Weekly Review – Dye Jobs and other news

Well, here are the results of this week’s dye jobs.  The photos do not do the colours justice.  They are more intense and deeper than the photos show.  I really enjoyed dyeing these colours.  I’ve been away from the dye pot too long!

An added bonus this week was receiving Gene Shepherd’s “Prepared to Dye” DVD set in the mail Monday.  When I wasn’t dyeing fabric I was watching his DVDs.  He does an excellent job of making what some see as complicated into a much easier to understand and do process.  The first DVD in the set covers the basic traditional rug hooking dyeing methods.  The second DVD is devoted to various spot dyeing techniques.  And the third DVD is devoted to various dye bleeding techniques.  I am excited and eager to try some of his techniques.

All this dyeing and class prep got me thinking it might be time for another trip to my favourite rug hooking supplier in Cochrane, Alberta – Legacy Studio – for more supplies.  I’ve been making a wish list for the trip.

I am also busy preparing for tomorrow’s Start to Finish class.  It’s on colour planning and material selection.  By the end of the class we should be hooking rug.

I hope everyone has a good weekend planned.  This weekend is a special event for us.  Hubby is being honoured at a community event and his 65th birthday is Monday!  We plan to make the most of it.

Weekly Review – Exhibits & Sales


I’ve had an interesting week. It’s that time of year to be applying for exhibits and sales.  I’ve applied for two so far.  I’m not sure exactly where I stand in the application process on both of these exhibits and sales.  I’ll fill you in when I learn more.

I did manage to upload more product – rug hooks – for sale.

I also chatted with my web developer about more ideas for the website. I look forward to upcoming changes as time goes by.

I was able to prepare my sample pattern and fiber kit for the Curves class next Saturday.   I have also written more on my course outlines.

I pulled two books off my library shelf to help with a revamped business plan.  One is “The Creative Entrepreneur” by Lisa Sonora Beam, and the other is “The Right-Brain Business Plan” by Jennifer Lee.  I’ve used these two books before with considerable success.  So I’m not really starting from scratch.  Just planning what to do this year.

I finished reading “Canadian Folk Art to 1950” by Fleming and Rowan.  Lots of lovely photos of a wide cross section of Canadian folk art.  The text seemed excellent at times, but with long winded sentences at other times, making for a bit of an uneven read.  However, the overall message was there and it was a good read overall.  I enjoyed the few hooked rugs photos that were included as well.

Another book I am currently looking at is “Hooked on Cats” by Joan Moshimer.  The rugs in the photos are beautiful!  She uses Cushing’s Perfection dyes to dye wool for her rugs.  I don’t use Cushing’s, but my Majic Carpet and ProChem will work just fine.  Joan gives basic dyeing instructions in her book for onion skin dyeing, spot dyeing, dip dyeing, and for overdyeing.  An informative book with a lot of patterns in the back and a nice gallery of finished work.

In My Studio – Rug Hooking Classes


I had a great Introductory Rug Hooking class Saturday with a couple of wonderful women.  It was a good time getting to know each other while getting to know a new craft.

Next class is February 25th and is a Curves class that teaches how to hook curves, circles, letters, and backgrounds. If we have time we’ll learn to hook bubbles too.  I have space for two more students in that class.  Class runs on Saturdays from 1:30 – 3:30 PM at my studio and requires you bring basic equipment and very basic knowledge of rug hooking (ie. how to hook a straight line and points).  I will provide a fibre kit for you to hook – “Beauty”, as seen above.  The pattern will be slightly enlarged at 7.5″ x 8″ to make it easier for beginners to hook.  You will be learning how to transfer a pattern to backing as well.


I finished scan reading “Combining Rug Hooking & Braiding” by McDermet, Manges, and Tobias.  It has detailed instructions for creating beautiful braided edges and rugs, as well as instructions for rug hooking.  Excellent job ladies!  I highly recommend this book for people interested in adding braiding to their repertoire of techniques.

I also scan read “The Rug Hook Book” by Thom Boswell.  It has a good section on the history, followed by samples of work from well known rug hookers.  He then gives explicit directions on what you need and what to do.  The rest of the book contains patterns you can copy and hook.  This is a good book for beginner to intermediate rug hookers.


