And it’s started!

Empress Hotel

The good ol’ Empress Hotel…where we spent our honeymoon 35 years ago!

Walking back along the harbour.

Walking back along the harbour.

The 8th TIGHR Tri-ennial conference started yesterday.  But not before we managed to fit in more sightseeing and checking out more eateries. 🙂

We started the morning by walking up to Sam’s Deli for a delightful breakfast. They open at 7 AM and have lots of choices, but no gluten free.   Walked back by the harbour.

I actually spent the morning resting and rug hooking.  Yes, I hooked on more Christmas ornaments.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

Come late morning Hubby and I went out in search of lunch.  We found this neat little bakery tucked away beside Russell Books.  It serves savoury as well as sweet baked goods.  Excellent food!

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Of course, it was beside a bookstore…so we just had to go in…  Have I mentioned that my other addiction besides stash building is book collecting?  I have to call it ‘collecting’ because it seems I never have time to read them.  But there  you go.  I have hopes and dreams…they’re really good books after all. 😉

We raced back to the Inn to register for the conference.  No way were we finished with Russell Books, but it just has to wait for another time.  I dropped off my rugs for the Back to Nature exhibit and went back upstairs to chill out for a bit.

But not for long!  Hubby decided he wanted to take me to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  So off we went to see that and the attached Spencer Mansion, which was a surprise.  We didn’t know it was there.

There are wonderful exhibits at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria right now.  Some Emily Carr and people who worked with her, Anna Banana, Chinese scholar exhibit, and Women Artists Self-portraits.  Actually there is a crazy quilt to die for in that last exhibit.

Shinto shrine

Shinto shrine

After checking around the gallery we went into the Japanese garden courtyard to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Spencer Mansion

Spencer Mansion

We checked out the Spencer Mansion before coming back to the Inn.

We were just in time to do a quick change and come down for the Welcome and Wine and Cheese Reception.  It was a bit overwhelming and loud, but wonderful too.  All that talent in one place!  Who to talk to first?  I clammed up and sat on a chair waiting for people to come to me…which is never a good idea.  A lot of people knew each other and were traveling together.  Hubby and I sat, drank, ate, and soaked up the scene, chatting with people.

The appetizers were not enough to make a supper for us, so we headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  This time to Barb’s Fish and Chips!  Yum! 🙂

Came back to the hotel to view the Back to Nature and Emily Carr exhibits and was wowed by some gorgeous work!

But first there were all the friendship mats people had hooked and exchanged!  These are a great study in technique and style in and of themselves.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats

Friendship Mats

Then the Back to Nature exhibit…

B2N thru the trees B2N subdivision B2N riptide B2N queen annes lace B2N purses B2N my rugs B2N Borealis Moose B2N beachThen the Emily Carr exhibit.  I just took photos of a few, primarily skies, because that’s what I’m interested in hooking.

B2N skies 3 B2N skies 2 B2N skies 1 B2N rocking chair

 There are a lot more pieces to see than I have room for in this post.  If you are in Victoria area I urge you to come visit Tuesday from 4 – 7 PM to check out the work.  A wide variety of styles and techniques are on display.  Admission is $10.

Highway 1 Studio Tour


Alpaca at Hedi Gossweiler’s. Hedi processes the fibre, spins it and knits it. She even dyes it! She knits everything from headbands to sweaters. And she felts too! I did not escape without spending money.  Hedi shared her site with an artist in a trailer, and had hands on needle felting for those inclined.  We didn’t have time.


The blacksmith taking a break.


The Highway 1 Studio Tour was part of Culture Days in Saskatchewan.


What is it? It is the blacksmith’s handiwork, and something tells me it took a long time to make.


Herbert Train Station housed a jewelry artist, a photographer, a painter, and a lady who painted on ceramic tile. All beautiful work!


Out in the country there was New Leaf Studio. There was drywall painting, art cards, and journal making.


Up the hill from New Leaf Studio was this little guest house filled with beautiful photography on canvas, and fridge magnets too. Very cute. Some beautiful photos.


Afternoon tea at the Herbert Train Station. 🙂


Tree swing on a glorious fall day. At New Leaf Studio.

And then there was the potter and photographer outside Waldeck, SK.  Gorgeous work!

