Inspiration Wednesday

Inspiration Wednesday

I haven’t been out taking photos as much as usual.  I’ve been busy adding cup hooks to my wall hanging packages for my patrons/customers/clientele.

This afternoon I’ll be printing off the Certificates of Authenticity and working on filling them out.

Here’s a few photos of tree trunks and trees to inspire you… 🙂



WIP Thursday


I’ve been busy knitting on the cellular baby blanket.  I was joking to some friends that there were so many mistakes in it it looked like a pattern!  The pattern is going to be thrown out when I’m finished.  I never could get it to work properly.  Next time I’ll pick up some plain knitting to work on in the company of other people.  It appears I cannot stay focused on a basic lace pattern.  I’m going to block the blanket when it’s done, see how it looks, and then decide what to do with it.  But I strongly suspect it will find its way to the local thrift store.  Note to self: not all projects work out…and that’s okay.

I hooked a bit on “Moss” this week.  I am not overly happy with the values I’ve chosen for different colors.  I am trying not to go to the dye pot because I have so much fiber in the house already.  I’ll hook a tad more on it and then take it off the frame on a nice sunny day in natural light to make some color decisions/revisions.

I’ve also been loading a lot of wall hangings on Etsy for sale.  I started uploading Christmas wall hangings.  I know. I’m a bit early.  But I’m sitting beside a big tote of wall hangings and ornaments that have yet to be listed.  It’s going to take a while.

I’ve also been making more fiber bundles and uploading them to Etsy.



And I’m working on my new website.

I think that’s enough “Works in Progress” for one week!  Time to get busy on them.  Talk to you all tomorrow. 🙂

I’m being featured!



A better title for this post might be News and Views.  I received notice yesterday that my Etsy shop, JLT Studios, will be the featured shop on Etsy’s blog for the month of November.  With that in mind, I will be posting more offerings on my Etsy shop between now and the end of November.

I’ve also been working on my own website, due to be up and running in January 2017.

I was going to post a recipe today, but have been pretty busy.  I keep forgetting to take photos of food!  How about a picture of kale growing on my patio…still!  It’s looking really nice these days.



In my studio…

Hi everyone!  I had a good weekend and hope you did too. 🙂

On Friday I posted more finished hooked wall hangings for sale on Etsy.  Check them out! They are also available direct from me.  Email me at <> for more information.


The Barn


Wascana Creek

Above the Garage

Above the Garage



Dancing Tree


Blue-eyed Grass



Saturday was dreary and rainy here.  So I bundled up more fabric and yarns and posted them on Etsy too.  They are $25 each + shipping. They also are available direct from me. 🙂


This week I would like to post more finished work on Etsy and more bundles as well.

If the weather clears up and it’s sunny, then I’m hoping to work some outside in the yard.  The patio garden still needs some work.  We still have herbs growing!



WIP Thursday


I haven’t hooked at all this week.  But I have been knitting on the baby blanket.  I can smell the end!  Just need to knit 2″ more in ribbing and cast off.

I’ve been a bit preoccupied since Hubby retired the end of September.  We’ve been running errands, on a trip to see extended family, and busy learning Korean.  Yes, we are going to South Korea next spring.  A friend invited us to meet her family and show us around her home country.  We said “yes!”

So we’ve been busy planning immunizations, travel insurance, booking flights (there was a really good deal if you had Aeroplan), and learning Korean.  At least I am learning some Korean.  Hubby thinks they will all speak to him in English over there.  He’s never traveled outside of North America.

I’ve been trying to think of fiber things to see and do in South Korea.  Not coming up with much.  I know they quilt and embroider.  But I don’t know of any rug hookers in South Korea.  There is a special cloth made from local plant materials on the west coast.  But we will be focusing our visit on Seoul and the east coast I think.  At least that’s the plans so far.

In rug hooking news:  I sent more “Star Rug” blank greeting cards up to Saskatoon for the SCC Fine Craft Boutique.  So if anyone is wanting any for Christmas they can contact the Boutique or me.   I’m hoping to get back to making more bundles today.  Lots of fun and inspiration in those. 🙂


Star Rug blank greeting card – $5 CAD

Other Christmas themed or winter themed cards people might be interested in purchasing are below:

Noodles and Tea


Hi everyone.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.  But I have to go out in an hour or so for a lunch meeting.  So I’m sitting down with my Wellness Tea from Epicure, generously laced with echinacea and honey.  I admit I slept in quite a bit this morning.


