2016 CP Holiday Train

2016 CP Holiday Train

We really enjoyed seeing Dallas Smith and The Odds perform in -19 C weather in Regina…outdoors.  Poor guys.  The drummer’s fingers must have been frozen solid by the time they were done.  He didn’t wear gloves the entire time they performed.

So today I have a video for inspiration and some Christmas spirit. I hope everyone has a great Christmas Season this year.



Inspiration Wednesday

Inspiration Wednesday

Last weekend Hubby and I went for a drive to a nearby town, Lumsden, for lunch.  We took the back roads home and stopped in at Wascana Trails to walk off the lunch.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day, with nary a breeze!  We were surprised to see paragliders in the area.  But realized quickly these were motorized.  Lots of fun taking photos of them over the outhouse at Wascana Trails parking lot!


Wascana Creek





Inspiration Wednesday?

Inspiration Wednesday?


Today is a different kind of inspiration.

I went through my magazine baskets (yes, that’s plural) by my big chair in the living room and turned up some old business journals with notes from past years.  One had considerable room in it, so I pulled it out for note taking related to my new website.

On doing so, I looked at the cover and realized, yep, design ideas come from everywhere.  I love the leaf pattern in the background of the butterflies.  Some day…

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I also save or photograph the designs on facial tissue boxes.  There are some cool design elements there too.


The other thing I do to find designs is look through the pretty coffee table picture books of nature and landscapes, or whatever takes my fancy really.  Sometimes if I find a scene I love, I’ll make a photocopy to add to my sketchbook for later adaptation as a hooked wall hanging.

And of course in the modern age I browse Pinterest and pin any interesting design and color ideas to my Pinterest boards.

Design is all around us.  If we are open to it and really see it for its worth, then we can go on to create beautiful original pieces of work.

Where do you find design and inspiration?  Post in the comments below to share your inspiration. 🙂

Inspiration Wednesday

Inspiration Wednesday


It seems design is everywhere I look these days, and potential designs for wall hangings and mats are everywhere!  The front hall runner that turned into “African Dream” was one such work.  But now I’m gazing at a gift bag that was given Hubby filled with retirement gifts.  It has a nice all over pattern that could do with some tweaking for a floor mat.

Wait!  I didn’t say that did I?  A floor mat?  I can’t remember the last time I hooked a floor mat.

Today I am embarking on another knitting project I hope will turn out a lot better than the last.

I also have to work more on my website. I’m slowly getting it whipped into shape. 🙂


Inspiration Wednesday

Inspiration Wednesday

I haven’t been out taking photos as much as usual.  I’ve been busy adding cup hooks to my wall hanging packages for my patrons/customers/clientele.

This afternoon I’ll be printing off the Certificates of Authenticity and working on filling them out.

Here’s a few photos of tree trunks and trees to inspire you… 🙂



Inspiration Wednesday

It’s shaping up to be one of those days today.  I missed a doctor’s appointment this morning because I slept in.  I forgot about the appointment and forgot to set my alarm.  Hubby forgot about it too, so didn’t wake me up.  Phoned the doctor’s office and got “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”  Hmm…hope that means they actually will call at some point in time.

Was ready to settle in for the day at home and possibly out crafting with a group of friends, when Hubby told me it’s election day.  We vote for our civic government and school board today.  Guess I’ll do that right away here and then settle in to my day.

As for inspiration…a few photos…

As you can see, it’s still pretty nice fall weather here.  A few more trees have dropped their leaves, and bushes too.  But on the whole, it’s still pretty colorful!  I love fall colors!

Not in my Studio

Having fun on another road trip folks.  Checked out the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour again this year. It was great as always!  Friendly artists, a variety of art at a variety of prices. Hubby and I picked up a few things.

The weather is forecasting snow later this week here. We are hoping to leave for another visit before it gets here.