I highly recommend this little tour.  Everyone is super friendly, the art work is great, and there’s food to eat along the way.  There’s even a draw for a $500 prize of artwork!  So all you folks in south west Saskatchewan, come out tomorrow from 11 AM – 5 PM – chat up the artists and see what’s up. 🙂

Hubby and I are relaxing in Swift Current tonight, known locally as Speedy Creek, and will be on our way to Alberta tomorrow sometime. 🙂

Saturday Review

Packed to go 1

Clothes don’t take up as much space as rug hooking does! You can tell where my priorities lie! 🙂

Packed to go 2

Just some food for the road left to pack. 🙂

Packing for sales along the way there and back.

Rug hooking supplies and items to sell on the way to and from TIGHR Tri-ennial.

And that’s not showing my computer bag, book bag, and knitting bag.  Hope the vehicle is big enough for all this!

It was a busy week for me.  Aside from having company I was busy packing for the trip to TIGHR Tri-ennial.  I also finished putting together my order for the SCC Boutique.  And I designed and hooked some Christmas ornaments.

Today we’re on the road folks!  Off into the Wild West, to participate in the Highway 1 Studio Tour!  Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Friday Finale

Christmas ornaments 2015

WIP Christmas ornaments 2015

Sorry for the late post folks.  The Internet was down today.  So in its absence I knit a bit, reassessed my blog plans, looked at a projected retirement budget for DH, and hooked up four of those ornaments!  I am in need of purchasing some burgundy wool felt for the backing, but otherwise they are finished.  I may need more work to do on this trip!

Everything is now packed and ready to go…including my clothes!  But that’s today’s job. 🙂

Looking forward to meeting people along the Highway 1 Studio Tour in Saskatchewan, and at TIGHR in Victoria on Oct. 4th.  Until then I’ll be off and on here as the mood strikes.  No promises folks, as I want to spend some quality time with family and friends in real life. 🙂

TIGHR Tri-ennial Conference

WIP - Prairie Sky Cirrus

WIP – Prairie Sky Cirrus – finished yesterday.  Three more wall hangings to go on my backing and then it’s on to finishing! 🙂

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following along on this blog you know I’ll be at TIGHR (The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers) Tri-ennial Conference this Oct. 4 – 7th in beautiful downtown Victoria, B.C.

I have two rugs going on exhibit in their Back to Nature exhibit, which, it turns out, is open to the public on Tuesday evening at The Inn at Laurel Point from 4 – 7 PM in Spirit Room B.  There is an admission charge of $10.00.  Inside will be more than a hundred hooked items representing artists from around the globe.  If you’re in the area, and/or want to see what the world of rug hooking has to offer, this is a good time to see a wide variety of work.

I am looking forward to the Tri-ennial, as it is the first rug hooking conference I’ve been to.  I was to a rug camp once, but that’s not quite the same thing.  This conference I’m focusing more on the business aspect of rug hooking and attending lectures and panel discussions, rather than classes (though I have signed up for one class).  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things. 🙂

TIGHR Tri-ennial

Good morning everyone!  TIGHR (The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers) Tri-ennial conference is coming up Oct. 4-7th in beautiful downtown Victoria, BC.  I will be there!

I will have two rugs in a group exhibit entitled Back to NatureRipening Saskatoons and Rose Hips!  The exhibit is not open to the public, but will be open to TIGHR members.

I will not be a vendor per se at TIGHR Tri-ennial, but I will be taking along my plaids and some finished wall hangings…should anyone need or want anything.  For those of you wanting something and not wanting to pay shipping, this would be a good opportunity to pick something up.  

Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday Happenings

My bag for Crafting is a bit full today! :)

My bag for Crafting is a bit full today! 🙂

Today I am off to the gym and then Crafting to finish the wall hangings.

Yesterday I had a delightful time with a patron and her teenage daughter putting together the materials she needed for a project.

I also ordered more supplies online. I’m hoping to do some shopping on the way to Victoria, B.C. this fall…and back.

I also received an order from one of the shops I sell through. I was delighted to find I already had backing prepared and the necessary designs drawn on!  Saves me some time.  Which is good because I’d like to get these hooked and ready to hem by the time we leave for Victoria.  I can finish them on the trip and drop them off on the way home.

"Prairie Sky" wall hangings on backing. I only had to change two to meet the order requirements.

“Prairie Sky” wall hangings on backing. I only had to change two to meet the order requirements.

In my studio…

pressing-1This week I will be busy finishing the wall hangings I hooked last week.  I will be attaching hanging sleeves as well, and making sure there are enough oak dowels to hang the wall hangings.