I’m soaking some rice noodles to cook for my lunch (my meeting requires I bring my own lunch).  I use doctored up store bought Classico spaghetti sauce to put over it.  Sorry, no photos of the sauce.  As I’m watching my sugar intake as well as being gluten free I just buy a very simple basil and tomato sauce, add ground beef, onion, garlic, and sometimes part of a chopped green pepper and grated carrot. The grated carrot gives more of a meat taste to the sauce.  If I use a lot of meat I omit the grated carrot.  I usually like to add 1/2-1 lb. of cooked ground beef to a jar of Classico sauce.

Today’s goal is to package up some more “Star Rug” greeting cards to mail to the SCC Boutique in Saskatoon.

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


Here’s a bit of a video blog of what I did on my vacation.  Just trying this medium to see how it works…

We had a great time stopping at the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour on the way to Alberta.  Stopped at the Station House for lunch in Herbert, SK.  Made it as far as Swift Current, SK the first day. 🙂

After that we spent a lot of time checking in with family in Alberta.  Our trip home was memorable.  It was overcast, but did not snow…technically.  There were “snow showers” in Regina when we arrived.

We had a blast, stopping at The Root in Lloydminster for lunch.

And we stopped in McNally Robinson at the Prairie Ink for a light supper. Plus an hour of browsing books at the bookstore! 🙂

Back at it tomorrow…


So here we are at the quintessential Canadian coffee and donut shop, Tim Horton’s. Taking our time going up the highway to Edmonton.   We’re driving ahead of snow, but Dad is having a good snooze now. We don’t want to wake him up by arriving early. We’re close enough we’re thinking of an IKEA pit stop.  Thinking of fibre stores to visit in Edmonton.  

Rest and rejuvenate

Yesterday we were on the road again.  Today we’re resting, doing laundry, and visiting with relatives.

I’ve been interested in what’s been happening while we’ve been gone.  Seems it’s snowed every place but where we currently are.  I am hoping to have clear roads all the way home.

In the meantime, here are some rug hooking videos to check out on YouTube:

Cindi Gay – rug hooking channel – An entire channel on rug hooking I’ve yet to explore! 🙂

Deanne Fitzpatrick – hooking smooth curves – Deanne has an entire YouTube video on rug hooking.

Wanda Kerr – Dye fixes for ugly wool – Wanda has an entire YouTube channel on dyeing.


Tuesday Meanderings

A leisurely day spreading out before us on our road trip. Visiting family for a few days.  I plan on going on a walk today. It’s a bit cool here, so we’ll wait till it warms up.

We were in Calgary yesterday and able to accomplish two errands. I was so happy. Hubby’s cord and adapter for his laptop died. We couldn’t find a replacement in Regina. But we found one at Memory Express in Calgary!

On a whim I had thrown in my Derek Alexander purse to be fixed. I had problems with their website. I’d phoned before and only got the answering machine.  I checked Google Maps and found their store was just three blocks from Memory Express!  So I took it over and dropped it off for repairs.  They said they’d fix it up and ship it back to me. So happy.  I’ve used and loved that purse for almost ten years.

We’ll I think it’s time to get onto eating breakfast.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Not in my Studio

Having fun on another road trip folks.  Checked out the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour again this year. It was great as always!  Friendly artists, a variety of art at a variety of prices. Hubby and I picked up a few things.

The weather is forecasting snow later this week here. We are hoping to leave for another visit before it gets here.

We harvested our patio garden before we came and have started eating through the produce.  Last night was beets, carrots, gluten free BBQ chicken, and wild and brown rice.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Weekly Review

I did hook a bit on “Moss”.  I fixed some of the values on the moss, both in the shaded moss and the area where the sunlit moss hit the background.  Looking a bit better now.

Mostly I’ve been working on Hubby’s retirement this week.  Lots of meetings, phone calls, and emails about insurance still.

I’ve been spending time planning for the next year already.  This year was kind of a write off, what with Hubby’s retirement.  Next year we have a big trip coming up…a trip to South Korea!  Looking forward to all kinds of inspiration from that, and madly deleting photos and videos from my camera, iPad, and laptop to make room for more.  I’m getting close to full on the camera and laptop.

Spent some time reconnecting with friends.  I think Hubby is surprised by how busy I am.  I haven’t talked to my friends much for about 3 weeks due to dealing with retirement issues.  We’re still dealing with them, so I’m just taking time out for a fun break.  I am hoping after our trip that things will calm down a bit.

