back to my regular work week this week.  I am taking time today to do some planning for the rest of the summer.

I am hoping this week to hook some more on a scrappy floor rug.  Yes, you heard that correctly!  I am hooking my first floor rug in years.  Because of that I’m sticking to silk and wool fibres.  I am just not sure how well the others will clean up if it gets dirty. My plan is to put it in my bedroom…if I don’t chicken out and hang it on the wall.   People wear outdoor shoes indoors in my house, and that, plus the dirt it tracks in, is hard on rugs.

I will also be working more on sorting through my email.  It is multiplying on its own!

In my Studio…

Last Import - 1 of 3

Our new boarder from China moved in on the weekend.  Today, without warning, he gave his mother an iPad FaceTime tour of our place, including my studio.  I was appalled!  My studio is in its usual state of disarray.  He said he wanted to show him mother what I used to make my work. Moral of story = always leave my studio picked up at the end of the day.  Sigh.

It’s been a busy weekend.  No rug hooking to speak of.  Lots of tutoring though.  And lots of errands.  Hubby is in great angst about whether to retire this year or next, when he turns 65.  He spent yesterday crunching numbers and the evening talking to me about his results.  I told him to do what he wants.  He’s put in over 30 years supporting the family.  I think that’s enough.

Last Import - 2 of 3

So, back on track this week.  I sorted out the tax mess last week.  So it’s back to rug hooking this week.  I’ll be working on Dancing Tree.

Last Import - 3 of 3

I removed my work from Traditions Hand Craft Gallery a couple weeks ago, due to a change in commission structure.  So I have all that inventory to reintegrate into my system at home and prepare to post on Etsy.  Ideally I would like it posted by mid-June.  But it’s a lot of prep work as there are close to thirty pieces to add to my Etsy shop.

And I’ll be starting to think about my booth display for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair the last Saturday of May.

Oh, plus two days tutoring.  A busy week for me.

Weekly Review

Last Import - 2 of 4

My booth at Makers 2015 makerspace at Regent Place Library, Regina, SK, Canada

Hi everyone.  I accomplished a few things this week…

~ I gathered up receipts and sent my ledger into the accountant.  She mentioned having enough information for the business statement.  I decided to take on preparation of that document myself this year.  I need to base it on last year’s document.  I cannot find last year’s tax statements!  They are not where they’re supposed to be.  Must talk to Hubby and see if he knows where they are.

~ I casually mentioned Friday was International Rug Hooking Day when Hubby and I were out to tea one evening.  He mentioned the local library was hosting a makerspace on Friday.  Well, one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was offered a spot at Makers 2015 for Friday.  I had a great time with great people!  AND I’ve been invited back for today.  I’m slightly more prepared for the onslaught of children and young adults.  I’ll be taking more hoops and smaller patterns for them to hook.

~ I also hooked more on Wascana Creek.  I’d include a photo, but it is at the library right now.

Later… I had many visitors to my booth today, both young and old.  At one point I had five people hooking rug, and I ran out of hoops.  The fifth lady decided to try hooking without a frame!  Mostly though, there were three or four people from 1 PM through to 4 PM.   It was busy!  Lots of demonstrating.  Not a lot was done on Wascana Creek! 🙂

Happy International Rug Hooking Day!

Last Import - 1 of 1

Getting ready to go the Makers 2015! 🙂

This is a short post before I start preparing to head out to the makerspace at Regent Place Library here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’m taking Wascana Creek with me for hooking.  I’m also taking a couple of star decoration patterns for the public to try hooking.  And I will set up a display for people to see some finished wall hangings.

I’m only there for this afternoon, so come on by if you’re in the area.  I’ll post some pics later today… 🙂

Later…  My oh my!  What a day!  Rug Hooking Rules folks!  I was only going to stay till 5 PM, but my table was so busy with people – young and old – that I stayed right till 8 PM, when the makerspace closed.  AND I was asked if I would please consider coming back tomorrow.  I agreed.  So I will be at Regent Place Library from 11 AM – 5 PM tomorrow as well. 🙂

My biggest surprise today were the number of young people wanting to learn to hook.  The youngest was five, and it went up from there.  I was surprised by the amount of talent in the children, and some of the adults.  I did not have enough hoops or small patterns to hook.  I’m going to try and prepare some small Christmas tree ornaments for the children to hook tomorrow and, hopefully take home with them.  I have no idea how I’ll have them finish them…yet.