I will try to make the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  But we shall see.  I do not have time to nap after the gym.  I seriously need to finish these wall hangings and update my portfolio.  It is so far behind.

And, last but not least, I need to start thinking about something new for the Christmas season.  Not entirely sure what, but something…

Saturday we had the opportunity to attend the Bhutanese Nepali 2nd Annual Cultural Celebration in Regina, SK.  It was a lively day full of dancers, singers, good food, and even a politician or two.  What would a good Canadian event be like during an election without a politician?!  Anyway, it was a lot of fun.  The Bhutanese Nepali women wore beautiful saris and were very gracious hostesses.  They are great inspiration for fibre work.

Today the hot water heater is being replaced.  As well as it being a gym day.  Could be an interesting day!

Mid Summer’s Art Festival – Fort Qu’Appelle, SK

Today is the day for this wonderful little sale in small town Saskatchewan.  It’s the first time I’ve been and it was an interesting outing.  A mix of stalls from the grandma type to the professional artist.  A fair bit of jewelry this year, but it was different jewelry.  No two stalls sold the same thing.  A good eclectic mix. 🙂

MSAF-1 MSAF-2 MSAF-3Potters were represented …

MSAF-4MSAF-13 MSAF-14And the Qu’Appelle Valley Artists were there…

MSAF-5 MSAF-6 MSAF-7Including a very nice lady named Lise Allaine, who paints the lovely scenery of the Qu’Appelle Valley.


Winning the most unique item for sale is the lady who turned old books into planters to grow succulents…


Also interesting were these “glass on glass” yard ornaments and patio furniture.

MSAF-15I had a great time and enjoyed chatting people up. 🙂  A nice visit for a hot summer’s day.  The Farmer’s Market was on in town as well.  And local pottery shops were open to.  Plus there was an arts and crafts fair at a local church.  I didn’t get to that.

In my studio

Almost finished!

Almost finished!

Hi everyone!  Good morning! 🙂

In my studio this week I hope to finish Rose Hips.  It was on my list of things to finish last week, but I ran into difficulties with the leaves, took a morning off for Plein Air hooking, and some things came up other than rug hooking.  So had to deal with them.  It is going to be finished this week.

Also I am hoping to put together fibre kits  for classes.  Once I start working on them I can determine if I need another dye day or two to dye more fibre.

I also need to prepare for a trip to Alberta next week.  We have a memorial service to attend for a very special woman – the woman who taught me to rug hook.

But before we go, I will be celebrating the end of one of the groups I attend for summer break this week as well.  Plus the gym, and possibly more company.  We enjoyed company for a bit this weekend, and expect some today briefly, and again on Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.

Then Friday evening at 7 PM at the Mackenzie Art Gallery is the opening reception for Dimensions 2015.  I hope to attend. 🙂

Mosaic 2015

First Nations Pavilion 1

First Nations Pavilion

Every year, the first weekend in June, Regina hosts its annual multicultural festival known as Mosaic.  We try to go every year and sample at least a few of the couple dozen or more pavilions.  This year has been a challenge because hubby worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  But we gathered up our remaining energy and went out Saturday evening.

I have a bit of a restricted diet, and most of Mosaic centers around food and cultural performances, so I ate before I left to rule out any major issues en route.   I went for the cultural performances.

I also went for the costuming.  The costume and dress of different cultures is fodder for inspiration for me.  In fact, Mosaic in general is very inspirational.

We were able to visit four pavilions: the Chinese pavilion (always good for supper and Hubby hadn’t eaten), the First Nations pavilion (great costumes, dancing, and star quilts!), the Scottish pavilion, and the Italian pavilion (great desserts!).


First Nations tipi


First Nations dancer


First Nations dancer


A cross section of star quilts.


These are drop down dead gorgeous handmade Canadian mukluks. Good for the prairie winters, according to the lady who made them, who was also selling them!


Chinese pavilion dancers.


The Italian pavilion – dessert! Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be gluten free… Oops!


Beautiful beaded moss bag by First Nations artist.

We had a great time!


As for rug hooking, in my studio this week I want to finish Rose Hips. 🙂


Day Off

CVAF-1Hubby is off work, so I am taking the day off to run errands and plant my patio garden.  Hope everyone has a good day!  🙂

Edited to Add: I had a good day Saturday.  Sold some wall hangings (thank-you!), sold some cards (thank-you!), and several people signed up for classes (I’ll be in touch).  Several people I know stopped by the booth to say “hello”.  I demonstrated till my voice was hoarse.  Few people seemed interested in trying rug hooking this year.  I had one or two women try, but that’s it.  A lot of people thought it was latch hooking, so there was an educational component there.

