Hello World!

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Welcome to my new website! 

It is currently under construction.

I hope to have it active by January 1st, 2017.

Until then, if you are interested in seeing more of my work, catching up with what I’m doing, or purchasing work or supplies, check out my blog at jeanottosen.com and my Etsy shop at JLT Studios.

Work is also available through the SCC Fine Craft Boutique in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

A nice surprise!

blog M&M 1

Moose and Mountains – Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern -18 x 31″ – $450CAD

It’s been an interesting week.  Look who came home!  Yep, Moose & Mountains found its way from my place in Regina, to O’Hare International Processing Centre in Chicago, and then we lost track of it.  It was supposedly heading for South Carolina, but never showed up.  That was last spring.

Fast forward to September.  I am on my business page on Facebook one day when a post appears.  A lady named Alice had Moose & Mountains in Philadelphia!

The story is it actually showed up in a shipment to a Philadelphia auto shop.  They didn’t know what it was, but knew Alice to be a crafty lady.  So they gave it to her to deal with.  She did an Internet search and, with a bit of sleuthing, turned up my business page on Facebook.

However that’s not the end of the story.  Alice went away for holidays and I didn’t hear from her for a long time.  I figured the wall hanging was gone for good.  Imagine my delight at seeing an email from Alice last weekend saying she was sending it via UPS and it should arrive in two days!  Well, it took four, but it arrived…safe and sound!  Thank-you Alice!…and UPS!

So now it is adorning the back of my living room love seat.  I look at it and marvel at where it’s been and the power of the Internet.  So glad the lost is found.  Moral of story: use UPS to ship items to the USA.

They’re coming today

Today is the day.  The excavators are coming to dig up my sewer and water line and jackhammer out part of the basement. I won’t get much done. But hopefully that job will be finished by tonight. We’ll see.  Off to get up and get ready. Have a great day everyone!


Last Import - 1 of 1 (1)A very bad photo taken quickly out the front door.  They’re still at it 10 hours later.  We will have water and sewer by the time they leave they say.  They also say this has been one of the worst jobs they’ve had in 20 years of experience.  Tomorrow they come back to fill in the hole in the basement floor and the front yard.

I am shuddering thinking of the bill.  But we did get a quote up front, so hopefully it won’t be too far off.  Though they did admit they had to dig out more of the basement than they thought, and that would “cost a few hundred extra”.  Welcome to our house!

No rug hooking today…

Today we start on this walk and shrub bed …

The front walk and shrubs that have to be removed this weekend.

The front walk and shrubs that have to be removed this weekend.

which have to be removed from the front yard.  Our sewer and water lines need to be replaced. 🙁

Driving Day

A busy day driving and visiting family.  Took the 8 AM ferry from Vancouver Island to the mainland.  Drove through to Kamloops, and then Salmon Arm to visit family.  On our way to Jasper tomorrow.

Wednesday Happenings

Not sure what’s going on today. I’m flying by the seat of my pants, as we say here.  I am playing hooky and hanging out with a friend.  I hope to get to crafting this afternoon and take my knitting.  We’ll see. 

Hope everyone has a grand day!

Internet out

Our local Wi Fi is down. I’m using my iPhone to connect. Could be short posts till it’s fixed in the next couple of days. ?. Hope everyone is having a better day than we are!  We are having windy and rainy weather.

Back Home!

Back home and taking a short break before heading onto my next project.  I think I will be dyeing fibre next week to get the right shades and number of shades for the unripe saskatoon wall hanging. 🙂  Lots of light green coming up…

A review of the week reveals I did zero sketching, some photography, and some checking out of galleries in Alberta.  I mostly spent time with family and celebrating the life of my rug hooking teacher – a truly talented and phenomenal woman.

Tomorrow I will be doing laundry and re-organizing for next week.  Monday I will have to do some banking.  This is good.  I received payment for Moose & Mountains from Canada Post, bless their souls, and a check from one of the shops selling my work.  I’d rather have Moose & Mountains, but I guess the money for it is better than nothing.

