A New Look!

A New Look!

Welcome to my new website everyone!  Take a look around and tell me how you’re liking the new look by posting a comment below.  I welcome feedback.  🙂

The last month’s posts are missing on this blog, but that’s okay.  I’ll update you here.

Since the middle of September I’ve finished “Escapees”.

I’ve also been out plein air hooking at Echo Lake Provincial Park here in Saskatchewan.  It’s beautiful in the fall with golden yellow leaves on the trees against the bright blue prairie sky.  Here’s what I was hooking in.

The other side of the lake looked a bit barren though.  The leaves had already fallen and the golden brown of the grassy hills was showing through the bare dark branches.

The end result was a small approximately 5″ x 9″ piece I call simply “Echo Lake”.

I attended Art Now! in Regina this fall.  It was an inspiring event for me.  I was able to spend Saturday listening to presentations, and enjoy the artwork in-between sessions.

I’ve also been spelling off my hooking with knitting.  I’ve finished my Painted Desert Shawl by Karen Klein (available free on Ravelry) from Sea Turtle yarn.

I’ve been knitting some baby items… a hat and some mitts with an i-cord string attaching them.  I am currently working on this baby sweater, which requires I pick up stitches around the neck and down the front to knit a collar and button band.  I am knitting to learn new techniques.  I’m finding baby items ideal for this.  They are small and quick to knit…when I’m not distracted by other things… The patterns for these come from “60 Quick Baby Knits”.

I’ve also been spinning.  It’s come to my attention that I have a lot of fibre that needs to be spun.  I just had my wheel serviced and will be working, when I have time, to spin it up.  Here’s a couple of small skeins of old singles that I plied together to make yarn.  I will overdye these to make them usable.

And, now that Canadian Thanksgiving is over, my eye is turned towards the upcoming Christmas season.  To that end I diverted myself to scrapbooking last week.  My daughter was married about twelve years ago and I promised her a wedding scrapbook.  I think twelve years is a long enough wait!  I had the tools, the time, and the money to finish it off.  Traditional scrapbooking is not cheap! It is my daughter’s Christmas gift this year.

On September 23rd I took part in Sunrise Library’s Old Fashioned Fair.  Sunrise Library is a branch of the local Regina Public Library.  I had a blast!  So much so I forgot to have photos taken of me there!  I was with a group of weavers and spinners and we had a great time chatting and demonstrating to the public.  Definitely on my repeat list if asked next year.

As a result of the Old Fashioned Fair I ended up at the local Weavers and Spinners Guild one evening.  Had a blast spinning away while listening to the meeting.  Lots of people doing interesting things there.

I’ve also been approached for information to include on myself and my hooking in a book to possibly be published in 2019.  Writing everything down about my en plein air hooking was a bit of a novelty.  I didn’t realize it was such a process, or that I knew as much as I did.  It was good for me.

And in-between all that I’ve been helping my web designer with the new website, including the new videos for my classes that help explain what they are about. Please feel free to provide constructive feedback.




Weekly Review


Cranberry Red Fiber Bundle – wool and silk

Well this is kinda a weekly review.  Let’s face it, we didn’t get home till Tuesday evening.  Still, I did manage to knit on my baby blanket.  I’ve finished the pattern area and am on the final 3″ of ribbing before casting off, blocking, and donating to the local thrift store.

I also hooked more on “Moss”. 

And I’ve made a few bundles of fiber for sale.  Check out my Etsy shop to see them.  They’ll be selling for $25 CAD each plus shipping of $15 each.  They are a mix of silk and wool fabric and yarns.  There is at least one color coordinated plaid in each bundle as well.

Aside from that I tried my first video blog.  I’m going to have to figure out a different way to do it.  The file was way too big for WordPress and in the wrong form.  Had to convert from .m4v to .mp4.  Also the wrong format for YouTube.  I have a lot to learn about filming yet.  I also need a proper video editing program.  I have to decide if I’m going to shell out money for this or see if there is an open source program available.

I put holds on more library books related to website development.  And picked up “WordPress Web Design for Dummies” at Chapter’s last night.

I also listed items on Etsy.  More will be coming next week.


Here’s a bit of a video blog of what I did on my vacation.  Just trying this medium to see how it works…

We had a great time stopping at the Hwy. 1 Studio Tour on the way to Alberta.  Stopped at the Station House for lunch in Herbert, SK.  Made it as far as Swift Current, SK the first day. 🙂

After that we spent a lot of time checking in with family in Alberta.  Our trip home was memorable.  It was overcast, but did not snow…technically.  There were “snow showers” in Regina when we arrived.

We had a blast, stopping at The Root in Lloydminster for lunch.

And we stopped in McNally Robinson at the Prairie Ink for a light supper. Plus an hour of browsing books at the bookstore! 🙂

Back at it tomorrow…

Rest and rejuvenate

Yesterday we were on the road again.  Today we’re resting, doing laundry, and visiting with relatives.

I’ve been interested in what’s been happening while we’ve been gone.  Seems it’s snowed every place but where we currently are.  I am hoping to have clear roads all the way home.

In the meantime, here are some rug hooking videos to check out on YouTube:

Cindi Gay – rug hooking channel – An entire channel on rug hooking I’ve yet to explore! 🙂

Deanne Fitzpatrick – hooking smooth curves – Deanne has an entire YouTube video on rug hooking.

Wanda Kerr – Dye fixes for ugly wool – Wanda has an entire YouTube channel on dyeing.