It was a bright, sun shiny day all day.  Thankfully a light breeze kicked up around noon. I hooked on the e-patterns samples.

I was suffering from my twice annual migraine (spring and fall), so moved back into the booth out of the sun.  Alas it did not do much good.  I spent Sunday at home in bed. 🙁

However today I am 100% better.  And it is seriously time to put the patio garden in!


A busy day today

Today is busy.  I have gym this morning, and my requisite nap afterwards.  Ugh.

Then it’s time to corral everything for tomorrow into the sunroom studio.  I have some photos of poppies for designing rugs.  Don’t think I’ll have time for it at the Street Fair, but we shall see.  It will give me a head start on designing for next week.

Then in the late afternoon I have a social media workshop to go to, followed by a potluck, which I may not attend.  Depends on my energy levels and whether I can take some food I can eat.  It will make for a long day Friday before a long day Saturday.

There will be no Saturday review this week.  No time tomorrow.  Most of this week has been focused on the Street Fair, and hopefully, I’ve done a good job of that.  We’ll find out Saturday.  I did manage to finish editing the photos of the wall hangings for future greeting cards or other print/internet uses.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and look forward to seeing some of you at the street fair tomorrow.  🙂

Good news!

Okra - 12

Okra – 12″ x 12″ – $150 CAD

I had a call from the lady organizing  Join the Thread yesterday afternoon.  The curator wants to use Okra as one of the promotional pieces for the exhibits in Weyburn this summer (there are several)!  I hear it may be in the Weyburn newspaper…The Weyburn Review.  So happy they like it.  It’s a little different from my prairie sky pieces!

Spent yesterday pulling the booth together for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on Saturday.  Actually went to the gym and had a nap.  Seems to be my usual thing on gym days.

Today will be time to finish editing wall hanging photos.  I have three to go.  

It’s getting closer!

Sandwich Board - CVAF2015

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair is this coming Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM!  I’ll be in front of Traditions Handcraft Gallery.  Come down and pay me a visit!  I’ll be demonstrating rug hooking and selling my work.  There will also be cards for sale and a sign up sheet for classes.

I offer my beginner classes for 1 1/2 hours on Saturday afternoons.  They are $50 for lessons, and $50 for supplies (a kit – fibre and backing with design, hook, and hoop).  Starting this year I can take up to 3 or 4 people at a time.  You can email me at <> if you are interested.

As a reminder, I also sell tweed and plaid swatches for rug hooking, as well as bags of scrap wool, and some fat quarters.  You can check the “Fabric for Sale” tag at the top of this page, or contact me in person at <>.  I will not be bringing fabric and supplies to the Street Fair as they prefer to have finished products sold there.


Yesterday I skipped making a list of things to take to the Fair and instead brought everything I’d need to the living room/studio area.  I think I will buy some vapor barrier plastic to put behind the rugs to protect them from sawdust.  I am sharing space with a wood lathe artist.  I don’t know what those are like for creating sawdust.  I’m hoping they are not as bad as a table saw.  I do not want to be washing all my wall hangings and re-blocking them after the Fair.  Not to mention I’m allergic to sawdust. 🙁

I finished adding a hanging sleeve on Goldfish.  It was a toss up whether to do that or use hook and loop tape and shellack a hardwood hanging board.  I decided to go with the sleeve, for now.  It can always be swapped out if people really want to put up an invisible hanging system.

I edited another three wall hanging photos.  Three to go!

I printed out the SCC juried logo for 2015.  Found my Dept. of Finance permission to sell certificate in the province too.  I’d forgotten about needing that at the sale.

I’ve decided to hook more e-patterns of the month at the Street Fair.  So if you want to see what’s coming up on Etsy in the way of e-patterns, come on down and take a look!  If I have space and time I’ll draw out a design of either a barn or some poppies to hook. 🙂

Today’s objectives

Autumn 3- 6" x 6" - $60CAD

Autumn 3- 6″ x 6″ – $60CAD

I need to get caught up on some sleep.  But, other than that, what’s a little daylight without some hooking or related activities?!