Up and at ’em

Everyone is bouncing around overhead, so I guess it’s time to get up.  It’s 8 AM.  We’re in Edmonton right now.  We’re off to check out galleries and the public library today.  Also off to visit lots of extended family this evening.  I think I’ll reserve this afternoon for a nap!  We had a late night last night. 🙂

Didn’t think I’d have time to post

Here it is.  Saturday.  The day of the big Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.  And I’m ready about half an hour early!

Had a great time yesterday at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Social Media Workshop follow up.  Learned how to link Instagram to my Facebook business page and Twitter.  Learned I definitely need to caption all my photos on Instagram for Twitter!  Managed to receive record post reach on my Facebook business account.  Thanks for liking and sharing posts folks!  We also talked about some topics we could post on Facebook business pages and blogs.

This was followed by a lovely potluck dinner, a video, and lots of fun chatting and getting to know people.

I came home and Hubby and I packed the car to take all my stuff to the Street Fair today.

Today my goal is to survive the street fair and enjoy it!  It will be hot today, which will mean high attendance.   Usually if the weather is good the street fair can see up to 10,000 people coming through.  It can be crowded.

Well, hope everyone has a great day!  And if you’re local or in the area, stop by the booth at 13th and Rae St. (near the alley), introduce yourself and say “hi”!

Day Off

Hubby is off work today, and so I will be too. Lots of running around to do.  Hubby needs a new laptop and I may as well.  Yesterday we went and bought an external hard drive. I spent the evening and late afternoon transferring photos from my laptop. I am nowhere near finished.  I will continue that today. 

We also picked up a separate DVD playing device as my DVD player hasn’t worked on my laptop since before Christmas. We’ll hook that up today to my computer. Hubby had it working fine with his PC last evening.

Hopefully these two items will mean we can buy more affordable laptops.  It was going to cost me $700 extra to get 500 GB on a laptop.  And it cost us $190 for a 3TB external hard drive we can both use.

Running Late…

WIP-Spring-11aHere’s some eye candy until I get home from the gym and post a proper post!  Today is a busy day.  Hope I can fit in some rug hooking.  But we shall see.  Don’t know if my student is showing up for tutoring or not!  If so, no rug hooking.  If not, then rug hooking. 🙂

In My Studio

Hi everyone!  How was your weekend?  I had a fun break.  Hubby has been wanting to “get into” astronomy for some time.  So Saturday we bought him a pair of Skywatcher binoculars at Canadian Tire, on at almost half price for $80.  He tried to use them Saturday evening, but it was too cloudy.  Last evening we went out and not only saw Jupiter, but also some of its moons!  Pretty cool!

One thing about Hubby having these binoculars…he’s now absconded with my camera tripod to stabilize them for night viewing.  I suspect the camera tripod is a bit weak for the job, as everything wobbles quite easily.  Plus it’s not a tall enough tripod for Hubby.  I’m suspecting there will be a new tripod in our future…

I also spent time with friends on the weekend.  That felt good.

My plans for the week?

I’ve got to do some hooking!  Not sure about today, but I’ll try.  One meeting I had this week was cancelled, so that frees up some time mid-day Tuesday.  Means I have a clear day tomorrow to hook wall hangings.

I’m looking forward to accomplishing a lot this week. 🙂

Quick Post Folks

Spending the day on errands and in the back yard.  Cleaned up the patio.  Hubby is finishing off the heavy lifting of pots filled with dirt.  Bringing out the patio furniture is next!  Soon I’ll be all set for some plein air rug hooking! 🙂

Photo Day!

WIP-CS-4It was too windy yesterday for outdoor photos, but today is looking lovely!  I’ll be doing the photo shot this afternoon, after the sun goes round the other side of the house.

I finished the above wall hanging yesterday.  I also was able to prepare and order and will send it off this morning.

Today’s goal…photography.  I have some wall hangings back logged for photos for my portfolio. 🙂

Also, if I have time, another wall hanging to hook.

Up and at ’em!

