Weekly Review


Awaiting new hang tags

Hmm…I actually gave most of my weekly review yesterday.

I did manage to finish photographing all my wall hangings…at least the 6″ square ones.  I notice I have to replace hang tags on some of them.  Then it’s into zippered plastic bags they go to protect them from little fingers at the Street Fair.  Seems there’s always lots of ice-cream and ketchup at the Street Fair!  And rightly so.  What would a street fair be without hot dogs and ice-cream?

I also posted 25 draft listings to Etsy.  They will go live after the Street Fair.  And, fair warning, I will be shutting down the option to buy from this site after the Street Fair.  I am streamlining things so I don’t have two people trying to buy the same item at the same time on two different platforms.  So if you are interested in purchasing any of my work, please go to my Etsy shop, JLT Studios.

An update on my rug hooking class for the two students I tutor.  Apparently they both were busy as little beavers and worked until they ran out of fiber.  They came back this week all excited, asking for more fiber to finish their pieces.  So I gave them some.  They wanted all fresh new cut wool.  No worms!  What a hoot.  I cut it for them while they worked on another project.


Ready to go!

Weekly Review


Well I did accomplish more on Dancing Tree.  But I am not saying when I will complete it anymore!  I have about half of the sky to hook, and then there’s the blocking and finishing.


I also knit an extra couple of inches on the cellular baby blanket.

This week I’ve been adjusting to having a new boarder in the house. He is very congenial, but has a wonky schedule.  I provide supper for him, and his schedule is making it difficult to find time to cook and eat, what with everything else we do.

I have also been doing a bit of extra tutoring, which looks like a permanent side gig till the end of the school year.  I enjoy the little tykes.  They have personality and they are not afraid of saying what’s on their minds.  However I do have to attend to shopping for supplies as we are mostly doing project based learning.  And that is taking a fair bit more time than I anticipated.  We are currently meeting three times a week.


I’ve prepared the rug hooking lesson for the two boys.  A big shout out to Karen Miller for giving me an idea on how to approach it in an affordable way.   We went to Michaels craft store and picked up the supplies.  I hope this will work for the boys.


And tonight is pizza night at our place!  The boys are staying for supper with their mom and making pizza from their own pizza cookbook. 🙂

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂


Inspiration Wednesday

I’ve been having a great time tutoring two little boys.  They keep gravitating to my rug hooking frame and trying to hook.  They are six and eight years old.  I think I’ll try them with a piece of linen and a frame the next time I see them.  Their mother is in favor of me giving them “life experiences” and “doing crafts” with them, as well as teaching writing…which is what I was originally asked to do.  So today they sat down and drew a basic picture on half of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  Friday I’ll show them how to transfer it to backing and start to hook.

Part of our lesson yesterday was to make some blackberry ink and use it to write a letter.  Well the boys made it and drew on paper with it using calligraphy pens, but they decided it would take too long to write a letter with it.  So we re-arranged the sentences we had written previously, editing out some unwanted ones, and I ended up typing the letter on the computer.  They, though, drew pictures with labels on them, to accompany the letter.

The blackberry ink recipe we used?  One half cup blackberries, 1/2 tsp. white vinegar, 1/2 tsp. salt.  Mash the blackberries real well.  Put them through a sieve so you just have juice.  Add the vinegar and salt to set and preserve the ink.  Use as a wash in drawings/paintings, or to write.  I have no idea how fugitive this ink is.  I’m testing it now.

So here are the blackberries and the equipment for the experiment.  I have to admit, the second container of blackberries was eaten…

Blackberry Ink - 1Blackberry Ink - 3Blackberry Ink - 4Blackberry Ink - 5Blackberry Ink - 6


Weekly Review

Well this week didn’t exactly turn out as planned.  I spent a lot of time on tax stuff.  My email has been acting up.  So I ended up making more phone calls than I’d like.  But it’s done now.  It’s solved.

Also spent time planning and preparing for our new boarder to move in, including two or three grocery shopping trips different places and times.  Normally I do one run a week.  But this week I renewed my Costco membership and did a serious shop there.

I also spent time preparing for my tutoring sessions this week.  I’ve signed up for a free class to brush up on teaching K-3 kids.  I have not done it in a while and feel I could use a refresher course.  It starts mid-May.  However I have access to some of the resources now, and have been reading them.

I also have hooked a bit on Dancing Tree, but have not hooked as much as I would have liked.

And I have not knit a stitch on the Cellular Baby Blanket.

I have been doing a lot of future planning this week.  For some reason spring is when I like to do my planning, not the New Year.  Hopefully next week I’ll get on track again.



WIP – Wascana Creek

Last Import - 1 of 1

I did finish the water yesterday, and now I’m onto the grass surrounding the creek.  I’m not likely to finish all of it today, but will do a fair chunk.  I’m getting a late start this morning, having slept in.

I understand we will have some welcome company today as well.  And I will be tutoring ESL this evening.  Nothing like a varied day to keep you alert and stimulated!  🙂

Monday Meanderings

My plans for this week are a bit mixed.  Hubby is off work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning.  Means I have the car to run around town and do errands, as well as drop more things off at thrift stores and donation sites across the city.

I have company coming this afternoon and Thursday evening…so far.  I’m not really into counting my company.  They are what I call “pleasant distraction”. 🙂 I also have a new student for English tutoring.  We’ll see how that pans out.