  • I’ll be working on creating a hanging system for Goldfish.
  • I also want to make a list of things to pile in the car for the Street Fair this weekend.
  • I also want to work on editing some photos of the other wall hangings.  I started on the weekend but didn’t get very far.  I need greeting card ready files before selling them.
  • I think it might be time to phone the OTT light distributor in Canada for a new light bulb for my floor light.  My old one burnt out months ago!
  • And I am contemplating what I might hook for the CVAF Street Fair demonstration.
  • I also need to print out my 2015 SCC juried logo  for the street fair this weekend.

Busy Weekend Folks


Not much hooking to show for it.  A friend was over though, to help me sort my worms – leftover pieces of wool and silk fibre from hooking.  That was a godsend because it is such a tedious job.  I detest it!  But as you can see, I have enough cut fibre to last me a while!

This week’s agenda:

I am going to fix that Spring wall hanging and move onto the Autumn ones.

I need to think about what I might hook for the CVAF Street Fair demonstration.

And I need to think about what I might hook for the 40th Anniversary show of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.

I have to drop my rugs off for a trip to Saskatoon for jurying for Dimensions 2015.  Here’s hoping at least one of them gets in!

I am also off this morning to mail some items ordered last week.  I hope everyone enjoys their new wall hangings. 🙂

Also Friday and Saturday will be spent in Saskatoon listening to a critique of the Dimensions 2015 entries and visiting with another fibre artist friend.

Saturday Review

Hi one and all.  I have been busy hooking Spring wall hangings this week.  

Also I seem to be selling well on Etsy these days, and have spent time packing up wall hangings and hooking supplies to be shipped across the continent. 

I was also able to get to two art gallery openings and an art show and sale yesterday. 

I am a happy camper. If this keeps up I will be able to meet my financial goals this year.  

Today I am indeed fixing the sky on that Spring rugette.  Then I want to start hooking some Autumn rugettes.  But before I get to them I need to do a serious studio clean up!  It’s a mess!  

What am I up to?

WIP-Spring-11Hi all.  Hope everyone had a great day yesterday.  I hooked more on spring wall hangings.  Today there are one and a half to complete.

I have a busy morning and evening laid out.  Dealing with the taxman (or woman in this case) this morning.  Entertaining a friend this evening.  Hooking this afternoon! 🙂

I am growing excited about my schedule this year, especially the upcoming exhibits.  I send my work to be juried into Dimensions 2015 on the April 28th.

My next event is the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  You’ll find me in front of “Traditions” the store, on the east end of 13th Ave., on the north side of the street.

After that will be Join the Thread in Weyburn in June.  I will send two pieces to the show.  I hope to go down for the opening, but haven’t heard if there is one yet!

The end of June will find me in Alberta.  I hope to visit a couple of galleries – one in Calgary and one in Edmonton – to see if they’re the right places to sell my work.

I just heard about another Saskatchewan Crafts Council exhibit at the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon, SK for July and August.  So I’ll be hooking some work for that as well.

By July I should be frantically arranging the shipment of wall hangings to Sauder Village in the USA.  I’ve never done this before and am doing it with considerable trepidation.  There seems to be a lot of paperwork in moving artwork across the border.

After the wall hangings are shipped off to Sauder Village I will be hooking more Christmas inventory and larger rugs for gallery exhibits.

And then, in October, I will be attending The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers tri-ennial conference in Victoria, B.C.  I look forward to meeting some of you there!

That’s the plan so far!  It will be interesting to see how everything pans out. 🙂

Art Business Mentoring

Oh my!  Not a lot accomplished this week.  But I am having fun. 🙂

 Some of you may know that I’ve been engaged in an art business mentoring project with Laureen Marchand out of Val Marie, SK.  We’ve been working together since December and it’s been great!  It’s nice to have the accountability to get things done.  It’s also nice to have someone who’s been in the art world for awhile show me the ropes. 

 Laureen is just a terrific mentor if anyone is interested in using a mentor for their art business.

Sadly, our mentoring project ended yesterday.  It was our last session and I will miss Laureen’s practical advice.  Hopefully our paths will cross in the not-to-distant future.  In fact, I know they will, because I intend to go to the opening of her show at the Assiniboia Gallery in Regina, SK on April 24th. 🙂

For now you can check out Laureen’s services on her website.

Saturday Review


This is the current state of my studio.  Looks like I’m in for a clean up day again!  After some hooking…

Let’s see if I can do a better review this week than last!

