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Back Home Again!

Had a great time in Winnipeg.  My niece beat her personal best times in swimming in all her races.  So proud of her!

While in Winnipeg we saw the Picasso exhibit in the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the more traditional art exhibit.  Also saw The Manitoba Museum and The Museum of Human Rights.  Stopped in at the Assiniboine Park and down at The Forks.  There was free entertainment every night at The Forks.  We made it down a couple of nights.  Checked into several really good restaurants in town – Kiwa Korean Cuisine and Tuxedo Village Family Restaurant (Greek food) stand out at the moment.

Came home and Monday we had a gas insert installed in our fireplace.  Tuesday we had window cleaners here to clean all the windows in the house.  Today we had a painter come finish the paint job on the house.

Yesterday I went with a friend to a nearby beach town to drop something off and have dinner out.  Today Hubby and I went to Assiniboia to see the Shurniak Art Gallery, have lunch, and check out the library.  We drove home through Ogema and stopped for ice-cream.  Cute little town.

Now I have no excuses.  I have to figure out my website situation.  I can’t post photos and I can’t renew any of the plugins on it.  I will talk with my website developer this week about it.  Apparently my theme is no longer being supported by WooCommerce. 🙁

Have a great week everyone!

Week in Review

I’ve been having difficulties with my website this past week and weekend.  Please bear with me till we figure out what is going on.  Until then there will be no photos on the blog.

I have, however, managed to finish knitting my Painted Desert Shawl.  I need to weave in ends and block it.  Then it will be ready for a photo.

I have also worked a bit on “Escapees”.  Not as much as I’d like, but quite a bit none-the-less.

Plus we’ve had painters come and paint the exterior of the house.  They will have to come back and do some touch ups in a couple of weeks, but basically it’s done.

Next week there will be no blog posts.  I’ll be off in Winnipeg watching my niece swim in the Canada Games.  It will be a fun family time.  I hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

Weekly Review

It's done!

It’s done!

Not much to report.  I drew some designs on backing.  I organized my receipts for the year.

Other than that…

The excavation company finished the job this morning!  And we didn’t get charged anything above the quote!  They did excellent work and cleaned up quite nicely after themselves.  We were impressed.  Better yet, we have water and a functioning sewer line again. 🙂

AND…I’ve been de-cluttering like crazy here and listing items online for sale.  Hubby has been loading up the car and we’ve taken trips to donate items various places.  Not much sold this week, but there has been interest.

New mat by the front door to catch the dirt!

New mat by the front door to catch the dirt!…and my foot! lol

Korean Recipes


Someone suggested I post some photos and recipes.  I have just made Korean Daanmooji to this point.  It is eaten like a pickle would be…a few on the side of any rice dish.  Or, if you are me, you just inhale them.  🙂

Korean Daanmooji (Radish Kimchi)

500 gm. yellow pickled radish (check your local Korean grocer)
1/4 c. chopped green onion
1 1/2 tbsp. Korean red pepper spice
1 tbsp. sesame oil
1/8 tsp. salt

Slice the radish fine (1/8″ thick).  Mix everything together.  Store in a glass container in the fridge.  Wait a day or two for it to settle flavour wise.  Then enjoy as an accompaniment to any meal with rice.  Or you can just snack on it.  One quarter cup has 40 calories. 🙂


Also finished the peanut butter cups.  Packaged a bunch up for presents already.  I use the recipe from Dining on a Dime by Tawra Jean Kellam.

Next up?  Spinach Namul and Mushroom Namul.


Wanna see kitchen photos?  Or are you sick of them yet?  These will be the last…I think… my kitchen at night. 🙂

IMG_2243.jpg IMG_2244 IMG_2245.jpg IMG_2246_2.jpg IMG_2247_2.jpg IMG_2248_2.jpg IMG_2249.jpgWe did manage to get everything in it in the end…we think.  We seem to have lost the wheat flour.  And I have yet to find a place for the sugar.  But those will be small bags for us, so not so big a problem to find space as a large bag would be.


I promise I will get back to posting about rug hooking soon.  I was up to one of the shops selling my wall hangings, ornaments, and cards and picked up a cheque.  Always nice to receive one of those! 🙂

I may have to clean up my sunroom studio to find a place to put a small Christmas tree this year.  Hubby and I agreed there will not be much under the tree.  Our Christmas present is the new kitchen. 🙂

Christmas is Coming!

