In my studio…

I’m back in my studio after sale day at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.   I actually sold well and had lots of inquiries, but the wind was gusting so badly in the afternoon we had to close up shop early.  Product was hitting the ground.  That was not cool.  So we packed it in and came home.

I’ll have to rethink my plans for next year.  I’m thinking of doing another sale later in the year, after all the inclement weather we seem to get at the CVAF Street Fair.  But we shall see.  The cost of the other sales are quite high…over $200 for a small booth 10’x10’…  I don’t know…  Hubby and I are thinking of alternatives.

Meanwhile, if you were at the sale and planning to pick something up the last hour or so of it, you can contact me through email <> or phone: 306-737-9950.  If you’re from outside of Canada it’s best to contact me by email.  We can arrange appointments for viewing rug hooking, and purchasing supplies, and materials.  If you are interested in signing up for classes you can check out my classes page here on the website and send me a note through the contact form at the bottom.

I managed to start “Escapees”, my nasturtium wall hanging, at the Street Fair, but honestly the wind was so bad I spent most of my time holding up the display, especially in the afternoon.  Still, I have some of it picked out and ready to go.  I’m nailing down more colours right now.

After coming home and putting away sale stuff, I decided a good cleaning out of the studio was in order.  I’ve spent the last two days on that.  I have a huge garbage bag of stuff to get rid of either by selling or donating, but the bulk of it is done.  I don’t know.  I use a lot of fibre and sell a fair bit, but it seems like the stuff multiplies!  My shelves are full to bursting!

This week I’ll be cleaning more, and finishing up some odds and ends in the studio.  I have a few wall hangings that need hanging sleeves, price tags, and to be uploaded to the website.  I have some narrow strips that need to be cut and put into my extra stripettes bin for future hooking or sale.

I have company arriving the end of the week, and Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the annual multicultural festival days in town – Mosaic.  I hope to enjoy both. 🙂

Weekly Review – Upcoming Show

Hi everyone.  This week has been busy.  I have been preparing for an upcoming show and sale.  I relabeled and packaged up “Dancing Tree” and “Blue-eyed Grass” for the Art Gallery of Regina Salon Show and Sale.  I’ll drop them off at the gallery in the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre later today.  The show starts March 22nd, 2017 and goes till May 5th.  I’ll be at the opening briefly on March 22nd, which is between 7 and 9 PM.  If you want to meet me there, contact me first to make sure we don’t miss each other.

If you’d like a studio tour while you’re in town for the show, please let me know ahead of time.  I will be away from the studio for two weeks in April.

I also managed to update and write more of a lesson plan for my student this weekend.  I am looking forward to exploring the world of rug hooking with her.

This week I am sorting through my greys and blacks and doing a full deconstruction of wool clothing.  In the past it was partly done, but not wholly.  So now I am cutting off seam finishes, ripping the fabric (pants, jackets, and skirts) down to a size that a cutter will handle easily, and pressing the pieces.  Then I’ll put them away.  This is taking surprisingly longer than I thought it would.  So far I’ve devoted four hours to the greys alone.  I figure I have about that to go.  I have a lot of grey and black fiber.  My goal is to save some space in my storage units.

Hope everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ll be celebrating with the boarder today.  Hubby is off to a supper with some ex-coworkers to talk shop and do some mentoring.  It’s pizza night here.  Might have to throw in a green salad! 🙂

In my studio…

In my studio…

This week is a week of preparation for Christmas for us.  I have yet to do any Christmas baking or cooking.  I will do a bit, but not a lot.  We are not in great need of a lot of fat and sugar! 🙂

I am focused on cleaning up the sunroom studio.  I am halfway there.

I am also focusing on uploading the end of the wall hangings on the website.

Plus I am focused on finishing my online courses.

Wishing everyone a fun and productive week this week!  Don’t forget to enjoy the season amidst all the preparations. 🙂

In My Studio…

In My Studio…

Time to reboot here and redirect energies.  This week I’m hoping to get a few things accomplished.

  • I have a few wall hangings by my chair that require finishing,
  • I have “Moss” to work on,
  • I think I need to focus on my website,
  • I need to seriously clean up my sunroom studio.  It’s a mess.

Hope everyone has a great week! 🙂

In my studio…

In my studio…


This week things are chugging along.  I spent part of the weekend creating draft posts on Etsy for Christmas ornaments.  They will be up for sale this week.  Shipping in Canada is free.  Shipping to the US is $5 CAD.

I am finishing a few wall hangings and packaging some as well.  Some will need certificates of authenticity, and some will not.  I include certificates for original work 6″ x 6″ and larger.  Each certificate includes:

  • the name and size of the piece,
  • the materials it is made from,
  • the number it is on my inventory list,
  • the date it was completed,
  • my signature, and the date I signed it.
  • cleaning instructions and
  • my contact information.