Here are the photos I promised.  Unfortunately none of people.  I’m not kosher about posting photos of kids online without their parents permission. And yes, that is the grass finished on Wascana Creek!


International Rug Hooking Day

Last Import - 1 of 1

Ready to go!

December 4th is International Rug Hooking Day. 🙂

I will be celebrating by demonstrating, teaching, and displaying rug hooking from 1 – 5 PM on Friday at the Regent Place Public Library during the Regina Public Library’s Maker 2015 event.  🙂

Other organizations involved over the two day event are:

  • Open Field Craft Collective,
  • Otaku Palooza, anime
  • Regina Weavers and Spinners Guild,
  • Saskatchewan Science Centre,
  • Miller Marauders Tech Club,
  • Film Rescue International,
  • Rowan Pantel, Puppet Artist,
  • Sask Polytech Women in Trades & Technology,
  • RPL 3D printer,
  • Society for Creative Anachronism,
  • Regina Amateur Radio Association,
  • Saskatchewan LEGO users group,
  • Creative Technology Makerspace,
  • and more…

So if you are in town, come on over to Regent Place and chat.  Perhaps pick up a hook to try rug hooking for yourself!  I’ll be there having fun with the public all afternoon. 🙂

Our Anniversary

There were thousands of geese on this unnamed lake making an awful racket!

There were thousands of geese on this unnamed lake making an awful racket!

Lots happening now we’re back from vacation!  Sunday was our 35th wedding anniversary.  We had a blast!  We live near the Qu’Appelle River valley.  It’s a big valley that is home to many market gardens and a few quaint towns…one of which is Lumsden.  So we headed out to check out the market gardens and found a treasure trove of autumnal images…

Last Import - 1 of 16Last Import - 3 of 16Then headed to the Chinese restaurant in Lumsden for a very delicious meal, before heading home via the back roads and a small town called Pense.  We arrived home about time for tea and a nap.

We realized there was an art show on, so we hoofed to the Prairie Artist Guild’s Fall Show and Sale.  It was the third day of the sale and most of the good work was already sold.  But we were able to see some fine work, especially by Larry Jackson, a local watercolour artist.

In celebration of our anniversary we watched the first Star Wars movie that came out in the evening.  It was released in 1977, but was one of the first movies Hubby ever took me to when we were dating in 1979/80.

All in all a great day!

Yesterday I was back into the swing of things.  I took my Etsy shop off vacation mode, and posted ten more items for sale.

I also got back to sketching.  No twist crayons here, so I’m using watercolour pencils.  It feels a bit different.  A bit messier to control.  But still, it’s good practice to use different media.

Last Import - 4 of 4

Week in Review…a bit late. :)

Simply ModernI did finish Simply Modern before I arrived home Friday evening. 🙂  It’s a great book and I highly recommend it to people.  Lots of images, ideas, and project ideas to work on!  I appreciate the detailed instructions for various dyeing methods, and construction of pillows and purses.  I also appreciated the section on style.  Thanks Deanne! 🙂

sketchbook-and-patternLast week can be summed up as my reading week and sketching week.  I took few photos, but did start to go through the copious photos I took out on the coast before, during, and after TIGHR Tri-ennial, translating them into simple sketches for future wall hangings.

Most of my week, which was in Edmonton, was spent visiting family and friends.  I did manage to meet up with another rug hooker from TIGHR.  We had a great time checking over each others work, chatting, and generally having a good time.  I hope to meet her again some day.

This week’s goals:

  • Finish Christmas ornaments,
  • Translate more photos into sketches,
  • Update Etsy shop and take it off vacation mode.

Birds of a Feather

Last Import - 1 of 1More sketching yesterday. Reading more of Simply Modern.

I met up with a rug hooker I met at the TIGHR Tri-ennial.  We had a great time sharing photos, showing each other our work, and chatting each other up about rug hooking.  I am looking forward to meeting her again. 🙂

Planning two more get togethers today with relatives.  Should be fun! 🙂

Simply Modern

More Sketching

Sketching doesn't have to be great art.  It just has to get the basic shapes and colours down.  Sometimes not even that.  I enjoy using my sketches as a base and "mixing it up" in my wall hangings.

