Weekly Review

Weekly Review


The sky yesterday on our walk.  Love those clouds!

Good morning everyone!  I actually had a pretty good week this week, considering all the distractions in my life.  I was able to package most of my wall hangings and add cup hooks for hanging them to the packages.  Plus I was able to make a start with the certificates of authenticity.

I was also able to plan more of our trip to South Korea.  I’ve booked a hotel room already…six months in advance.  It seems hotel rooms go fast in Seoul.  I was already running into challenges finding a decent one in a decent location for a decent price for five nights!  Expedia kept raising prices on me and having disappearing deals every time I signed on.  So I ended up booking through Booking.com.

Plus I continued to practice my Korean.  I am at the point where I’m a bit discouraged I am not learning faster.  I read it and it all sounds so familiar.  But for the life of me I can’t remember how to say the words.  I guess that is all part of being older and trying to learn a new language.  I have three Korean friends who will be helping me over the weekend.

I am also continuing to work on my website.

Well it’s sunshiny here and I’m off for a walk.  Hope everyone has a great day today!


WIP Thursday

WIP Thursday


Knit Cellular Baby Blanket – almost finished!

I am almost finished the knit baby blanket!  Only a few more rows to go!  I want to try a new cast off method.  I’ll be checking in with my friend about that.

As for “Moss”…I am decidedly unhappy with it and haven’t worked on it all week.

Instead I’ve been preparing wall hangings for sale on Etsy and working on my new website.

I did not get to the Certificates of Authenticity yesterday.  So I will be working on those today.  I did manage to get about 150 cup hooks into little plastic bags (2 each) and into the wall hanging packages.

I have spent a lot of time planning our trip and studying Korean.



Here’s a bit of a video blog of what I did on my vacation.  Just trying this medium to see how it works…

We had a great time stopping at the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour on the way to Alberta.  Stopped at the Station House for lunch in Herbert, SK.  Made it as far as Swift Current, SK the first day. 🙂

After that we spent a lot of time checking in with family in Alberta.  Our trip home was memorable.  It was overcast, but did not snow…technically.  There were “snow showers” in Regina when we arrived.

We had a blast, stopping at The Root in Lloydminster for lunch.

And we stopped in McNally Robinson at the Prairie Ink for a light supper. Plus an hour of browsing books at the bookstore! 🙂

Back at it tomorrow…


So here we are at the quintessential Canadian coffee and donut shop, Tim Horton’s. Taking our time going up the highway to Edmonton.   We’re driving ahead of snow, but Dad is having a good snooze now. We don’t want to wake him up by arriving early. We’re close enough we’re thinking of an IKEA pit stop.  Thinking of fibre stores to visit in Edmonton.  

Tuesday Meanderings

A leisurely day spreading out before us on our road trip. Visiting family for a few days.  I plan on going on a walk today. It’s a bit cool here, so we’ll wait till it warms up.

We were in Calgary yesterday and able to accomplish two errands. I was so happy. Hubby’s cord and adapter for his laptop died. We couldn’t find a replacement in Regina. But we found one at Memory Express in Calgary!

On a whim I had thrown in my Derek Alexander purse to be fixed. I had problems with their website. I’d phoned before and only got the answering machine.  I checked Google Maps and found their store was just three blocks from Memory Express!  So I took it over and dropped it off for repairs.  They said they’d fix it up and ship it back to me. So happy.  I’ve used and loved that purse for almost ten years.

We’ll I think it’s time to get onto eating breakfast.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Not in my Studio

Having fun on another road trip folks.  Checked out the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour again this year. It was great as always!  Friendly artists, a variety of art at a variety of prices. Hubby and I picked up a few things.

The weather is forecasting snow later this week here. We are hoping to leave for another visit before it gets here.

We harvested our patio garden before we came and have started eating through the produce.  Last night was beets, carrots, gluten free BBQ chicken, and wild and brown rice.

Hope everyone has a great day!

WIP Thursday


WIP – “Moss” 

Well nothing’s changed in the WIP department.  Still a baby blanket to finish knitting and a wall hanging to finish hooking. Hopefully today I’ll find some time to work on them. I plan to change the values on the left side of the tree in “Moss”.  Too close in value to the background.