I do hope to figure out what to do with “Moss” this week.  I may have to do some dyeing yet.

Also I hope to get in and pick up my sunroom studio a bit.  It looks like a tornado hit!

I’m putting the creation of more fiber bundles to sell on hold for now.  My priority needs to be putting things up on Etsy for Christmas, and then the new website, and lastly making more fiber bundles for sale.


Inspiration Wednesday

Today is inspiration of a different kind.  You know I said I’m working on decluttering and cleaning out my sewing room.  Well here’s a few photos to show you how far I was by this morning.

It isn’t pretty yet, but it’s getting there.  And the landing outside the room is overflowing with stuff to leave the house.  I am actually working on emptying this big wall unit to make way for more units with doors, like the one to the right of it, that will be easier to move. Then I will be  moving my rug hooking studio upstairs.  At least that’s the current plan.

To make me feel better about the process I’ve been listing things online for sale, and have actually sold some things! I also have a bag for Community Living – an organization that helps people with mental health – and a bag for the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  I’m also setting aside craft supplies for a local Art Exchange and a sewing/stitching/quilting group I know about.



An empty design wall! 🙂


The cupboard doors closed.  The drum carder in a new, more convenient location.  And empty shelves above! 🙂


This is the large storage unit I’m working on now.  It’s 8′ long x 7′ high.  I decided to keep the yarn above and the one striped  box so far.  Still have to work on the left side and the area under the light.


I am slowly working my way around the room to the bookcase.  I’ve already decluttered and sorted magazines, and I’ve moved most of my binders over here.  The drawer units are full of scrapbooking supplies I never have time to use.


Working on this still. Mostly getting like with like.  I am hoping to sort through the fabric (some 30 years old!) and hang what I want to keep in the closet on tiered pants hangers.


Still lots of rod space for hanging fabric. 

In my studio…

WIP African Dream - 1

This week I am going to work more on my sewing/craft room.  It is one of two rooms in my house taken over with my fiber activities, and scrapbooking.  The video I posted the link to on Friday says it all.  It needs to be reorganized and the space better utilized.

I watched the video again with a critical eye to my space usage and organization.  While storage is good, the organization is not so great.  Lots of empty spaces in there, and unfinished projects scattered around the room.  Time to corral all them and decide what I want to finish and what I want to toss.

I’m thinking of trying to fit my rug hooking supplies in there as well as everything else.  That is going to require some major purging and re-arranging.  But I think, with some serious purging and judicious relocation of boxes, I might be able to dedicate the tall storage pantry to my wool stash.

Aside from that, I am working on finishing African Dream this week.

I also need to send wall hanging information to the SCC (Saskatchewan Craft Council) for the ArtNow pieces I’ll be taking up to them for exhibit and sale.  Plus I need to find some boxes to pack them in.  I’ve about given up for the long narrow pieces.  I think they will be going in triangular tubes.

WIP Thursday

WIP African Dream  - 1

WIP African Dream

Lots happening.  I knit another 3″ on the baby blanket. It’s almost finished.  Three more repeats and it’s on to the ribbing and binding off.

I am three quarters done African Dream. It’s looking good.  I’m already contemplating my next project.

I picked up my studio yesterday as well.

Today’s project is the website development course and hooking more on African Dream. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

In my Studio…

Last Import - 1 of 3

Our new boarder from China moved in on the weekend.  Today, without warning, he gave his mother an iPad FaceTime tour of our place, including my studio.  I was appalled!  My studio is in its usual state of disarray.  He said he wanted to show him mother what I used to make my work. Moral of story = always leave my studio picked up at the end of the day.  Sigh.

It’s been a busy weekend.  No rug hooking to speak of.  Lots of tutoring though.  And lots of errands.  Hubby is in great angst about whether to retire this year or next, when he turns 65.  He spent yesterday crunching numbers and the evening talking to me about his results.  I told him to do what he wants.  He’s put in over 30 years supporting the family.  I think that’s enough.

Last Import - 2 of 3

So, back on track this week.  I sorted out the tax mess last week.  So it’s back to rug hooking this week.  I’ll be working on Dancing Tree.

Last Import - 3 of 3

I removed my work from Traditions Hand Craft Gallery a couple weeks ago, due to a change in commission structure.  So I have all that inventory to reintegrate into my system at home and prepare to post on Etsy.  Ideally I would like it posted by mid-June.  But it’s a lot of prep work as there are close to thirty pieces to add to my Etsy shop.

And I’ll be starting to think about my booth display for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair the last Saturday of May.

Oh, plus two days tutoring.  A busy week for me.