My big achievement this week was turning up mailing tubes for my wall hangings for Dimensions 2015.  I found one in my stash from last year, and after considerable phoning, driving, and inquiring, found another one for the second wall hanging.

I also hooked some on my 12″ paisley Prairie Sky.  Still trying to think of a name for it.  Any ideas anyone?

I picked out a new colour for the fish mouth in Goldfish.  I’ll try it next week and see what I think.

I finished my business plan collage from The Right-Brain Business Plan.  Next up is to turn it into a real business plan…like an ink and paper thing.  Hubby thinks it’s a little “weak” and “fuzzy”.  Hmm…I listen to him in things like this.  He’s done something similar for a public organization where he works.

I went to an Etsy 101 workshop and spent a lot of time uploading new listings on Etsy this week.

And I updated my For Sale page on this blog.  I still have more to go, but it can wait till next week.

I finished off four of the e-patterns-of-the-month sample wall hangings.

I found out how to take good photos of my wall hangings…and tried it out.  Looks good so far.

I took a friend to an art show closing and talk. We had a good time and enjoyed the art.

I did the finishing on Okra.

Next week…well…I want to work more on the paisley Prairie Sky and hopefully finish it.  I’d also like to post more of my small wall hangings and swatches on Etsy.  Other than that, it’s going to be a busy week because it’s Easter and we’ll have company again.  So maybe I won’t plan to do as much as I normally do.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

Mailing Tube Heaven?


Well it took all morning yesterday to find a mailing tube to fit my rug!  We finally found one at Shippers Supply on Park St. in Regina.  It was just over $6 and the shipping is free.  Big thanks to Shippers Supply, and the people from the Saskatchewan Crafts Council in Saskatoon who come down the highway and pick up for us. 🙂 Thanks to them my shippig costs will be a total of $6 for the shipping tube.

I ended up on several phone calls in the afternoon and did not accomplish much hooking. I did, however, manage to start hooking the sky in the 12″ Prairie Sky wall hanging.   I also managed to post some Prairie Sky wall hangings to Etsy and to my For Sale section of this website.  I also removed some that sold.

I posted several links on the JLT Studios Facebook page.  These are primarily of interest to other artists, but also some for people interested in buying or just looking at art.

Gardenscape is on in Saskatoon this weekend folks.  Some juried artists from the Saskatchewan Craft Council will be there with their work.  Keep an eye out for Monika Kinner-Whalen and her embroidered photographs.

On the local news front, I missed the opening of Joe Fafard’s show at the Slate Gallery in Regina last night.  Very frustrating.  But I will make it to the show itself next month.


What’s Happening?

WIP-Goldfish-5-edHi everyone!  What’s happening out there in cyber-land?  I was hooking more Goldfish this weekend.  Still did not finish it.  However, I made a good stab at it.  I think I will take time Monday and Tuesday and try and finish it.  I hate leaving it mostly done.  I have definite changes to make.  The lettering will be a different colour to stand out better…maybe a light orange.  The mouth will undergo some changes, as will the eyes.  As always, this is evolving.  It will definitely be one of my most ripped out rugs for re-hooking!

I tallied up my Prairie Sky wall hangings and found I have 15 for the shops.  Means I really only need another 5 right now.  That way they can each have 10 this spring.  I will supplement with other wall hangings.  I would also like to design some slightly larger, but still smallish Prairie Sky wall hangings…say 8″ x 10″.

I have been looking over my inventory in general and contemplating making some changes to what I show in exhibits.  I am toying with selling the poetry series online.  An original piece of art that comes with an original poem.   Hmm…

Also looking at my spring schedule.  My activity level will heat up this month.  It has to.  I have a lot of workshops to go to, plus work to prepare for shops and exhibits.

I had great fun this weekend at the Wilf Perrault exhibit at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, SK, Canada.  Wilf creates beautiful realistic paintings of the back alleys of the city.  There were a lot of people there.  I am glad the exhibit was held over a month.  They could hold it over another month, judging from the turnout!

Saturday Review

winter-flowerA busy week this week.

  • I hooked on Goldfish.
  • I settled my taxes for 2014.
  • I found out we were accepted into TIGHR conference.
  • Found 2 more exhibits I can take part in.
  • Finished listening to The Thriving Artist Summit.
  • Sketching some.
  • Went through 2 more magazines.
  • Prepared backing for spring inventory.
  • Ordered my yearly supply of backing, some hoops and hooks for my students.
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