I have a friend coming over this afternoon.  I want to rest a bit, do laundry, and prepare for our upcoming trip.  We’ll be off to fair Alberta for a week to ten days to visit family again.

I’ve been thinking about my sewing room and studio, and realizing I have a lot of fibre and supplies to work my way through.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it all.  I’m thinking it might be an idea to pack up fibre kits to sell.  I did sell some fibre in a kit the other weekend.  But it’s not something I’ve focused on up till now.

Do any of you think there might be a market for fibre kits?


In my studio…


A combination of retirement floral bouquets.

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend. We were busy with company again.

This week will be a rush.  I’m hoping to get some hooking done on “Moss”.  Also deal with insurance and get that finalized.  Then there’s the pension stuff we have to do.  Apparently we have to prove we exist and are married to a notary public somewhere.  Plus more time with friends.

I’ve decided against setting up a website for selling my rugs right now.  It’s just too busy and I do not have time to concentrate on it or get organized for it.


Yesterday’s distraction = Denmark

The finished star ornaments. :)

The finished star ornaments.

Yesterday I was distracted by planning a trip to Denmark.  Hubby has wanted to go for some time.  He’s a family history buff and is writing a book.  He’s about reached the limits for research options online and in Canada.  He wants to go and actually see places and take photos.  So I costed out a one month trip and sighed in dismay.  Denmark is an expensive place to visit!

I finished reading Chronic Condition finally.  It was a tough slog for me.  The Canadian health care system is very complicated and very sick.  I don’t know what the answers are.  One of the answers the author suggests is making a federal drug plan that purchases all the drugs for everyone in the country, and is partially paid for by automatic deductions from our paychecks.  In fact, he likes the idea of a patient partial payment for services too, to avoid overuse of the health care system.  I do not like that.  It penalizes people who are genetically predisposed to bad health.  At any rate, Chronic Condition is a thought provoking read, and I think a necessary read if one wants to carry on an intelligent conversation about Canada’s health care system.

I read more of The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide by Dr. David Miklowitz too.  Also scanned ahead a bit, reading key sections.  I need to go back and slow down and take my time reading it.  I’m not a fast reader.  However the material in this book is good and worth the read.

On the rug hooking front… I finished the 8 star ornaments!  Now onto the 8 circle ornaments. 🙂

Our Anniversary

There were thousands of geese on this unnamed lake making an awful racket!

There were thousands of geese on this unnamed lake making an awful racket!

Lots happening now we’re back from vacation!  Sunday was our 35th wedding anniversary.  We had a blast!  We live near the Qu’Appelle River valley.  It’s a big valley that is home to many market gardens and a few quaint towns…one of which is Lumsden.  So we headed out to check out the market gardens and found a treasure trove of autumnal images…

Last Import - 1 of 16Last Import - 3 of 16Then headed to the Chinese restaurant in Lumsden for a very delicious meal, before heading home via the back roads and a small town called Pense.  We arrived home about time for tea and a nap.

We realized there was an art show on, so we hoofed to the Prairie Artist Guild’s Fall Show and Sale.  It was the third day of the sale and most of the good work was already sold.  But we were able to see some fine work, especially by Larry Jackson, a local watercolour artist.

In celebration of our anniversary we watched the first Star Wars movie that came out in the evening.  It was released in 1977, but was one of the first movies Hubby ever took me to when we were dating in 1979/80.

All in all a great day!

Yesterday I was back into the swing of things.  I took my Etsy shop off vacation mode, and posted ten more items for sale.

I also got back to sketching.  No twist crayons here, so I’m using watercolour pencils.  It feels a bit different.  A bit messier to control.  But still, it’s good practice to use different media.

Last Import - 4 of 4

Look What’s Up!

Paisley Prairie Sky - 12

Paisley Prairie Sky – 12″ x 12″ – $150CAD

Home at last!  But not before stopping at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Boutique in Saskatoon to drop off some artwork for sale! 🙂

Check out what’s up for sale and if you’re interested contact Donna at: 306-653-3616 ext. 0.  I have “Paisley Prairie Sky”, “Rose Hips”, and “Ripening Saskatoons” up for sale there at the moment.