As for this week’s plans…

  • back in my studio hooking on “Moss”,
  • working on more ideas for the website,
  • uploading more product on the website,
  • preparing for the Curves class on the 25th,
  • writing more class outlines, and,
  • now it’s February, it’s time I got a move on and developed my business plan for the year!

Hope everyone is having a great day today! Enjoy your week! 🙂


Weekly Review

Spent some time preparing for my class of beginners on Saturday.  Have the table all set and ready to go! 🙂

I also spent time writing the outline for a design class.

Finished reading “Ageless Entrepreneur” by Fred Dawkins.  A good book told in narrative style.  It turned out the emphasis was on creating businesses to support startups.  It encouraged young and old to work together to build off the strengths of each age group, and to take away the weaknesses of each age group.  I know from first hand experience that this is a good idea.  The tech knowledge of the younger generation has been a great help to me.  And their enthusiasm to get things done has really lifted my spirits.   I love working with them!   A good and easy read.


Weekly Review

I just finished reading Michael Bird’s “Canadian Folk Art: Old Ways in a New Land”.  It’s a good brief introduction to Canadian folk art, complete with wonderful glossy paged photos of some nice examples.  Now I’ve moved onto a much thicker book “Canadian Folk Art to 1950” by John Fleming and Michael Rowan.  I’m really enjoying it too, but taking it a bit slower.  There is a lot to digest in this one.

I also found another book at the library entitled “Combining Rug Hooking & Braiding” by Kris McDermet, Christine Manges, and Dianne Tobias.  What a feast for the eyes!  I had no idea you could do the things with braiding that were done for that book!  Some beautiful examples of work. There are also detailed descriptions and explanations as to how to achieve the many different looks.  I plan on delving a bit deeper into the book this coming week.

Other than that I continue to work on rewriting my course syllabuses.  If you’ve checked the menu at the top of the page you’ll notice there is a tab for classes.  If you are interested in a class, but aren’t sure, be sure to contact me for further information.  I can give you an idea of the topics covered in each class.

I’ve also been hooking more on “Moss” this week.

For those of you waiting to see if my shipping has been sorted out yet, it has.  It is now safe and secure to pay and have items shipped across Canada and the USA, including Hawaii and Alaska.

I am thoroughly enjoying the work of my website developer and delighted she has sorted out my shipping mess for me.  Stay tuned for further changes/additions to the website.

Weekly Review

I have a copy of Kris Miller’s “Introduction to Rug Hooking” in my hands today.  I found it at our local library.  It’s a great book Kris!  Thank-you for putting the essentials of rug hooking so well in words and photos.  If you’re a beginner I highly encourage you to check out your local library and see if you can find Kris’ book.  If not, check Amazon or her website – Spruce Ridge Studios.  Kris covers history, tools, materials, and techniques in her book.  A very clear description and a great read.  Thanks for writing it Kris!

Had an interesting week business wise.  I wrote up two of the ten courses rather quickly.  But then realized I had given one of my crucial books for developing my Finishing 201 course away!  Hmmm…I’m in the process of re-purchasing that.  I am also halfway done rewriting the From Start to Finish course.

I decided that, what with this situation and taking three online courses at the moment, I needed outside help with my website.  So I hired a website developer to look things over and come at me with ideas.  She did.  We talked for over an hour.  She has some great ideas.  I look forward to seeing the changes that will make my website more functional and appealing.  Please note, the first thing she did was to make the site fully secure.



I am offering an Introductory Rug Hooking class on Feb. 11th, from 1:30-3:30 PM here in Regina, SK, Canada.  I have one space left.  If you’re interested contact me by Monday, Jan. 30th, and I can give you further details.

This two hour class covers a lot of ground.  The primary goal is to teach you simple rug hooking of straight lines and points.  The secondary goal is to give you some time trying out different supplies and materials and seeing what you like to use best before buying.  We’ll also be talking a bit about the history of rug hooking, different tools and materials, where to find them, how to prepare a backing for hooking, and a simple way to finish  your piece.

You use my tools and equipment for the class.  If you want to buy afterwards you can, but you don’t have to purchase from me.  The class costs $75 CAD + the kit costs $25 CAD.  The kit is a 6″ square star mat that can be used as a home decoration item.  You can find samples here.  You have a choice of two of three colors (red, green, and yellow) for the mat – one for the background and one for the star.