Weekly Review

Hi everyone.  This week has been a mixed bag.  I hooked more on African Dream.  I am excited to almost be finished.

I also prepared Sprouts, Dancing Tree, and Blue-eyed Grass for exhibit and sale.  Hubby was off to buy supplies for packing them yesterday but had no luck.  However he was given the name of another outfit in town that might have a greater variety of box sizes to help me.  I’m glad I started the process early.  With Hubby taking our only car to work every day, it makes it difficult to run errands.

And, last but not least, I produced this 20 minute video of my craft room/sewing room. It is a tour showing some organization ideas for people to consider when developing their own home studios.  It is not a professional video.  It was all shot at one time.  I do not know how to edit a video on this computer, and my attempts to use QuickTime did not proceed well at all.  I gave up.  If anyone knows of an easy to learn video editing software that is free or next to it, please let me know.  I’m operating on a Mac currently, but plan on switching back to a PC platform this fall sometime.

Depending on the reaction to my sewing room video I will decide if I want to go to the effort of cleaning up my rug hooking studio and doing a video of it.  To be truthful, my rug hooking area is so small at 8′ x 14′ that I hardly think it’s worth a video.  But my online followers might want to know where I work and what I use.  Besides, it will just be a shorter video! 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  See you next week! 🙂

WIP Thursday

WIP African Dream - 1

Getting there!  Almost finished hooking African Dream.

I didn’t attend Crafting this week, so no work on the knit cellular baby blanket.

I have been up in my sewing room, looking over a variety of unfinished projects, trying to decide what to work on next.  It’s time to either do some of them or pass them on.  Has anyone else felt this way?

I’m currently trying to make a video of my sewing room to show some organizational ideas but I’ve been having technical difficulties filming with my iPhone.  Must get the light working so people can see inside the closet!  I’ve also been having difficulties editing it on my MacBook Pro.  QuickTime doesn’t do what I want it to do, even though the toolbar says it can.  Hmm…time to check out QuickTime tutorials on YouTube.

Saturday Review

bud-1I sat down and did a proper project review yesterday afternoon.  Looking over my list I am moving a lot slower than planned or hoped.  I have a lot to do.  I am going to have to motivate myself.

I updated my tickler file (a la David Allen “Getting Things Done”) for February.  Also updated two daytimers and started in on SimpleMind+ mindmaps for February.

Made a list of DVDs, downloads, live stream I want to watch and listen to while rug hooking.

Did not quite finish the bud abstract, but it is close.  Just the background to do.

I did finish the central part of Lost Soul.  Though I had hoped to be finished the entire rug by now.  However now I need to do some serious colour planning and probably take a break for some dyeing to have enough fabric for the border.

I started reading Wassily Kandinsky’s Concerning the Spiritual in Art yesterday.  Interesting.  I also have a book on Hans Hofmann by Karen Wilkin to read.

Last year about this time I posted some very poorly produced videos on YouTube.  I also had links to my Pinterest account.  People on Pinterest have been pinning the videos and I thought I had better go check YouTube to see how they were doing.  I was in for a shock!  My “Rug Finishing 1” has over 2200 views!  Not bad for my first video that I shot myself.  I am hoping to redo the videos in the future.  I wander all over the place in the portfolio video.  And my hanging sleeve video is not complete.  The view in my “How to Rug Hook” video is awkward at best.  Ah well, hindsight is 20/20 they say.  I am hoping to work on upgrading the videos in March.  Stay tuned and check in later!  I will post here as they are posted to You Tube.

How to Rug Hook

IMG_0323Wishful thinking!  This photo is taken in Prince Edward Island along the Confederation Trail outside Montague.  Oh how I wish it was summer and I was there!  Some day I will hook this tree.  In the meantime…

I have uploaded another video to YouTube called “How to Rug Hook” .  It is very rough as it was done by myself and I wanted to try voiceover.  Please forgive the quality.  I hope it makes up for it on the technical explanations of rug hooking.

The best way to learn to rug hook is to take a class.  Having said that I recognize some people are living places where that is not possible.  I hope this video helps you.

You can hook anything, not just wool fabric strips.  You can hand cut old clothing and hook it through a backing.  Or, if the backing is fine, you can hook yarn through it.  Anything is fair game!  You can even combine them as many rug hooking artists do, including Deanne Fitzpatrick .

Check out my other videos for finishing a rug and making a hanging sleeve for a wall rug.

Portfolios Revisited

portfolio-picHi everyone.  I took the time today to post another video, this time on portfolios.  My portfolio in particular.  It is not the “be all and end all” in portfolios (or videos!), that is for sure, but it is what I have now.

Rug Hooking Portfolios

The approach you take to your portfolio depends partly on whether it is for the public or  private use.  Mine is largely private for now.  But I am trying to develop one that can be versatile enough for both uses.

In addition to adding an artist statement, it would be beneficial to add any newspaper clippings or magazine articles about your work if you have them.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video.

Finishing A Rug

A few people here and on Rug Hooking Daily have asked for this, so I am showing you a video on YouTube on how I finish a rug.  I hope it uploads okay.

First, before you start finishing a rug according to this video, place the finished piece upside down on a towel on your ironing board and spritz it with water.  Then place a damp dishtowel over top and steam the rug flat.  I try to steam till the dishtowel is dry.  Then I remove the dishtowel (the rug is still damp), do any necessary tugging to square up the rug, and leave the rug to set until dry.  THEN I do everything in this video.  And, after hemming the rug, I will press the edges again.

So, without further ado, here is the video.

Rug Finishing – Part 1