Sketching doesn’t have to be great art. It just has to get the basic shapes and colours down. Sometimes not even that. I enjoy using my sketches as a base and “mixing it up” in my wall hangings.

Had a great time sketching more yesterday.  Took photos of interesting designs and shapes in the place we are staying.

I also read more of Simply Modern.  As well as more of Chronic Condition on Canada’s health care system.

We spent the evening visiting family and having a great time.

I am surrounded at Dad’s by lots of visual stimulation.  Lots of ideas for hooked wall art, and just plain art in general.  Lots of colour ideas too!  Really, ideas are all around us everywhere.  We just need to train our eyes to see them.  It helps to have a healthy dose of “what if…?”

Last Import - 2 of 23 Last Import - 8 of 23 Last Import - 9 of 23 Last Import - 11 of 23 Last Import - 13 of 23 Last Import - 16 of 23 Last Import - 17 of 23

TIGHR – The summary

Collaboration workshop with Michelle Sirois-Silver.

Collaboration workshop with Michelle Sirois-Silver.  This is phase 2 out of 3 of the collaboration.  I gave my finished piece to my partner to take home with her.  I will finish the rest for myself later.

Yesterday was the last day of the TIGHR Tri-ennial conference.  It was a lot of fun and great to be around people who are always learning.

I spent the morning in Michelle Sirois-Silver’s class on collaboration.  It was a great experience for me, the quintessential spontaneous hooker, to actually go through a planning process before picking up a hook!  The process Michelle uses to teach you to see opportunities for rugmaking really gets the creative juices flowing.  I found I wanted to keep going, even though the class was over.

Some of the ladies decided to do just that – send the planning stages to each other through the mail to take turns working on.  I just thought about my lost rug and the hassles of getting my Sauder pieces down to the US and back, and declined to take part.  I will, however, use this process on my own when I run out of ideas for rug making.

Our noon hour speaker yesterday was Kerry Mason from the University of Victoria.  She spoke about the life and art of Emily Carr.  It was fun and informative. Emily Carr was quite a woman, and I have a new found appreciation of her.

My Photo Stream - 21 of 25 My Photo Stream - 19 of 25 My Photo Stream - 18 of 25There was a Fibre Fest in the afternoon – a time to sell things.  I was tired and hungry, so instead of selling my wall hangings Hubby and I walked up to Sam’s Deli again, where I found more gluten free options.  I had a gluten-free Raspberry Almond Shortbread Cookie.  It hit the spot and we walked back to the Inn in time to relax a bit before going down to the Gala Dinner.

Robert Bateman

A very grainy photo of Dr. Robert Bateman. Next time I’ll wait for my camera to finish focusing!!!

Our Gala Dinner was excellent.  The companionship at the table was great.  Everyone was tired, but happy.  Our guest speaker was Dr. Robert Bateman.  He spoke on creating your own voice through using nature photography to produce works of art.  It was very helpful for me.

Spent time in the evening after the dinner visiting with other rug hookers and viewing some gorgeous rugs!  🙂


My overall summary of the conference?  It’s a bit early to tell, but here are some of my take aways…

  • I met other rug hookers who think like me,
  • I enjoyed meeting them too,
  • I discovered new ideas,
  • I learned to take a broader look at the field of rug hooking,
  • I can survive a conference.  I’m exhausted, but I can do it, especially with my Hubby along to support me.

TIGHR Tri-ennial – Day 4

Off Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C.

Off Ogden Point, Victoria, B.C.

Our fourth and final day of  TIGHR Tri-ennial! Yesterday was very good.

The morning panel discussion was on how people approach designing a rug. There were 3 panelists who all approach rug hooking differently. After their presentations we broke up into small groups and more learning happened. Lots of good conversation based on the questions given us.

While I was there people noticed I was mind mapping my notes for the sessions. Remember when I talked about using mind mapping to run my business? Well I use it for other things too, like taking notes. So later in the day I was able to share the app I use – SimpleMind+ – and show a couple of people how to use it.

I was also able to share how I use PhotoShop Elements in my rug designing with another conference participant.