“Rose Hips” $300


“Ripening Saskatoons” $250

Also for sale are more Prairie Sky 6″ wall hangings with funky skies for $60 each.  Plus they have some “Star Rug” blank greeting cards for $5 each.  Check it out! 🙂


Hope everyone has a great day!  I plan to! 🙂

Heading Home

Today we’re heading home.  Time to drop some inventory off at the SCC Boutique in the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon.

Yesterday was busy with family.  Had a great time in Edmonton.  It was nice to see everyone again. 🙂

Today I hope to finish reading Chronic Condition by Jeffrey Simpson, and read more in Simply Modern by Deanne Fitzpatrick.

More Sketching

Sketching doesn't have to be great art.  It just has to get the basic shapes and colours down.  Sometimes not even that.  I enjoy using my sketches as a base and "mixing it up" in my wall hangings.

Sketching doesn’t have to be great art. It just has to get the basic shapes and colours down. Sometimes not even that. I enjoy using my sketches as a base and “mixing it up” in my wall hangings.

Had a great time sketching more yesterday.  Took photos of interesting designs and shapes in the place we are staying.

I also read more of Simply Modern.  As well as more of Chronic Condition on Canada’s health care system.

We spent the evening visiting family and having a great time.

I am surrounded at Dad’s by lots of visual stimulation.  Lots of ideas for hooked wall art, and just plain art in general.  Lots of colour ideas too!  Really, ideas are all around us everywhere.  We just need to train our eyes to see them.  It helps to have a healthy dose of “what if…?”

Last Import - 2 of 23 Last Import - 8 of 23 Last Import - 9 of 23 Last Import - 11 of 23 Last Import - 13 of 23 Last Import - 16 of 23 Last Import - 17 of 23


Some sketches

Some sketches

I spent time yesterday going through some photos I’ve taken on the trip and sketching them in very simplified form using basic Twist Crayons I found at my dad’s place.  It’s been a while since I made time to sketch.  I discovered lots of designs for wall hangings.  I am going to have to do this on a regular basis.  I am still suffering from too many ideas and not enough time to hook!

Yesterday we also hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for some of Hubby’s family at my dad’s.  We did a quick shopping trip and had people coming bring something – a potluck Thanksgiving.  We had way too much food, so I sent lots home with people.

Spent time organizing my week.  Today will be another slow day.  We’re heading off to visit some family.  We’ll see what transpires beyond that.  Maybe more sketching…

Last Import - 1 of 2



Moose Lake

Moose Lake

Leaves falling

Leaves falling

We left Kamloops Saturday morning and drove through to Jasper National Park. We stopped many places along the way to explore and take photos. We discovered Valemount, B.C. is a busy little community even on a holiday weekend.

An old steam engine at Jasper train station in Alberta...right outside our hotel.

An old steam engine at Jasper train station in Alberta…right outside our hotel.

We made it to Jasper townsite by suppertime. We walked the town and finally settled on eating at an East Indian buffet. It was so good!  Excellent choice for us, though I reacted to the food. I dislike having food intolerances. We stayed at the quaint Whistlers Inn.

We were able to visit family in Salmon Arm and Jasper area. Now we’re in Edmonton organizing the few days we have here. Lots more relatives and friends to check up on before heading home.

Today I’m preparing a ham dinner for a second Thanksgiving for extended family who enjoyed turkey yesterday.

I’ve been reading Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Simply Modern on the road. I am loving all the exercises and activities in it. I cannot wait to get home to try some out.

I am also reading The Art of Creativity by Rod Judkins.  It too, is giving me a lot of ideas to try.

Our last day in Victoria

Last Import - 12 of 120 Last Import - 2 of 120Yesterday we slept in and didn’t get up till 8 AM.  By 9 AM we were at Sam’s Deli & Bistro eating breakfast again.  We went back to the Inn before hopping in the car and going for a drive.

Victoria has wonderful scenic drives around the peninsula, and we chose to head to Fisherman’s Wharf and drive next to the seashore on Dallas Drive, over to Oak Bay for lunch.