These classes are full of learning and fun.  Let me know if you’re interested and come to learn how to rug hook!

New Laptops in the House!

It’s been a busy week this week.  Tuesday Hubby and I finally had enough of malfunctioning laptops and went out and replaced our old ones.  We’ve been setting up new ones and transferring data ever since.  I am still working on transferring my photos.

Things are complicated as I’ve moved from the Mac platform to the PC.  I am much happier with the shift for two key reasons:

  1. I can finally find all my files again and see everything clearly at once.  No more guessing or using search to find out where Mac put things.
  2. It’s bigger and better for a cheaper price.

The one drawback is the screen colors.  It’s an ASUS and I can’t get the color and definition I’d like, even though I’ve reset the screen resolution to the highest level.  I’ve been told I can mess with the way the colors show, but I haven’t explored that yet.

What this does tell me is that other people using different screens and monitors are not always seeing the bright colors in my work!  The vagaries of shopping by internet I suppose.  Everything is looking greyed on my screen currently.  I hope this is not the case with my followers in cyberland.

In-between all that I did manage to upload more swatches for the website shop.

I’ve also been reading “Canadian Folk Art to 1950”.  It’s an interesting read.  The photos are good too.  When I get further into it, I’ll give a proper review.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Weekly Review

It’s been mostly a week of planning for the new year.  I have a list of goals a page long that need some editing and narrowing to focus on what’s really important for the year.

A little website housekeeping.  I discovered the links under the “Recipes” tab were not working.  I sorted that out yesterday and the links now work.

I posted more wall hangings on the site for sale and I’ve started posting plaid swatches.  Keep your eye open for interesting swatches.  I’ll be posting more over the weekend and into next week.

I have also been searching glossy picture books for inspiration.  The latest one is “500 Art Quilts: an inspiring collection of contemporary work” by Ray Hemachandra and Julie Hale.  It’s a delicious repository of quilt photographs.  Loved the book, loved the photography.  Lots of color combination and design ideas there.  I have a lot to think about and do to design some new work.

Talk to you all on Monday!



Weekly Review

Weekly Review

I am late posting again.  It’s been a wild day.  My final lessons and final exams came in for my online courses.  I had Christmas presents to finish buying this morning and afternoon.  We ended up dealing with more health insurance stuff this morning.  It was unplanned for, but necessary.

However, despite all that…this week I have been accomplishing a lot of behind the scenes work on my website and old blog.  I finally have the old blog where it’s going to be for the next while.  I’ll slowly be deleting old posts off it.  If you are looking for something in particular, the old posts are here now.  Use the search feature to find it.

I’ve also managed to upload a fair bit of product to the website shop.  I still have more to go.

I did finish reading/browsing through “Create Your Own Website the Easy Way” by Alannah Moore.  It is a good outline and framework for creating a website, but I’ve come to the conclusion there is no “Easy Way” when it comes to creating websites.

I did not have a chance to work on “Moss”, and I certainly did not have time or space to work on designing new wall hangings.  There will definitely be changes in the new year…

WIP Thursday

Working on several things today.  I’m back working on the website.  The above book, “Create Your Own Website the Easy Way”, by Alannah Moore, has been very helpful for setting out a framework to work within.

I am slowly deleting most of the posts from the old blog.  I’ll leave the last year up there, but otherwise it’s all found on the new website blog.  And as 2017 progresses I will be deleting more of the old posts, until there is nothing left there.

In the process of doing the new website up I am rethinking my approach to my blog.  I find I am spending a lot of time writing and thinking about what to write and taking photos.  In the new year expect to see some changes to the blog.

I have not done any rug hooking this week, and that is part of why there will be changes to the blog in the new year.  It has also largely been due to Christmas events and preparations, and doctors appointments.  I am in the last week for my two online courses, which did not help either.  I am hoping to finish them by the end of the weekend.

Hubby and I have been going through the girls’ old schoolwork and deciding what to toss and what to keep.  They are 29 and 32 now.  They don’t want it.  I found an old watercolor by my youngest I’m going to try using as a desktop picture on my laptop.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review

Hi everyone!  Hope you had a productive and good week.  I’ve been busy with company, creating a gift list for friends, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, mailing gifts, writing Christmas cards, and generally being side tracked from setting up my website.