My efforts yesterday were hampered by a 4 hour nap!  I’ve never done that before!  However today I’m up and out of the starting gate. 

Yesterday I did hear from a lady who needs help colour planning her first rug.  She had taken a class at rug camp. Apparently they didn’t color plan first. It will be interesting to see what she brings to show me when she comes to town next. 

Today’s activities definitely include hooking and photography. Time to post some things on Etsy.  

Crabapple Spring

WIP-CS-2Spent some time hooking a Crabapple Spring wall hanging yesterday.  Also prepared wall hangings for Dimensions 2015. 

I have photographed the remaining swatches and posted them for sale on the blog.  Will work on putting them on Etsy later today and this week.  There is a nice dark loden green with a white stripe in it, and a nice green, black, white and red plaid.  Beautiful stuff! 🙂  There are also a couple of striped fabrics I’m thinking I might try overdyeing to see how they fare.

I badly need to get outside to do some photography of my wall hangings. It’s a bit windy right now, but hopefully it will calm down later this afternoon.

Once I get the photos taken I can finish loading to Etsy and the blog for sale.

What’s the weather like where you are?  Anyone going to be out in it to take advantage of it?  I hear it’s supposed to be 20 C here today. I’m planning on taking advantage of it. ?

psw 068 - 25 swatches

psw 068 – 25 swatches

psw 067 - 4 swatches

psw 067 – 4 swatches

psw 066 - 4 swatches

psw 066 – 4 swatches

psw 065 - 12 swatches

psw 065 – 12 swatches

psw 064 - 16 swatches

psw 064 – 16 swatches

psw 063 - 15 swatches

psw 063 – 15 swatches

Late out of the starting gate

I’m a bit late getting up today. I’m hoping for nice warm weather and melted snow so I can take photos in the back yard and post some items on Etsy this afternoon. Otherwise it’s time to hook more wall hangings.  Plus I’d like to finish pressing and hemming Goldfish.  

Yesterday I was side tracked by a stamp collection of all things. I’m preparing it for sale. It’s taking me longer than I thought.  Took me four or five hours to put half the stamps into stock pages. I had no idea I had so many. 

Blog Break

Celebrating Easter and taking a weekend break from blogging.  Be back Tuesday morning.  Have a great holiday weekend everyone! 🙂

Friday Fun

WIP-PSunset-3Today is a bit of a mixed bag.  I plan on working more on Prairie Sunset.  I am finished the canola field and am onto the sky.  I did my research and checked my fibre for supplies to hook Prairie Sunset.  So far it is looking good.

I’ve been posting a fair bit on JLT Studios page on Facebook the last few days.  Still contemplating the direction I want to go with it.  Right now it is aimed at other rug hookers.  I am thinking I need to broaden my audience a bit.

I’ve succeeded in posting every day on this blog…despite some unusual situations.

I’ve been reading through When Talent Isn’t Enough.  Today’s topic was pricing…I’m still at the beginning of the book.  I’m taking my time and making notes on application.

I am really going slow with revamping my Etsy shop.  Right now Etsy is revamping their site for sellers.  I am waiting for them to slow down a bit before I try and load anything more.  I’ve signed up for an early March online course on Etsy selling.  I suspect I know most of what they are going to talk about, but there is a section on using SEO to acquire more views on your listings.  That I need…badly.

Hope everyone had a productive week. 🙂

Plans derailed

My mother-in-law passed away Sunday evening.  I will not be spending much time in my studio this week.  Hubby is preparing the eulogy.  We will be traveling to another province for the funeral, and our girls will be flying halfway across the continent for it. Spent most of yesterday on Skype, email, and phone making plans.

Today I will be preparing food for a road trip and putting more designs on backing. I chatted with the owner of one of the shops yesterday and she has enough inventory for spring she thinks. I will talk to the other shop assistant later this month.

I am planning some reading for the trip to the funeral. I am still working with iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue.  And I’m reading Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel.  And then there’s When Talent Isn’t Enough by Kristen Fischer. Those plus visiting with family will keep me plenty busy.