We harvested our patio garden before we came and have started eating through the produce.  Last night was beets, carrots, gluten free BBQ chicken, and wild and brown rice.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Inspiration Wednesday

Our house cleaner did not come today as planned due to illness.  So we are making the most of the day here.  Laundry, meal planning, picking up sunroom and studio, finally putting away bedding now company is gone, and possibly hanging new rugs on the walls.

We’ve been enjoying some nice long walks outside the last couple of days also.  Today I’m loving looking out my window at the trees and shrubs turning beautiful shades of gold, yellow, orange, and red.  Later we’ll go on another walk to run errands.

For now…enjoy these photos…


The neighbours.


Just turning colour.


An errant Manitoba Maple sapling.  A “honey do” job for Hubby.


And the Scarlet Runner Bean is flowering again!


The ash tree turned colour last week.  They are the last to leaf out in spring and the first to turn colour and drop leaves in the fall.


View over our garage…ignore the garage. 

Tackle it Tuesday

By the lake

Today we are busy with appointments with insurance brokers. In between I would like to clean up the mess in my studio. I would also like to hook some more on “Moss”. 

Ornamental Kale

Inspiration Wednesday

Today is inspiration of a different kind.  You know I said I’m working on decluttering and cleaning out my sewing room.  Well here’s a few photos to show you how far I was by this morning.

It isn’t pretty yet, but it’s getting there.  And the landing outside the room is overflowing with stuff to leave the house.  I am actually working on emptying this big wall unit to make way for more units with doors, like the one to the right of it, that will be easier to move. Then I will be  moving my rug hooking studio upstairs.  At least that’s the current plan.

To make me feel better about the process I’ve been listing things online for sale, and have actually sold some things! I also have a bag for Community Living – an organization that helps people with mental health – and a bag for the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I’m also setting aside craft supplies for a local Art Exchange and a sewing/stitching/quilting group I know about.



An empty design wall! 🙂


The cupboard doors closed.  The drum carder in a new, more convenient location.  And empty shelves above! 🙂


This is the large storage unit I’m working on now.  It’s 8′ long x 7′ high.  I decided to keep the yarn above and the one striped  box so far.  Still have to work on the left side and the area under the light.


I am slowly working my way around the room to the bookcase.  I’ve already decluttered and sorted magazines, and I’ve moved most of my binders over here.  The drawer units are full of scrapbooking supplies I never have time to use.


Working on this still. Mostly getting like with like.  I am hoping to sort through the fabric (some 30 years old!) and hang what I want to keep in the closet on tiered pants hangers.


Still lots of rod space for hanging fabric. 

Weekly Review

Hi everyone.  This week has been a mixed bag.  I hooked more on African Dream.  I am excited to almost be finished.

I also prepared Sprouts, Dancing Tree, and Blue-eyed Grass for exhibit and sale.  Hubby was off to buy supplies for packing them yesterday but had no luck.  However he was given the name of another outfit in town that might have a greater variety of box sizes to help me.  I’m glad I started the process early.  With Hubby taking our only car to work every day, it makes it difficult to run errands.

And, last but not least, I produced this 20 minute video of my craft room/sewing room. It is a tour showing some organization ideas for people to consider when developing their own home studios.  It is not a professional video.  It was all shot at one time.  I do not know how to edit a video on this computer, and my attempts to use QuickTime did not proceed well at all.  I gave up.  If anyone knows of an easy to learn video editing software that is free or next to it, please let me know.  I’m operating on a Mac currently, but plan on switching back to a PC platform this fall sometime.

Depending on the reaction to my sewing room video I will decide if I want to go to the effort of cleaning up my rug hooking studio and doing a video of it.  To be truthful, my rug hooking area is so small at 8′ x 14′ that I hardly think it’s worth a video.  But my online followers might want to know where I work and what I use.  Besides, it will just be a shorter video! 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you next week! 🙂

Inspiration Wednesday

I’ve put my plaids up for sale on Facebook on my JLT Studios page.  If you’re in the market for cheap plaids, let me know.  I’ve marked the swatches all to $1 CAD each, or $5 CAD/10 swatches.  Shipping will be added to that.  I’m moving them out of here!