There are a few changes to my blog.  I learned how to upload a video.  That is good.  I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do things.  Please let me know if you have any troubles accessing anything on the site.  Your feedback is valued.

I did manage to hook briefly on “Moss”, but very briefly.  It’s not worthy of another photo just yet.

I also finished reading “Everyone’s an Artist” by Tite, et al.  It is a good little book that encourages people who think they aren’t creative to look again.  Everyone is or can be creative in some way.  It proceeds to outline different ways to be creative using characteristics of artists.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


In my studio…

Last Mountain Lake - 11

Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

Had a great weekend.  We worked in the yard on Saturday, cleaning up.  On Sunday we went up to the Valley, as it’s affectionately known, and checked out the market gardens and the Snack Shack.  I experienced french fries with sour cream, bacon bits, and green onions for the first time.  Not sure if it beats poutine or not.  Might have to try their poutine next time I’m there.

Today it’s a dark and dreary day out there, with intermittent showers.  I plan to spend my day indoors hooking African Dream.

I also want to finish going through my gmail account.  No, I haven’t finished yet.  I got half way and then stalled for some reason.  I think it was taking my online courses that stalled me.  But they’re over, so I have time to do this again.

I have a lot of reading to catch up on.  So in-between hooking stints I’ll read.

One of the books I’m reading is Rod Judkin’s “The Art of Creative Thinking”.  I’m taking it slow, because, well, there’s a lot to think about in it.  I read a bit, rebel, decide he’s right, and move on.  I think I’m a reluctant artist.  I mean I love the results, but not the time it takes to get there.  I’m impatient.  But once I sit down to do it and get started I am totally absorbed in the activity of creating and making something.  I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m finished.

How about you?  How do you feel at the start of a project?  The middle or doing part? When you finish it?

WIP African Dream 10

WIP – African Dream – The color scheme is set.  Now to finish hooking!

Weekly Review


It was a short week, but I did manage to finish hooking Blue-eyed Grass.  Today I’ll block it and hem it.  And that’s all I’ve done for rug hooking.

I think I’ll work some on hanging sleeves today.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


Weekly Review

It's done!

It’s done!

Not much to report.  I drew some designs on backing.  I organized my receipts for the year.

Other than that…

The excavation company finished the job this morning!  And we didn’t get charged anything above the quote!  They did excellent work and cleaned up quite nicely after themselves.  We were impressed.  Better yet, we have water and a functioning sewer line again. 🙂

AND…I’ve been de-cluttering like crazy here and listing items online for sale.  Hubby has been loading up the car and we’ve taken trips to donate items various places.  Not much sold this week, but there has been interest.

New mat by the front door to catch the dirt!

New mat by the front door to catch the dirt!…and my foot! lol

Yesterday’s distraction = Denmark

The finished star ornaments. :)

The finished star ornaments.

Yesterday I was distracted by planning a trip to Denmark.  Hubby has wanted to go for some time.  He’s a family history buff and is writing a book.  He’s about reached the limits for research options online and in Canada.  He wants to go and actually see places and take photos.  So I costed out a one month trip and sighed in dismay.  Denmark is an expensive place to visit!

I finished reading Chronic Condition finally.  It was a tough slog for me.  The Canadian health care system is very complicated and very sick.  I don’t know what the answers are.  One of the answers the author suggests is making a federal drug plan that purchases all the drugs for everyone in the country, and is partially paid for by automatic deductions from our paychecks.  In fact, he likes the idea of a patient partial payment for services too, to avoid overuse of the health care system.  I do not like that.  It penalizes people who are genetically predisposed to bad health.  At any rate, Chronic Condition is a thought provoking read, and I think a necessary read if one wants to carry on an intelligent conversation about Canada’s health care system.

I read more of The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide by Dr. David Miklowitz too.  Also scanned ahead a bit, reading key sections.  I need to go back and slow down and take my time reading it.  I’m not a fast reader.  However the material in this book is good and worth the read.