I listened to an excellent talk by Michelle Sirois-Silver on her work and what inspires it.

The general meeting for TIGHR was yesterday. It was an interesting affair.

Breakwater Cafe & Bistro, Victoria, B.C.

Breakwater Cafe & Bistro, Victoria, B.C.

Hubby and I walked down to the Breakwater Cafe for supper tonight. It was great, if a tad on the expensive side.  I even remembered to photograph it before diving in! 🙂

Quinoa Salad with grilled salmon.

Quinoa Salad with grilled salmon.

Deluxe Burger with soup.

Deluxe Burger with soup.

We walked back in time to listen to Gene Shepherd give his talk on colour. It, too, was interesting.

I did not get a chance to finish my Christmas ornaments yesterday, but maybe later.  I have a lot of time in the car to kill going home.

More photos..

James Bay Garden Association gardens.

James Bay Garden Association gardens.

Last Import - 16 of 17 Last Import - 15 of 17 Last Import - 14 of 17

Last Import - 4 of 17

TIGHR Tri-ennial – Day 3

Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments

Finished  hooking four more Christmas ornaments yesterday, in-between listening to panel discussions, speakers, and eating.

The first panel discussion was on defining professionalism.  The panel talked about how to land gallery representation, being prepared, networking, dealing with media, applying for grants, and more.  It was very helpful to have the panelists tell their own stories.

In the afternoon there was a panel discussion called “Shaping the Conversation”.  It covered how to introduce our art form to people new to it, promoting our work and ourselves as artists, selling our work through galleries, trends in the rug hooking world, and a good deal more.

Both were excellent discussions.

I met some people I’ve known online for a long time.  That was great!

After another delicious dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf, I came back to hear Sylvia Olsen talk about Cowichan sweaters: their origins and how they saved the Salish people.

The evening found me pressing those ornaments and getting them ready for sale.  Hopefully today I’ll be able to finish them. 🙂

Hubby went on excursions and had a blast.  The last was to a place we went to the other day, so he skipped out early and went to check out a bicycle rental place.  No go.  They are closed for the season.  But he did find another place still open.  He’s thinking maybe he’ll go on bike ride today…if the good weather holds.

Today I hope to enjoy my third panel discussion, listen in on the TIGHR meeting this afternoon, listen to a speaker tonight, and, if I have time, finish my Christmas ornaments. 🙂

And it’s started!

Empress Hotel

The good ol’ Empress Hotel…where we spent our honeymoon 35 years ago!

Walking back along the harbour.

Walking back along the harbour.

The 8th TIGHR Tri-ennial conference started yesterday.  But not before we managed to fit in more sightseeing and checking out more eateries. 🙂

We started the morning by walking up to Sam’s Deli for a delightful breakfast. They open at 7 AM and have lots of choices, but no gluten free.   Walked back by the harbour.

I actually spent the morning resting and rug hooking.  Yes, I hooked on more Christmas ornaments.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

Come late morning Hubby and I went out in search of lunch.  We found this neat little bakery tucked away beside Russell Books.  It serves savoury as well as sweet baked goods.  Excellent food!

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Of course, it was beside a bookstore…so we just had to go in…  Have I mentioned that my other addiction besides stash building is book collecting?  I have to call it ‘collecting’ because it seems I never have time to read them.  But there  you go.  I have hopes and dreams…they’re really good books after all. 😉

We raced back to the Inn to register for the conference.  No way were we finished with Russell Books, but it just has to wait for another time.  I dropped off my rugs for the Back to Nature exhibit and went back upstairs to chill out for a bit.

But not for long!  Hubby decided he wanted to take me to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  So off we went to see that and the attached Spencer Mansion, which was a surprise.  We didn’t know it was there.

There are wonderful exhibits at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria right now.  Some Emily Carr and people who worked with her, Anna Banana, Chinese scholar exhibit, and Women Artists Self-portraits.  Actually there is a crazy quilt to die for in that last exhibit.

Shinto shrine

Shinto shrine

After checking around the gallery we went into the Japanese garden courtyard to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Spencer Mansion

Spencer Mansion

We checked out the Spencer Mansion before coming back to the Inn.