I had a video I was going to post, but due to my lack of camera skills, it did not turn out very well.  So, while I figure things out, here are some miscellaneous things I like…







Inspiration Wednesday

I was up and picking the garden before breakfast.  Produce is coming fast now.  It’s easy to keep up with our small patio garden though.  We all love the fresh veggies and herbs.

Vegetables - 1

Multiple types of tomatoes.

Vegetables - 2

Scarlet Runner Beans, green beans, yellow beans, and carrots.

Vegetables - 3

Scallions and cucumbers

Inspiration Wednesday

Busy cleaning up my studio today.  I have to do it occasionally or it gets too overwhelming to even go in, let alone work in.  Time to organize and toss a few things.

One of the things about cleaning up is you find things you forgot you had!  Here are a few items that inspire me lately. 🙂

Shuttleworks fibre

Fibre I bought at Shuttleworks – 30% and 50% off are hard to beat!

In my studio Aug 8 2016

My very messy studio that needs cleaning up!

Fibre to dye

Fibre for dyeing.  I may sell some of this.  I seem to have a lot for my needs at the moment.

dyed fibre for kits

Coloured fibre for my 6″ star wall hangings.  These could be up for sale in a bit too.

Inspiration Wednesday

Hi everyone!  I had a good break the last two weeks.  Lots of people met on vacation and lots talked over.  Now it’s back to my regular routine.  Here are a few photos to inspire you.

AB vacation 2016 - 1

Beaver Pond

AB vacation 2016 - 2

? Don’t know what these are, but they were pretty!

AB vacation 2016 - 13

A retired horse

AB vacation 2016 - 21

Back end of a toad!

AB vacation 2016 - 24

They mean business!  Apparently the neighborhood has a problem with theft.

AB vacation 2016 - 26

A real genuine country store.  This is seriously off the beaten path.  Too bad it was closed by the time we arrived!

AB vacation 2016 - 28

AB vacation 2016 - 34

Canola in bloom.

Inspiration Wednesday

Today’s photos are for our friends.  Their children helped plant the patio garden.  Here’s my photo update guys!  Enjoy! 🙂

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 1

Pear Tomato plant in flower!

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 5

We’ve already been harvesting lettuce!  The radishes are done too.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 4

The squirrels have been eating our cucumbers!  Hubby calls our garden the Squirrel Trap!

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 8

The sunflowers are up, but not doing very well.  It’s been rainy and overcast a lot.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 9

Zucchini are doing better in the ground than the big half oak barrel.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 10

Tomatoes are doing great, as is the oregano.  The beans are flowering.  The peppers badly need more heat and sun!  The radishes, which were in the half barrel, are done.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 11

Carrots are up and need thinning!  Herbs are doing okay.  We lost a couple of basil to the really wet weather.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 12

Tomatoes, cucumbers, mint, carrots, Scarlet Runner Beans.

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 2

Scarlet Runner Beans

Our Garden July 13 2016 - 13

The tricolor beans didn’t come up boys.  I guess it was bad seed.  Will plant more beans…


Inspiration Wednesday

Hubby and I went for a walk last evening, by one of our favorite gardens!  Look at these!  Then down to the creek to check out the mosquitoes.  There were lots, so we came back home.


Rose bush








Inspiration Wednesday

Some scenes from the back yard today. 🙂

Garden June 8 - 1

There’s a radish there!

Garden June 8 - 2

Ladybug enjoying the chive flowers.

Garden June 8 - 3

Scallions are up! Now to thin them.

Garden June 8 - 4

One of three different types of irises we have.

Garden June 8 - 5

Another type of iris. It grew tall and lanky and fell over.

Garden June 8 - 6

We are going to get a fine crop of gooseberries this year.

Garden June 8 - 7

Daisies are growing in profusion at the moment.