On the rug hooking front… I finished the 8 star ornaments!  Now onto the 8 circle ornaments. 🙂

Week in Review…a bit late. :)

Simply ModernI did finish Simply Modern before I arrived home Friday evening. 🙂  It’s a great book and I highly recommend it to people.  Lots of images, ideas, and project ideas to work on!  I appreciate the detailed instructions for various dyeing methods, and construction of pillows and purses.  I also appreciated the section on style.  Thanks Deanne! 🙂

sketchbook-and-patternLast week can be summed up as my reading week and sketching week.  I took few photos, but did start to go through the copious photos I took out on the coast before, during, and after TIGHR Tri-ennial, translating them into simple sketches for future wall hangings.

Most of my week, which was in Edmonton, was spent visiting family and friends.  I did manage to meet up with another rug hooker from TIGHR.  We had a great time checking over each others work, chatting, and generally having a good time.  I hope to meet her again some day.

This week’s goals:

  • Finish Christmas ornaments,
  • Translate more photos into sketches,
  • Update Etsy shop and take it off vacation mode.

Saturday Review

Packed to go 1

Clothes don’t take up as much space as rug hooking does! You can tell where my priorities lie! 🙂

Packed to go 2

Just some food for the road left to pack. 🙂

Packing for sales along the way there and back.

Rug hooking supplies and items to sell on the way to and from TIGHR Tri-ennial.

And that’s not showing my computer bag, book bag, and knitting bag.  Hope the vehicle is big enough for all this!

It was a busy week for me.  Aside from having company I was busy packing for the trip to TIGHR Tri-ennial.  I also finished putting together my order for the SCC Boutique.  And I designed and hooked some Christmas ornaments.

Today we’re on the road folks!  Off into the Wild West, to participate in the Highway 1 Studio Tour!  Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Rug Hooking Resources – Part 2

I see zucchini, corn, and cucumber. What you don't see are beans and apples.

I see zucchini, corn, and a bag of cucumbers. What you don’t see are beans, beets, and apples.

Had some friends drop by with gifts from the country.  Looks like I’m going to be busy today.  In the meantime…


Rug Hooking Resource List (continued)

Some more detailed resources for those looking for a little inspiration and wanting to delve into the actual practice of hooking rugs.

Beatty, Alice & Mary Sargent – The Hook Book – Stackpole Books, 1977.

Black, Elizabeth – Hooked on the Wild Side – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2004.  A book on hooking animals.

Crouse, Gloria E. – Hooking Rugs: New Materials, New Techniques – The Taunton Press, 1990. A wide variety of materials encouraged and discussed.

Davies, Ann – Contemporary Crafts: Rag Rugs – New Holland, 1992.

Davies, Ann – How to Make Hand-Hooked Rag Rugs – Search Press, 1996.

Dufresne, Gail – Geometric Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2010.

Eaton, Doris – A Lifetime of Rug -Hooking – Nimbus, 2011.  A retrospective of Doris Eaton’s body of work.

Fassett, Kaffe – Welcome Home – Pastimes, 1999.  Has some hooked rug patterns in it.

Feller, Susan – Design Basics for Rug Hookers – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2011.

Green, Jane Halliwell – Pictorial Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2009.

Hinchcliffe, John & Angela Jeffs – Rugs from Rags – Orbis Publishing Ltd., 1977.  Different methods of making rugs, including hooked rugs.

Hrkman, Donna – Rug Hooker’s Companion – Stackpole Books, 2012.  A rug hooking glossary.

Ketchum, William C. Jr. – Hooked Rugs – Harcourt, Brace, Johanovich, 1976.

Krull, Betty and Susan Huxley – The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2004.

Lawless, Dorothy – Rug Hooking and Braiding – Funk & Wagnall’s, 1976.

Littenberg, Anne-Marie – Hooked Rug Landscapes – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2009.

Littenberg, Anne-Marie – Hooked Rug Portraits – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2011.

Mather, Anne – The Art of Rug Hooking – Sterling, 1998.

Oxford, Amy – Hooked Rugs Today 2006 – Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2006.

Rug Hooking Magazine –  A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs – Stackpole Books, 1991.  This is an annual publication of Rug Hooking Magazine.  A photographic look at some of the best rugs and information on them by the people who made them.

Rupp, Jenny & Lisa Yeago – Designs for Primitive Rug Hookers – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2007.