Last Import - 1 of 9 Last Import - 7 of 9We stopped at a rocky beach that was inundated with very well fed pigeons and seagulls.

Then we headed to the Oak Bay shopping district.  Checked out some art galleries.  I was talking to the owner of one of them and let slip I was in town for a rug hooking conference.  She quickly showed me two fibre pieces I had overlooked, thinking they were watercolours.  Another customer quickly piped up to ask if I knew her friend who was also at the conference.  The name sounded familiar.  Even Victoria is a small place sometimes!

We had lunch at a small hole in the wall cafe called Saffron.  Limited menu items, but great Persian food!  We had a chicken stew with saffron rice.  They also serve gluten free and dairy free food.

Last Import - 17 of 120After that we headed off to Craigdarroch Castle – the old home of Robert and Joan Dunsmuir that is in the process of being restored.  I was taken with all the visual inspiration in the place.  Lots of ideas for rugs and art in general.  We took a couple of hours to finish going through the museum…and ran my iPhone battery down to zilch taking photos.

Spent the evening with friends.   The best way to end our stay here in Victoria.

And it’s started!

Empress Hotel

The good ol’ Empress Hotel…where we spent our honeymoon 35 years ago!

Walking back along the harbour.

Walking back along the harbour.

The 8th TIGHR Tri-ennial conference started yesterday.  But not before we managed to fit in more sightseeing and checking out more eateries. 🙂

We started the morning by walking up to Sam’s Deli for a delightful breakfast. They open at 7 AM and have lots of choices, but no gluten free.   Walked back by the harbour.

I actually spent the morning resting and rug hooking.  Yes, I hooked on more Christmas ornaments.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

The Crust Bakery, Victoria, B.C.

Come late morning Hubby and I went out in search of lunch.  We found this neat little bakery tucked away beside Russell Books.  It serves savoury as well as sweet baked goods.  Excellent food!

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Russell Books, Victoria, B.C.

Of course, it was beside a bookstore…so we just had to go in…  Have I mentioned that my other addiction besides stash building is book collecting?  I have to call it ‘collecting’ because it seems I never have time to read them.  But there  you go.  I have hopes and dreams…they’re really good books after all. 😉

We raced back to the Inn to register for the conference.  No way were we finished with Russell Books, but it just has to wait for another time.  I dropped off my rugs for the Back to Nature exhibit and went back upstairs to chill out for a bit.

But not for long!  Hubby decided he wanted to take me to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria.  So off we went to see that and the attached Spencer Mansion, which was a surprise.  We didn’t know it was there.

There are wonderful exhibits at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria right now.  Some Emily Carr and people who worked with her, Anna Banana, Chinese scholar exhibit, and Women Artists Self-portraits.  Actually there is a crazy quilt to die for in that last exhibit.

Shinto shrine

Shinto shrine

After checking around the gallery we went into the Japanese garden courtyard to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Spencer Mansion

Spencer Mansion

We checked out the Spencer Mansion before coming back to the Inn.

We were just in time to do a quick change and come down for the Welcome and Wine and Cheese Reception.  It was a bit overwhelming and loud, but wonderful too.  All that talent in one place!  Who to talk to first?  I clammed up and sat on a chair waiting for people to come to me…which is never a good idea.  A lot of people knew each other and were traveling together.  Hubby and I sat, drank, ate, and soaked up the scene, chatting with people.

The appetizers were not enough to make a supper for us, so we headed back to Fisherman’s Wharf.  This time to Barb’s Fish and Chips!  Yum! 🙂

Came back to the hotel to view the Back to Nature and Emily Carr exhibits and was wowed by some gorgeous work!

But first there were all the friendship mats people had hooked and exchanged!  These are a great study in technique and style in and of themselves.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship Mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship mats.

Friendship Mats

Friendship Mats

Then the Back to Nature exhibit…

B2N thru the trees B2N subdivision B2N riptide B2N queen annes lace B2N purses B2N my rugs B2N Borealis Moose B2N beachThen the Emily Carr exhibit.  I just took photos of a few, primarily skies, because that’s what I’m interested in hooking.