In My Studio…

The barn wool

Colour planning “The Barn”…no yarn yet, but I’m getting there!

I spent Friday afternoon colour planning The Barn.  This week I will start hooking it.  I have also decided I need to pick up the pace on a few other things.  Less computer time and more crafting time is needed.  So, aside from The Barn, I plan on…

  • working on my porfolio,
  • spinning some fibre,
  • knitting the baby blanket,
  • working on Blogging 101. Don’t be surprised if you see extra posts popping up this week. 🙂

And look what I started yesterday.  A gigantic needle box!  I have a lot of needles to capture in one space.  Hopefully this will help when completed.

Have a great day everyone!

Finish Up Friday

Almost picked up at least...

Almost picked up at least…

I did manage a partial cleanup of my sunroom studio yesterday.  Today I need to finish the other half.

I did manage some sketching yesterday, but for some reason I just couldn’t get into it.  Still, I soldiered on because, well, you never know what might come out of those sketches…

I will be working on the Curves class piece today…and sketching some more.

"Beauty" is what I'm calling this piece.

“Beauty” is what I’m calling this piece.  It’s got a ways to go!


Finished! Sixteen Christmas ornaments.

Finished! Sixteen Christmas ornaments.

I finally finished them today!  No sketching or Curves class project worked on.  But I did answer an awful lot of phone calls.

Tomorrow is looking like a serious tidying up of my studio.  Plus some sketching and fixing the Curves class project.  We’ll see.  I also have people coming to look at the sewer pipe situation to give a quote, and I have a medical appointment, and I have to pick up my new eye glasses.  Hmm…methinks tomorrow will be busy…

Last Import - 2 of 3 Last Import - 3 of 3

Fibre Day!

Last Import - 1 of 2Had great fun today! My hostess took me to Shuttleworks outside Calgary.  I told her I was “just going in to look”.  What happened is I bought yarn…a fair bit of it.  They had Briggs & Little yarn there, and I love to use that for dyeing and hooking.  I also found Lamb’s Pride wool, which I use in my wall hangings.

Last Import - 2 of 2Then my hostess took me to meet a friend of hers.  This lady is a quilter, a spinner, a weaver, and a knitter.  I felt like I’d met a kindred soul.  But she is much better at her crafts than I am.  I was humbled.  Such beautiful work!  She showed me her dye workshop and her quilting/spinning/weaving studio.  Sigh…serious crafter envy!  She generously gave me some of her excess yarn.

Last Import - 2 of 29She is also a horsewoman and has gorgeous horses – which I am slightly terrified of, being city slicker folk and not being close to a horse in years.  We walked them to the barn with her and played with the dogs while she fed the horses and treated them.  My chief accomplishment was keeping her three dogs from knocking me over.  She was not impressed with them.  I was having a great time petting them, but they did vie for my attention!

My hostess took me on a driving tour of High River, Alberta – an area hit hard by floods two summer’s ago.  I spent some time there when I was younger. We stopped in to visit another friend before heading grocery shopping.

We had a delightful supper of GF Sweet and Sour Meatballs, broccoli, brown and wild rice, and tossed salad.  And we had a dessert of homemade GF Chocolate Zucchini Muffins.  I’m back on my diet for this trip. 🙂

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.  I plan to. 🙂

In My Studio …


Scarlet Runner Beans in flower.

It’s a busy time of year for outdoor things.  The patio garden is starting to produce.  I need to process and can some vegetables and fruits.  My freezer is still bursting from fruit from last year.  Last night I discovered a gallon of raspberries I didn’t know I had.

I was also going through old cookbooks to cull them, and found a recipe for Raspberry Vinegar, which I just happen to need as a salad dressing base for another recipe.  So I quickly thawed a gallon of raspberries, poured two cups of vinegar over them, and now am letting them set the required four days before straining, adding a cup of sugar per cup of vinegar liquid, and processing. 🙂

Also in the deep freeze are about 4 gallons each of crabapples and rhubarb, and a gallon of saskatoons (blueberry like berries, but not as sweet).  I am poised to embark on jam making.

However, none of that is in my studio!  In my studio I am trying to re-orient myself and catch up loose ends.

  • I want to sort through my projects and see where I’m at.  Line up an order to hook in,
  • I want to hook some poppy wall hangings,
  • I forgot to label Goldfish.  So that needs to be attended to,
  • I still need to work on my portfolio, which is sadly out of date,
  • I also need to add some work to my Etsy shop,
  • and I need to update my “For Sale” page here on my blog site.

I hope everyone has a great day!

patio-garden-2 patio-garden-3 patio-garden-1

In my studio

studio-mess-2It’s been a while since I posted an ‘in my studio’ blog post.  So today is the day!

Today in my studio is Clean Up Day!