We were just in time to do a quick change and come down for the Welcome and Wine and Cheese Reception.  It was a bit overwhelming and loud, but wonderful too.  All that talent in one place!  Who to talk to first?  I clammed up and sat on a chair waiting for people to come to me…which is never a good idea.  A lot of people knew each other and were traveling together.  Hubby and I sat, drank, ate, and soaked up the scene, chatting with people.

The appetizers were not enough to make a supper for us, so we headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  This time to Barb’s Fish and Chips!  Yum! 🙂

Came back to the hotel to view the Back to Nature and Emily Carr exhibits and was wowed by some gorgeous work!

But first there were all the friendship mats people had hooked and exchanged!  These are a great study in technique and style in and of themselves.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats

Friendship Mats

Then the Back to Nature exhibit…

B2N thru the trees B2N subdivision B2N riptide B2N queen annes lace B2N purses B2N my rugs B2N Borealis Moose B2N beachThen the Emily Carr exhibit.  I just took photos of a few, primarily skies, because that’s what I’m interested in hooking.

B2N skies 3 B2N skies 2 B2N skies 1 B2N rocking chair

 There are a lot more pieces to see than I have room for in this post.  If you are in Victoria area I urge you to come visit Tuesday from 4 – 7 PM to check out the work.  A wide variety of styles and techniques are on display.  Admission is $10.

Highway 1 Studio Tour


Alpaca at Hedi Gossweiler’s. Hedi processes the fibre, spins it and knits it. She even dyes it! She knits everything from headbands to sweaters. And she felts too! I did not escape without spending money.  Hedi shared her site with an artist in a trailer, and had hands on needle felting for those inclined.  We didn’t have time.


The blacksmith taking a break.


The Highway 1 Studio Tour was part of Culture Days in Saskatchewan.


What is it? It is the blacksmith’s handiwork, and something tells me it took a long time to make.


Herbert Train Station housed a jewelry artist, a photographer, a painter, and a lady who painted on ceramic tile. All beautiful work!


Out in the country there was New Leaf Studio. There was drywall painting, art cards, and journal making.


Up the hill from New Leaf Studio was this little guest house filled with beautiful photography on canvas, and fridge magnets too. Very cute. Some beautiful photos.


Afternoon tea at the Herbert Train Station. 🙂


Tree swing on a glorious fall day. At New Leaf Studio.

And then there was the potter and photographer outside Waldeck, SK.  Gorgeous work!

I highly recommend this little tour.  Everyone is super friendly, the art work is great, and there’s food to eat along the way.  There’s even a draw for a $500 prize of artwork!  So all you folks in south west Saskatchewan, come out tomorrow from 11 AM – 5 PM – chat up the artists and see what’s up. 🙂

Hubby and I are relaxing in Swift Current tonight, known locally as Speedy Creek, and will be on our way to Alberta tomorrow sometime. 🙂

Saturday Review

Packed to go 1

Clothes don’t take up as much space as rug hooking does! You can tell where my priorities lie! 🙂

Packed to go 2

Just some food for the road left to pack. 🙂

Packing for sales along the way there and back.

Rug hooking supplies and items to sell on the way to and from TIGHR Tri-ennial.

And that’s not showing my computer bag, book bag, and knitting bag.  Hope the vehicle is big enough for all this!

It was a busy week for me.  Aside from having company I was busy packing for the trip to TIGHR Tri-ennial.  I also finished putting together my order for the SCC Boutique.  And I designed and hooked some Christmas ornaments.

Today we’re on the road folks!  Off into the Wild West, to participate in the Highway 1 Studio Tour!  Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Friday Finale

Christmas ornaments 2015

WIP Christmas ornaments 2015

Sorry for the late post folks.  The Internet was down today.  So in its absence I knit a bit, reassessed my blog plans, looked at a projected retirement budget for DH, and hooked up four of those ornaments!  I am in need of purchasing some burgundy wool felt for the backing, but otherwise they are finished.  I may need more work to do on this trip!

Everything is now packed and ready to go…including my clothes!  But that’s today’s job. 🙂

Looking forward to meeting people along the Highway 1 Studio Tour in Saskatchewan, and at TIGHR in Victoria on Oct. 4th.  Until then I’ll be off and on here as the mood strikes.  No promises folks, as I want to spend some quality time with family and friends in real life. 🙂