B2N skies 3 B2N skies 2 B2N skies 1 B2N rocking chair

 There are a lot more pieces to see than I have room for in this post.  If you are in Victoria area I urge you to come visit Tuesday from 4 – 7 PM to check out the work.  A wide variety of styles and techniques are on display.  Admission is $10.

Victoria, B.C., Canada

We had great fun yesterday in downtown Victoria.  We ordered a room service breakfast to start the day…just because we could!  Let me tell you, the room service at The Inn on Laurel Point is great!  So is the food!  Once again, we were so hungry we ate before taking a photo.  I make a lousy food photo journalist!

Plane arriving, boat leaving.

Plane arriving, boat leaving.

Garden along the walkway by the ocean.

Garden along the walkway by the ocean.

Rhododendrons in bloom!

Rhododendrons in bloom!

We were well stoked for our day of walking.  First we walked on the walkway by the harbour for a while.  Then we took the car a ways up Douglas Street towards downtown.  Parked it and walked a few blocks.  Checked out the Rocky Mountain Confectionary for a caramel apple.  Then checked out the Irish Store.  And then Munro’s Books.  We have a weakness for bookstores… 🙂

Had lunch at the Market on Hudson.  We wandered through the market a few times, and finally the lady from the Community Kitchen surmised what we were up to – checking out  what would make a good lunch.  She came out with a big smile and started selling us on her Thai food.  I had to chuckle.  In the end she convinced us to share a very good Pad Thai.

We walked back to the car and went for a drive through Beacon Hill Park, stopping for a photo shoot.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

View from Beacon Hill Park.

Came home for a nap.  All the walking was tiring me out!  Hubby was up before me and making noises that indicated I’d better get up too! 🙂

He had plans…so we walked to the Robert Bateman Centre a few blocks away and enjoyed an hour going through the exhibits before it closed.  I wished I had more time, and ear buds for my iPhone.  They have an app of Robert Bateman telling about each of the pieces of his work.  It was great!  But it disturbed other visitors to the Centre, so I used it sparingly.

One of the features of one of the galleries at the Centre were sound recordings of birdsong to accompany the paintings of different birds.  The place sounded like a veritable jungle when everyone got in there passing their hands over the sensors that initiated the birdsong!

We walked back to The Inn and spent time deciding where to have supper.  One of the difficulties with The Inn is their dining room is somewhat smallish and there is a notice up to make reservations ahead of time, even for breakfast.   We decided we would explore the environs a bit.  After all, we are within walking distance of Fisherman’s Wharf and the eateries there.

Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, B.C.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria, B.C.

Fisherman's Wharf, Victoria, B.C.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Victoria, B.C.

So last evening we walked down to the Wharf and found The Fish Shop.  I wanted a salad with salmon and I got it.  Hubby had the tuna wrap and loved it!  Wonderful food and wonderful entertainment by two harbour seals looking for handouts.  They didn’t get any. 🙂

Harbour Seal

Harbour Seal

Last Import - 32 of 34

My empty container of food, because I was too hungry to think about photographing food before eating it! Again… 🙂

Today is the official start of the TIGHR Tri-ennial Conference.  Looking forward to registering and getting acquainted with people.  Hubby wants to take me to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria today. 🙂


Part of our view from the balcony.

The view from our balcony. 🙂

We’ve arrived as far west as we can go…the waterfront of Victoria, B.C.  My!  Is it lovely here!  We had a great trip today.  We left the Day’s Inn in Kamloops this morning and drove straight through to Hope.

A word about the Day’s Inn folks.  We stopped by happenstance at one in Swift Current, SK.  If you are a big breakfast person the Day’s Inn is where it’s at!  Waffles, pancakes, sausage, syrup, hard boiled eggs, yogurt and fruit, dry cereal, hot cereal, fresh fruit, many kinds of breads (toast, bagels, muffins), and many different kinds of drinks.  I was impressed.  The Kamloops Day’s Inn was $90 CAD for the night for a room with 2 queen beds.  We can handle that!  Not only that, but the beds were good and the room quiet.

We stopped at McDonald’s in Hope for a bathroom break and a snack.  It’s the first time in years I’ve eaten at McDonald’s.  I’m not missing much.  The snack was yogurt, fruit and granola.  It was way too sweet.  But it did get us on our way again.