Our trip.  We’re off on another 10+ day road trip to Alberta again – checking in with family and distributing garden produce. We’re doing the Hwy 1 Studio Tour tomorrow, on our way to Calgary.  Then eventually we’ll head north through Red Deer to Edmonton.  Hope to post here periodically.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂




WIP Thursday


WIP – “Moss” 

Well nothing’s changed in the WIP department.  Still a baby blanket to finish knitting and a wall hanging to finish hooking. Hopefully today I’ll find some time to work on them. I plan to change the values on the left side of the tree in “Moss”.  Too close in value to the background.

I have a friend coming over this afternoon.  I want to rest a bit, do laundry, and prepare for our upcoming trip.  We’ll be off to fair Alberta for a week to ten days to visit family again.

I’ve been thinking about my sewing room and studio, and realizing I have a lot of fibre and supplies to work my way through.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it all.  I’m thinking it might be an idea to pack up fibre kits to sell.  I did sell some fibre in a kit the other weekend.  But it’s not something I’ve focused on up till now.

Do any of you think there might be a market for fibre kits?


In my studio…


A combination of retirement floral bouquets.

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend. We were busy with company again.

This week will be a rush.  I’m hoping to get some hooking done on “Moss”.  Also deal with insurance and get that finalized.  Then there’s the pension stuff we have to do.  Apparently we have to prove we exist and are married to a notary public somewhere.  Plus more time with friends.

I’ve decided against setting up a website for selling my rugs right now.  It’s just too busy and I do not have time to concentrate on it or get organized for it.


Thursday Meanderings


The sunsets in this country never cease to amaze me!

The other day Hubby and I were out walking at sunset.  Scored some beautiful photos.

The cleaner comes today, and Hubby’s retirement party is today. Plus we have some shopping to do.

So far I have not been able to pick up the sunroom studio or hook. Hubby and I are still crunching numbers for insurance and a budget for retirement.

We are hoping things will settle down in a couple of weeks.  I want to go on another trip. 🙂


It’s finished!


I finished hooking it!  Now for the finishing.  But for today I’m off to Saskatoon to drop off my wall hangings for ArtNow, which is happening this weekend at Prairieland Park in Hall B. Hope you can make it out to see my work. If it’s not on display at that moment, ask about it. They will have business cards and brochures, and if they have time might be able to pull it out for you to look at.

A serendipity day

So here I am in Designer Shoe Warehouse, after stopping by Marshall’s for some tiered pant hangers for my fabric yardage. Our ex-boarder is in town and we’re shopping. She wants shoes. I saw a whole warehouse of shoes and had to ask. “Do you have any EE?”  The answer?  No!  The story of my life. But I have ample time to post while the ex-boarder shops. 

I did hook more on African Dream.  In fact I finished it…I thought.  Then I didn’t like the irregular shape. So I’m going back and straightening it up. 

I also worked more on my sewing room. Mostly rearranging things at this point. It’s looking better. 

I’ve been swamped with shopping for insurance. Two brokers in two days, and another tonight. Possibly a fourth tomorrow. We’ll see.  

Lots happening right now. Five work days after today and Hubby has his last day of work. But who’s counting. ?

WIP Thursday

Well, no hooking and no knitting.  But lots of re-organizing and getting rid of stuff in the sewing room.  Still working on it though!  Have another page long list of things to do!  I’m into organizing, sorting, and purging paper now, which is very time consuming.   Check out the new photos!


Notice the mostly clear design wall. 🙂


I put infrequently used items on the top shelf.  I sorted through the ironing and got rid of things I don’t wear.  I cleaned the extra empty storage out of the 4 bin unit.  I’m leaving the gift wrap supplies to go through with Hubby.


I condensed beading and craft sale supplies in this tall cabinet into two bins from four.  I still haven’t touched my pile of fabric on the bottom shelves.


I moved my spinning fibre and fibre that needs carding under the drum carder.  Makes sense.


I sorted through two banker’s boxes of scrapbooking material and condensed it down to one.  I moved my infrequently used ESL material into the second banker’s box.


I condensed my sewing supplies from two of these plastic hardware drawer units to one.


Inside the small cabinet.  I removed the ESL material to file more binders with material for scrapbooking. The binders wouldn’t fit in the banker’s boxes.  Otherwise they’d be there.  These binders are set to go with all page information and ephemera in them.  I’ve also managed to get all the painting supplies in there on one shelf…with room to spare!