Siano, Margaret & Susan Huxley – The Secrets of Finishing Hooked Rugs – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2003.

The Patchwork Place – Warm up to Wool – Martingale, 2004.

Various authors – Finishing Hooked Rugs – Stackpole Books , 2013.

Various authors – A Rug Hooker’s Garden – Rug Hooking Magazine, 2000. A book on fine shading of hooked flowers.

If you missed the first part of this resource list, check it out here.  As per the first list, if you notice any rug hooking books/videos/DVDs/etc. I’ve missed, please add them in the comments below. 🙂

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Rug Hooking Resources

Wall hangings awaiting hemming.

Wall hangings awaiting hemming.

Hubby is off traveling for the day.  I am at home working on my wall hangings and awaiting the visit of a patron.  Looking forward to a fun time of talking rug hooking. 🙂

For those of you thinking of trying rug hooking, or interested in rug hooking as an art form, here is a short list of resources for you.  This is by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start…

Rug Hooking Resource List

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – East Coast Rug-Hooking Designs – ISBN 978-1-55109-569-1, Nimbus Publishing Ltd. – 2007

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Hook Me a Story – ISBN 978-1-55109-279-9, Nimbus Publishing Ltd. – 1999.

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Secrets of Planning and Designing a Hand Hooked Rug – ISBN 978-1-881982-45-6, Rug Hooking magazine – 2005.

Fitzpatrick, Deanne – Hooking Rugs with Deanne Fitzpatrick – DVD available on her website – Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio.

Deanne also has a YouTube rug hooking channel, and offers online courses on rug hooking.  No matter where you live you can learn to hook rugs! 🙂

Kahle, Karen – maintains a blog, Primitive Spirit, about rug hooking and inspiration.

Kent, William Winthrop – The Hooked Rug
Kent, William Winthrop – Hooked Rug Design
Kent, William Winthrop – Rare Hooked Rugs  (these are older books no longer in print)

Kerr, Wanda – originator of a blog called WandaWorks and an online paid class forum for rug hookers called The Welcome Mat.

Lovelady, Donna – Rug Hooking for the First Time

McGown, Pearl K. – The Lore and Lure of Hooked Rugs
McGown, Pearl K. – You…Can Hook Rugs
McGown, Pearl K. – Color in Hooked Rugs  (these are older books no longer in print)

Moshimer, Joan – The Complete Book of Rug Hooking – Dover Publications – 1989.

Reakes, Lizzie – Beautiful Ragwork

Rex, Stella Ray – Choice Hooked Rugs
Rex, Stella Ray – Practical Hooked Rugs (older books no longer in print)

Ritchie, Heather – author of some really good YouTube videos…such as Guide to Making a Hooky Rug, Guide to Making a Proddy Rug, and Guide to Dyeing.  Heather also has a DVD available from the UK on these subjects.

Shepherd, Gene –  Visit Gene’s website and poke around.  He’s written some high quality books and produced some excellent quality DVDs.

Shepherd, Gene & Jane Olsen – The Rug Hooker’s Bible – The best of an old rug hooking newsletter, modified and expanded on by Gene Shepherd – ISBN 978-1-881982-46-3, Stackpole Magazines – 2006.

Shepherd, Gene – Prodded Hooking for a Three-Dimensional Effect – ISBN 978-1-881982-61-6, Rug Hooking magazine – 2008.

Shepherd, Gene – Prepared to Dye – ISBN 978-1-881982-92-0, Stackpole Books – 2013.

Shepherd, Gene – various DVDs – How to Hook, Ways to Hook, and Dyeing with Gene series.

Gene also offers a very informative paid Internet Rug Camp.  He also maintains a blog and has numerous videos on YouTube.

Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked on Rugs – 2005
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rugs – 1997
Turbayne, Jessie – The Big Book of Hooked Rugs – 2004
Turbayne, Jessie – The Complete Guide to Collecting Hooked Rugs – 2004
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rugs of the Deep South – 2011
Turbayne, Jessie – The Creative Hooker – 2007
Turbayne, Jessie – Hooked Rug Treasury – 1997
Turbayne, Jessie – The Hooker’s Art – 1997

Wulfraat, Heidi – originator of one of the largest free online rug hooking forums, Rug Hooking Daily.