Bridal Veil Falls, B.C.

Bridal Veil Falls, B.C.

We also stopped and had a great hike up to Bridal Veil Falls.  It was a challenge for me – it’s a steep uphill – but I made it to the observation area.  We took lots of photos.

Made it to the ferry terminal early and ended up on an early afternoon ferry to Vancouver Island.  We were on the Celebration.  Enjoyed a “lupper” (lunch/supper) at White Spot.  Great food!  Knit a bit.  Shopped a bit.  Hubby took a few photos.  I rested.

BooktownWe left the ferry for Sidney.  Sidney is a beautiful little town.  We were intrigued by the Booktown area they have.  There are several bookstores in downtown Sidney.  I think we visited 5 or 6, and walked by 1 or 2 others of no interest to us.  I did not escape without buying a book!  I found Deanne Fitzpatrick’s Simply Modern for sale at Tanner’s Books. 🙂

Simply ModernIt started to rain quite hard.  We hoofed it back to the car and made the final run for Victoria.  Finally made it to our hotel by 6 PM.  It is plush.  Our room overlooks the harbour.  I am going to be spoiled this week.

Our room... :)

Our room… 🙂

The Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains

Rocky Mountains

Yesterday we traveled through the Rockies to Kamloops, BC.  Aside from a mild case of car sickness I did fine!  We stopped in Canmore for gas and snacks, Field, BC for lunch, Revelstoke to calm my stomach, and Salmon Arm for a walk and supper.  Made it to Kamloops around 7 PM. 🙂

Some photos of the trip…

Close up of lily pads.

Close up of lily pads.  McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Water lilies

Water lilies, McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, B.C.


Roses, McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, B.C.

Weeping Willow tree

Weeping Willow tree, McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, B.C.

McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, BC.

McGuire Lake Park, Salmon Arm, BC.

The train stopped at Field, BC.

The train stopped at Field, BC.

Lichen on a roadside rock.

Lichen on a roadside rock in Banff National Park.

Ducks in the lake.

Ducks in McGuire Lake, Salmon Arm.

Today we’re on the final run into Victoria! 🙂

Okotoks, Alberta

A place where there’s stuff to do! Yesterday we walked along the pedestrian path to the downtown core of Okotoks.

Fall foliage along the path.

Fall foliage along the path.

Along the Sheep River.

Along the Sheep River.

The Sheep River which runs through Okotoks, AB.

The Sheep River which runs through Okotoks, AB.

We had a great time walking about the town.

Last Import - 16 of 30

Downtown Okotoks, AB

We walked part of the river path through to the Okotoks Library where we were entertained by books and signage.

Last Import - 15 of 30

A library with a sense of humour! 🙂

We also walked down the main street to a quilt shop.  I didn’t buy anything.  I can’t believe it!

We crossed the street to check out the Okotoks Art Gallery.  Interesting modern landscape paintings on display by Billie Ray Busby.

And we had snack, including a gluten free chocolate square at a delightful coffee house with these gorgeous pieces of stained glass in the windows!

Last Import - 18 of 30 Last Import - 20 of 30We walked along the pathway back to where we were staying…and I had a nap.

Last Import - 22 of 30 Last Import - 23 of 30 Last Import - 27 of 30Supper was Herbed Pork Chops, a mix of garden veggies stir fried, some spiced and microwaved potatoes, a tossed salad, with a dessert of fruit salad and ice-cream.  A fitting end to a long afternoon walk and busy day!

Hope everyone has a great day! 🙂

Gallery time

Had a great time this afternoon gallery hopping in the gallery district of Edmonton on 124th St.! 🙂

Started with the Daffodil Gallery on the west side of the street and walked down to the Douglas Udell Gallery and the Lando Gallery.  I liked the Daffodil Gallery a lot.  Friendly people, a variety of artwork.

We also went up the east side of the street.  There were five or six galleries there.  One is the Bearsclaw Gallery which represents First Nations artists across Canada.  Lovely work.

We also stepped into the West End Gallery.  I really liked the variety in there – stone, metal, ceramic, and paintings.