I had a fun-filled day yesterday…a little early morning disappointment, but it was overcome.  The kitchen installer was here to install the pull out drawers we had paid for.  Only one problem…they were the wrong size!  Not only that but there are none the right size in all of Regina.  They have to order them from the factory.  That will be another three weeks.  Probably not till after Christmas.  At least the kitchen is usable as is.  🙂

In the afternoon I took off for some Christmas fun!  I went to a friend’s and made lots of royal icing for the Gingerbread Nativity event at church this weekend.  Then some shopping for supplies for said event, Christmas baking, and an Asian potluck we are having at church this Sunday. I get to bake and cook!  One of my other favourite things to do! 🙂


I came home and made Korean danmoji – a sweet and spicy pickled radish.  I plan on making a couple of Korean side dishes (namools) to take to the potluck too.  That will round out what is there.  I had to contact one of the Korean ladies in the congregation to nail down what everyone else was bringing so there would be no duplication.  It is going to be a real Korean feast!  I love Korean food.

I also made the fondant filling for peanut butter balls.  Making them will have to wait till later today.

I live in this really cool neighborhood.  It is known as a residence for artists and artisans.  We have a small but mighty business strip within walking distance…including a grocery store.  The last few years they’ve had a Light up the Village campaign in early December.  Businesses stay open late and serve Christmas drinks and food.  People gather and go caroling down the main street.  There were over 50 of us this year!  We all gather for hot chocolate, mulled cider, and snacks afterwards.  It is great fun to be part of a neighborhood like this during this time of year.

Blue Skies…nothing but blue skies…

IMG_2241Finished a third Prairie Sky wall hanging.  Only seven more to go on this backing!  I would like to have some for after Christmas, in case the gallery showcasing the exhibit with my work needs/wants more for sale.  I find these small wall hangings excellent for the days I go to Crafting.  One can be hooked in a couple of hours.

Our renovation is going well.  The fridge is back in the kitchen!  Unfortunately we have a few things that need attention.  A small hole in the wall where the phone wires used to be.  Some pull out bins for the pantry.  Some trim for the base of the cabinets.  All things that were promised us but that were not done.  We are on the contractor’s and installer’s radar though.  That is good!

Today is errand day.  I also plan to make some royal icing for a gingerbread nativity event at my church.  And I plan to go Christmas caroling this evening, if I have energy and time. 🙂

Very soon now

IMG_2235 IMG_2236 IMG_2237 IMG_2238

I am mega-excited!  I cooked my first supper in the stove oven in three months last night!  A spinach quiche.  Today will be stir fry I think.  Here are the kitchen photos.  We still have to move the fridge, but that will not take long.  Hubby wants to paint trim tonight and move fridge tomorrow evening. 🙂

As for rug hooking?  I am dealing with contracts right now and not getting much done otherwise.  I need to motivate myself to get started on “Goldfish”.  I don’t know what my holdup is with that one.  I suspect it is because I have never hooked fish before.  I will have to browse through Deanne Fitzpatrick’s books.  I’m sure she has a section somewhere in one of them on hooking fish.

Lining up my week

Xmas-OrnamentsAs you can see I’m already getting ready for Christmas.

I had a busy weekend working on and in the kitchen.  Everything is back there but the fridge.  Need to clean up a bit and then some photos will be posted for your viewing pleasure.  Need to get some curtains up too.

Not much happening in the rug hooking arena as a result.  I found some affordable business cards at Vistaprint.  I ordered some on their CyberMonday sale.  We’ll see what they are like when they arrive.  They are 1/2 the price of my previous ones.  I ordered those from the US and, frankly, with the drop in the Canadian dollar I just cannot justify doing that anymore.

It’s Great!

Cutter Strips-on-BTIt took all of about 30 seconds…well maybe a minute…to figure out my new Beeline Townsend cutter and get it set up for cutting.  I love it!  Cuts like butter.  A little stressful cutting thick stuff like blankets, but not bad.  Just have to take it slow.  I tried it on the thickest wool I ever hook with…which is very thick.  I am going to look forward to using this baby! 🙂

My finished hat from yesterday…

knit-hatOther great news!  I’m putting things back in my kitchen now.  Most everything is there.  Just need to pick up a few plastic food grade containers to organize things and everything will be in.  Hubby has yet to do the trim and baseboard (what little there is).  Hoping to be cooking in there by the end of the weekend.


Finish it up Friday!

Above-the-Garage-v1 GeraniumsI thought my readers might like to see the finished Sauder Village pieces.  I have actually altered Above the Garage a bit since this photo was taken.  There is now a lot less trunk and a lot more leaves!


Finished this wall hanging earlier this week.


Finishing a knitted hat today.

Checking out my new baby — the wool cutter.

Waiting for the electrician to put together my kitchen.