These are just some of the resources out there on the subject of rug hooking.  You can check my sidebar for other rug hooking blogs.  And if you know of other resources not listed here, feel free to add them in the comments.  That includes books, magazines, videos (links to YouTube), DVDs, blogs, etc.  Anything that might inspire people in relation to rug hooking…

Meanwhile, I’m back to cleaning up my sunroom studio.  Halfway there!

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Cleaning up the studio!

Cleaning up the studio!

Other Times

What do I do when I am not rug hooking?  Others have asked.  I do a variety of activities when I am not working on my business or rug hooking.  some of them are more distractions, and some are necessary.

For one, I like to read.  I’m a non-fiction girl.  I have a hard time concentrating sometimes, but I love the feel of real books (none of that Kindle stuff for me!) and the texture of the pages as they pass through my fingers.  And the smell of a new book…oh my! 🙂

Current reading?  I just finished The Cure for Everything by Timothy Caulfield.  Next up is Chronic Condition by Jeffrey Simpson.

book-CCI, and those I’ve known, have had some health challenges the last year or so and the problems with the health care system in Canada have become a concern for me.  I am trying to educate myself about the situation.

Part of those health challenges involve gluten.  Actually, I’ve never gone to the medical profession about it, but probably should.  I’ve been quasi avoiding gluten for three or four years now.  I am not strict about it.  I just limit it.  I do have problems with fatigue, bloating, inflammation, and digestive discomfort when I eat it.  But it’s not as bad as some people.  I’m not celiac after all…at least I don’t think so.  And, up until recently, it has been too expensive to stick to a strict GF diet.  But with these cookbooks I am ready to go!  I love to cook. 🙂


“More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet” has a great all purpose GF flour mix recipe in the front that I am using for when I eat starch, which isn’t often.  And “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring” has some wonderful cost effective recipes in it.  Though it is a bit heavy on the sugar.  Both Hubby and the boarder suggested backing down the sugar in the recipes by about a third.  GF on a Shoestring also has a website.

Other reading?  Well when I can’t sleep at night, which seems to be more and more often, I am up in my sewing room cleaning up and looking through my filing cabinet of project ideas, or I’m in the hallway downstairs checking out my knitting books.

book-KnittingI went through these last night marking baby patterns I could knit up fairly quickly.  I want a stash of completed projects for baby gifts.  I attended two baby showers recently and realized I really have very little on hand for such events.

And during daylight hours I work on my rug hooking.  I like to hook in my sunroom because it receives the best natural light.  I find I often deal with colours that are so close to each other and with such fine nuances, that I need natural daylight to get them in the right place in my work.

Yesterday I had to go to the gym, and then needed a nap, and then…I hooked on Ripening Saskatoons.

WIP-RS-4It was a long nap.  I am not happy with this.  I am hoping when the background is put in it will make the berries pop more.  We shall see.  I am already running out of warm greens.  And I’m going through a lot of light green sari silk yarn.  It seems so odd to have a room full of fibre but not enough to finish the job!  The story of rug hooking! 🙁

Monday Meanderings

spring-fabricsIt must be spring!  I’m a bit excited and addled.  It occurred to me as I re-read my “Saturday Review” that it was not much of a review!  Informative, yes, a review, no.  So here’s the overall lowdown.

Last week was a good week in a lot of ways.  I was able to network with a lot of different people.  I enjoy that part of being an artist.  I also enjoy creating.  I do not enjoy the business part so much, but I am learning to.  I love the challenge it presents, and I keep trying to think analytically about things to try, how to price and sell my work.  I guess what I have the most difficulty with is actually dealing with the numbers.

  • I was able to fold my greeting cards.  
  • I did hem Okra and finish off Prairie Sunset.  
  • I tried to buy mailing tubes the right size for my Dimensions 2015 entries, but came up empty handed.  Apparently Staples is sold out of the size I need.  
  • I was able to send four small wall hangings “On Approval” to another area of the province.  
  • I hooked some on Goldfish, and 
  • started a 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging. 

 This past weekend I spent more time on my business plan.  It is taking on a life of its own!  I split my expenses and income into different categories and recorded them on different colour tags to hang from my business collage.  I added all kinds of information to the collage itself.  It’s growing crowded. 