What was missing?  Fibre.  From all the galleries.  They claim they don’t have a clientele for fibre.  Hmm…they suggested if I was interested in fibre to go to the Alberta  Craft Council Gallery.  Hmm…that’s a pretty packed gallery!

I did find out after I left Calgary that there is a major folk art gallery there.  Ah well…maybe this fall…

I did make contacts, but I also learned that fibre is not popular in Edmonton.  I discovered that the galleries are not doing well right now, and that buyers are skittish with a new NDP government in town.   I am hoping by fall things will have calmed down a bit and I will get a better feel for what’s happening on the Alberta art scene.

On the road again…

Hi everyone.  Today’s post is from downtown Okotoks, Alberta, Canada.  Well, almost downtown.  We’re house sitting for a friend of family.

The drive over was fun.  We stopped at Chaplin Lake, Saskatchewan to walk through their eco-museum and chat with the park interpreters.  Chaplin Lake is a major flyway for migratory shorebirds in Saskatchewan.  Always interesting to see what’s on the lake.

Then we stopped at Morse, Saskatchewan to see their museum and have tea in their Victorian tea room.  We had a personalized tour from Becky, a new guide at the museum.  Found a couple of rugs in their displays.

The rest of the drive was uneventful, as we were running late and didn’t dare stop until suppertime.  Then we were in Strathmore, Alberta and stopped at The Station Restaurant.  The Station is an old railway station that’s been turned into a restaurant.  Great ambience and great food!

Lucille’s memorial service went well yesterday.  It was a chance to celebrate her life and renew old friendships and chat with family we haven’t seen in ages.

We had a 2 hour drive to the location of the memorial service, which took us right through lovely Bragg Creek, Alberta.  We stopped both going and coming.  I chatted up a gallery owner while there.  He is closing up shop he says.  He does more business online and cannot see the need for a $6000/mth. brick and mortar gallery anymore.   Sad news when gallery owners can’t earn their keep.  He said that people were not buying like they used to.  Maybe a skittish Albertan province now the NDP are in power?  We’ll see.  I asked him about Calgary folk art galleries that might sell fibre art.  He did not know of any.

We also had a lovely dinner at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant.  It was hurried, unfortunately, but lovely.

Today we are up and on our way to beautiful Edmonton, Alberta.

Sorry for the lack of photos in my post.  I have yet to figure how to get the photos off my iPhone and onto my Mac.   Sad, I know. 🙁

N.B.  Posted this late as I did not have time this morning.  Hope you enjoy reading it anyways. 🙂

Saturday Review

Okra - 12

Okra – 12″ x 12″ – $150 CAD

Weyburn fibre art show, Join the Thread, is at Signal Hill Art Centre in July and August!  Be sure to check it out!  See Okra and Paisley Prairie Sky in person!  Check out the fibre art all over town!  I am planning to go there myself. 🙂 rose-hips-1This week’s main achievement was to finish Rose Hips.

Wascana Creek

Wascana Creek

Aside from that I managed a bit of plein air hooking by the creek.

I spent a lot of time preparing for our trip.

fabric-4-kitsI did pull out fibre for student kits, but did not have time to put them together.

Due to a sudden thunderstorm and hail, and the fact I was busy packing, I did not make the Dimensions 2015 opening reception last evening.  That, plus Hubby had to take our car to do some last minute shopping.

I decided to take some sketching supplies with me on our trip. 🙂 Also hoping to squeeze some rug hooking supplies in the car for the trip, but not sure there will be room.

Moose and Mountains - Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern -18 x 31

Moose and Mountains – Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern -18 x 31″

Other news?  USPS has officially declared Moose & Mountains lost in the mail.  I had to refund the buyer this week and Canada Post is sending me a cheque to cover its value. I’m glad I bought insurance.

I requested that Moose & Mountains be returned to me if ever found. So if anyone sees it, please photograph it in situ and let me know. I will contact the proper authorities. My email is <jo6865@gmail.com>.

Also my plein air pieces for Sauder Village are safely stateside and on their way to a fellow rug hooker to get to the camp at the proper time.

Lots of business stuff this past week, not much hooking.  Hope to do more hooking in the weeks to follow.  🙂