I’ve decluttered and sorted magazines.  I actually have little use for magazines.  I’ve been getting rid of them for a while now.



Inspiration Wednesday Fizzled


It’s a cold, rainy day today.  No photos fresh from the camera…at least no outdoor ones.  This is the view from my front window.  Sorry folks.

Today has been “phone the insurance brokers and talk insurance day”.  I’ve made appointments for further conversations with them, with Hubby present.  We had some tentative plans for this evening, but I don’t think it’s going to work.  Going to have to cancel.   I also have company today and a cleaning lady.  It’s going to be a bit busy.  If I get a chance to hook on African Dream I’ll be surprised…and very happy.

I think I’m going to break with my usual blog routine for a while here.  We’re just so busy preparing for Hubby’s retirement the end of the month that I cannot even guarantee a daily blog post, let alone one that follows my prescribed plan for the  year.  I trust everyone will understand.  I’ll be back a little later.


Spinach Salad


Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad

1 lb. spinach
1/3 c. sliced almonds, toasted
2 c. firm strawberries, sliced

1 Tbsp. sesame seeds, toasted
1/4 c. cider vinegar
3 tbsp. olive oil
3 tbsp. water
1 small scoop (1/32nd tsp.) stevia extract powder (a pinch) OR 1 tbsp. granulated sugar
1 tsp. poppy seeds
1/4 tsp. paprika
1 green onion, minced

Clean spinach and snap off stems and save for soup. Tear leaves in smaller pieces for salad. Toss first three ingredients. Shake dressing ingredients in a jar and pour over salad.

In my studio…


Hi everyone!  Another day has dawned.  Well, kind of.  It’s a soggy, wet day here on the prairies.  I’m entertaining company and perhaps working on more decluttering in my sewing room.  I am currently organizing 16 years of scrapbook memorabilia.

I did work more on African Dream on Friday.  I have just a bit to finish off and then I hope to do the blocking and hemming by the end of the week.

This is another busy week.  Hubby and I are still neck deep in preparing for retirement.  He comes home in two weeks for good.  It will be an adjustment.

We currently have family visiting.  I have friends arriving Wednesday for a visit.  We will be picking up another friend from the airport Thursday.  It will be a busy week for people, but I enjoy it.

There won’t be much time for starting a new project, but there should be time to finish African Dream.  I’ll keep you posted on it and the sewing/craft room reorganization. 🙂




Weekly Review

WIP African Dream - 1

Well I did settle down some yesterday and finish the yellow and red band in African Dream.  But to be truthful, I was busy with a friend and generally taking a break.

I did get up in my sewing/craft room and sort through some files.  I made piles for recycle, shred, and “move to another location”.  Some of it shouldn’t have been in my sewing room.

This week wasn’t a stellar week for rug hooking, but it was for re-organization.  I figure I cleared off 12 linear feet of the storage unit in the sewing/craft room.  This weekend we’ll be hauling stuff to local charities.

I’ve been chatting with people who think I should keep that storage unit and not replace it with cabinets with doors.  I’m thinking.  It’s a big heavy clunker that separates between the top and the base.  But it’s 8′ long and very difficult to get around the turn in the stairs at the bottom and the tight corner of the landing at the top of the stairs.  Hubby has decided it’s coming out in pieces if it has to be moved.

Hope everyone has a great day and weekend.  We celebrate every Friday with pizza night.  Looking forward to a simple meal to prepare tonight…frozen pizzas. 🙂

WIP Thursday?

Well I haven’t pull a single loop on African Dream.  Or knit a single stitch on the Cellular Baby Blanket.  But I’ve been working like crazy in the sewing/craft room re-organizing and consolidating and tossing things.  Here’s today’s results…so far…


There used to be two of these units, but I consolidated into one.


A friend pulled the yarn down off the top of the cabinet.  I moved goods from mismatched containers into the Martha Stewart bins.



I moved the serger thread from a large hard to handle bin to two smaller ones.  Here they are with the bin of stabilizers.


I cleaned up the pegboard a bit.  Still some more to go.


I removed the painting supplies from the top of the cabinet and put them inside. Now my circular knit needles are up there.


I put the paint brushes back on the low scrapbook cabinets because they are easier to get in and out of the container.


The bookcase still needs work. The tall scrapbook cabinet looks better with less on top.


Some of the empty storage containers to leave the room.