 I also spent time at an Etsy 101 workshop put on by Etsy Saskatchewan.  In the process I learned a bit about Instagram.  Now to put what I learned into practice, and still make time to hook wall hangings. 

 Sunday I attended the closing of Moved by the Spirit with a friend.  It was held at the Luther College Chapel at the University of Regina.  Some very nice works there.  I especially liked Louise Tessier’s Garden Way of the Cross, Peace Be With You by Roberto Lopez Lopez, and The Ascension by Jenny Ward. On my plate this week is:

  • the 12″ square Prairie Sky wall hanging,
  • the business plan,
  • uploading some swatches to Etsy,
  • finding a CARFAC member to sign my Certificate of Origin forms for Sauder Village,
  • figure out the necessary lamp arrangement for taking photos of my work for my portfolio.

Good news!  The small Prairie Sky wall hangings my friend took on approval all sold!  ? 

Now onto that 12″ x 12″ Prairie Sky.


It’s Finished! And more about that business plan…


Finished hooking Prairie Sunset yesterday afternoon.  It is pressed and ready for hemming today.  Then it and Prairie Sky will be shipped to Saskatoon for jurying for Dimensions 2015 – the biennial traveling exhibit of the Saskatchewan Craft Council.  But not till I pick up a couple of mailing tubes at Staples for them.

I also spent more time on my business plan.  It is developing into a large collage.  I am afraid I will not have room for everything.  Especially if I combine the information from both books – When Talent Isn’t Enough and The Right-Brain Business Plan.  However I will have fun trying! 🙂

Yesterday’s headache was finding demographic information and market area information.  Thankfully I have a librarian hubby who specializes in researching that sort of thing for prospective entrepreneurs.  With his help I was able to flesh out that section of my business plan.  I spent considerable time mapping my competition.  Google maps was being difficult, which did not help.

My brief summary at this point is to note that The Right-Brain Business Plan goes into more detail than When Talent Isn’t Enough.  WTIE gives you a breakdown of what you need to think about and incorporate into a business plan, and TRBBP details the exact information you need and where to find it, including the statistics.  Though as noted I need my librarian hubby to negotiate the government websites and dig out the information for me!  TRBBP is good for both Canadians and Americans.  It was wise of me to read WTIE before TRBBP.  It broke me into the whole idea.  Though WTIE is aimed more at American freelancers, primarily writers.  TRBBP seems to be aimed more at visual arts creative people. I don’t think it much matters really.  The information from both books is useful.

So has anyone else reading this created a business plan for a creative endeavour?  How did you do it?  What resources did you use?  I mean, just how detailed does this have to be?  I’m not going to be borrowing money, at least I have no plans for it.

Business Plans, etcetra


I finished reading When Talent Isn’t Enough by Kristen Fischer.  It gives a great overview of how to develop a business plan for the creative minded entrepreneur.  I used it to generate a huge mind map of ideas for an official business plan.  Combined with my JLT Studios Facebook page statistics I should be able to come up with a decent plan.

I may, or may not, visit Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan offices.  I’ve used their services before and they were good.  They might help me fine tune a business plan with actual sales figures, etc.  I am not sure where one would turn those up.


I’ve moved onto reading The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee.  So far it looks interesting.  I have over two pages of notes on the first chapter alone…lots of ideas.  Jennifer has you do creative exercises throughout the book to get the ideas flowing.


Here are some images I cut out that I determined later really tell me I want a separate studio from the house!  Not likely to happen here.  City bylaws would prohibit it.  However, there are some ideas here for furniture that would make my life a whole lot easier.

As for Prairie Sunset… It is close to being finished.  A few more loops in the sky.  Some switching of colours near the sun, and I should be done.  🙂


Week in Review

This Week was not as productive as I had hoped it would be.  What did I accomplish?

  • Managed a fair bit of hooking on Goldfish.
  • Did some sketching.
  • Listened to some of Creative Insurgents.
  • Reading Coaching the Artist Within.
  • Doing a sales analysis of last year’s sales.
  • Received some new hoops for beginners, fibre to spin, and a Moshimer hook.
  • Sorted out my GST return.
  • Drew spring wall hangings on backing.
  • Spent time becoming familiar with my new iPhone.