Okay, and a bit of designing too.  Another exhibit opportunity has come my way. 🙂

I also want to pull out my wall hangings to see what might look good on the wall over my couch, now the big sale of the year is over.

And I have to phone Canada Post about the missing wall hanging.

studio-mess-3 studio-mess-1

In my Studio


 I finished hooking Okra on Saturday.  Today will be time to press it and hem it. 

Need to attach the hook and loop tape to Prairie Sunset yet, and it’s hanging strip. 

 I want to fix the mouth on Goldfish.  It really does need to be placed a bit better and have some lips to match the poem it represents. 

 I am undecided after the above.  I may take time out and hook some small 6″ pieces for my walls and shop inventory.  Or I may hook more medium sized pieces for Join the Thread, Sauder Village, and Traditions November exhibit.  I also need to think of a piece to work on for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair the end of May. 

 I also need to clean up my studio today as company is coming for tea!  Time to bag up the scraps from the plaid/tweed swatch/fat quarter weeks and start fresh.

Saturday Review


Here is Okra as of this morning.  It’s easily going to be ready in time for Weyburn.  The Join the Threads exhibit in Weyburn allows two entries.  So I am contemplating my second entry and what it might be.

Spent most of this week on the plaid and tweed swatches and getting them up on the website for sale.  Also separated out the fat quarters and other larger pieces of fabric.

I did work some on the hanging system for Prairie Sunset, but it is not finished yet.  Too much fun with company for Hubby’s birthday yesterday. 🙂

I filled out the Certificates of Origin for the wall hangings going to Sauder Village this summer.  Trying to figure out who I send them to at the moment, and debating whether I want to hook another rug to go with them.  Probably not.

I am wanting to hook more poppy wall hangings for Traditions November window display, and for general inventory back up.  I’m wanting to hook slightly larger ones.  We’ll see.  At this point I’m only hooking what I would keep in my own home.  I don’t have a lot of space to store inventory here.

Which brings up another issue Hubby and I discussed recently.  It is not unusual for me to host patrons and students in my home.  And in the future, it might not be that unusual to host a gallery owner or two.  That being said, we do not hang my wall hangings on the walls.  Instead we have everyone else’s art on the walls!  Hmm…Hubby and I are thinking of ways to re-arrange the house and the walls…preferably this summer.

Saturday Review

Well it’s been a busy week in my studio.

  • I finished Prairie Sunset.  I have yet to hem it.
  • I sent in my “Intent to Enter” for Dimensions 2015.
  • I cleaned up my sunroom studio.
  • I priced my wall hangings.  Have a few left to do, but mostly done.
  • I started ripping up plaids into swatches for sale.
  • I worked on my business plan.
  • I deposited money in the bank from some sales.
  • I “attended” a phone workshop on Getting Your Art Out There.
  • I found a new supplier for my backing, and they’re Canadian.  Sorry Americans, but the exchange rate, duty and taxes are killing me!

Today and tomorrow I attend a Social Media Workshop for artists to learn how to use social media.  I am going armed with all my passwords so I know what to use where.  I have a dreadful memory!

Busy Cleaning

WIP-studio-mess-1How did I let my sunroom studio get in such a mess?!  I have been busy all day off and on on this small piece of territory.  It’s only 8’x12′ for goodness sake!  But my, what a mess!  I have way too much stuff for the space.  But I do use it…most of it.  I have enough fibre for a while.  I’ve been thinking of going through and culling some of it.   There are some naturally dyed fibres that are not quite as lightfast as I’d like.  They will go.

Speaking of lightfastness…in the past I’ve used Majic Carpet dyes for all my dye jobs.  Some set with vinegar and some with citric acid.  I’ve determined I prefer citric acid.  It seems to hold the colours better over the years.

I am also in the process of switching to ProChem dyes.  I suspect this will take a few years, and I still intend to set with citric acid.  Citric acid does smell though, so I restrict my dye days to days I can open my windows for a nice breeze…preferably warm.  That’s about 6 months of the year here.

In the process of cleaning up I am attaching price tags to work I’ve yet to tag for sale.  My cleaning slowed down considerably yesterday afternoon as a result.  I cannot believe I let myself get this far behind!  Good thing I’m doing it now.  I’ll be ready for the CVAF Street Fair (Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair) this May.  It appears I haven’t tagged anything since last fall!

WIP-Studio-mess-2 WIP-Studio-mess-3

Windy, Rainy Day


A perfect day to clean up my studio!

Studio-before-2 Studio-Before-1

Yesterday was successful in that I finished hooking one Prairie Sky wall hanging and almost finished a second one.  If the rain breaks for a bit today I will make my way to the local shop selling my hooking with new inventory.

WIP-PS-OC WIP-PS-Altocumulus