I’ve started my Wascana Creek wall hanging.  It’s a larger rug for me – 16″ x 23″.  There will be a lot of greens in it.  I need to assess what I have and proceed carefully here.  Otherwise it will end up looking like chop suey!

Wascana Creek

Wascana Creek

Spring is sprung

WIP-Spring-ASorry for the lack of photos in previous posts.  I am having challenges negotiating the new setup with PhotoShop Elements.  It takes twice as long to process and upload a photo these days, and when I am busy I just do not have the time.

Today I’m working on another small spring wall hanging.  It is not coming along as I would like.  I am having difficulties with the sky.  I will try to resolve them this morning and get a move on!

So much to do, so little time…

I am hoping to take a break tonight and head to the church to tutor some ESL with other members of the church.  We have a number of teachers sick and on holidays.

It’s a beautiful day here…sunny skies, no wind.  But alas, it’s only 2 C.  Too cold to go outside and hook!  Will stick to the indoors except for a walk today…unless it warms up significantly in the next couple of hours.

Week in Review


Finished six rugettes for sale.  Another six to go.

Dyed more yellow fiber and red fiber too.

Posted two wall hangings on Etsy.

Retouching some photos for Christmas cards.

Finished hemming Lost Soul.  Now to attach a hanging system to it.  It is heavy enough to require the museum quality hanging system of hook and loop tape and hardwood.

Sketching and reading.

Trying to find a comparable product and price for my business cards and greeting cards.  Have to remember to phone them next week.

In non-rug hooking news, I cancelled my ESL tutoring gig.

What’s on my plate today?

WIP-PS-OC-7-2Finished the first rugette for one fall order.  Onto the next. 🙂

Dropped my business card and a greeting card at a local print shop yesterday.  It does not sound hopeful that they can beat the price I get from MOO.  Even with exchange and shipping.  But I will not know until later today or Wednesday.  The person who sets the price will be in today I hope. They did tell me they could give me the same quality, no problem.  So that part is good.

Enjoyed the gym yesterday.  My ESL student got the time of his lesson mixed up and came about 15 minutes before I had to leave for the gym.  I took a quick look at his essay outline, corrected a bit of usage, told him how I wanted the essay structured, and sent him off home to work on it.  I will see him again Friday.

I have Lost Soul all steam pressed and ready to hem.  I plan to start that today.

I managed to fit in some sketching and reading last evening.  Finally onto Wild Fibers magazines.

Still thinking about more dyeing.  We will see what the weather is like.  If it is hot, I will pass on it.  If it is overcast and cool then I will pull out the pot and dyes and see what damage I can do. 🙂


Weekly Review

raspberry-jamHooked every day this week.  I am slowly getting back to where I was before my sojourn in the hospital. 

  • I hooked on Prairie Sky and Lost Soul
  • Finished spinning the two orange wools I bought. 
  • I managed to pick up the sunroom studio a bit.  I have plans for the rest of it.
  • I did some sketching.  Not much, but some.
  • I read some of the ATHA’s Rugger’s Companion.

Other happenings?  I fit in two ESL tutoring sessions for my student.  I gave him an easy weekend this weekend.  Not much homework.  I am teaching him how to build words in English to increase his vocabulary.  He is doing okay.  It just takes him a while to feel confident enough to speak up.

I was to the gym twice, and had a medical appointment.  Also had a friend over one afternoon.

I canned some raspberry jam.  A friend brought me two gallons of raspberries the other night, I canned some of them before bed, put some of them in the fridge to eat, and froze the rest.

Taking it easy this weekend as hubby is off work.  Will be running errands today and shopping for flooring for the kitchen. 

List Accomplished! Almost…

Well I did everything on the list yesterday, except sketch.  But I did find my sketchbook and get it out!  That is a start.

I hooked more on the border of Lost Soul.  Finished the third side.  Onto the fourth.

I took photos of all my rugs that did not have photos.  I edited them for Etsy.  I uploaded one rug, Abstract #1, to Etsy last night for sale.

And I printed off not only the label for Mud Fight!, but also the label for Goldfish.  Which means I better get it started and finished by the end of the year! 🙂

Today’s agenda? 

  • gym
  • tutoring
  • Lost Soul
  • sketching
  • clean up my sunroom rug hooking studio

Tangled Tuesday

WIP-LS-1No spinning or hooking yesterday…oh wait!  I did pull a few loops on Lost Soul.  It is my next project to finish.  Just three quarters of the border to go!

Other than that, yesterday saw me at the gym and home, napping, and planting seeds in pots.  A little late, but late is better than never.  I still have not planted all the pots.  I did as much as my back would allow.

Spent the evening tutoring English to a schoolgirl from South Korea.  She is fun and does pretty good.

A friend at our church ESL group made me a Korean dish I could eat – Japchae without sugar.  Yum!  I had to try some when I came back home.  So good!  I am hiding it from our South Korean boarder, or else I might not get anymore! 🙂

Today will be a bit different too.  Hubby and I will be working more on the house and yard.  We have a contractor coming to look at our kitchen this week.  Yes, we are embarking on a kitchen remodel.  I am contemplating ways to make the dining room workable for an eat in kitchen and a dye kitchen.

I also need to do a bit of clothes shopping.  That is always an experience for me due to my size and shape.  Wish me luck!

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