Please find below a list of FAQs

What is it?

The fiber work on these pages are original designs made from mixed fibers.  I use primarily wool and silk, and sometimes other fibers, pulled through a primitive linen backing.  Some will be yarn and some fabric, some new and some up-cycled.  Some yarns are hand spun.  Some are hand dyed and some commercially dyed.  

How is it made?

The fiber work on this website is created using traditional rug hooking techniques where fiber is pulled by a hook through the linen backing to the top in loops.  At the end of each strip of fabric or yarn the tail is pulled to the top and cut even with the loops.

The fabric can be up-cycled or new fabric that is either commercially dyed or dyed by myself or someone else.  The yarn can be commercially dyed, “indie” dyed, or dyed by myself.  I often use my home spun yarn in pieces for added texture.   

After hooking the work is blocked and pressed before finishing. While finishing techniques vary with different pieces, all raw edges are turned under, and the corners are mitered.  The piece is then pressed again.

A hanging system is attached to the back of the work.  Larger pieces will have a museum quality hook and loop tape on hardwood system attached to support the weight of the fiber work.  These screw into the wall with brass screws.

Smaller pieces will have a fabric sleeve attached, a length of oak dowel included.  All that is needed are brass cup hooks to create a hidden hanging system on the wall.  Some of my earlier pieces come with brass bell pull hangers.  Some pieces are lined and hang from ribbon.  The hanging system is clearly stated in the product description.

How do I care for my fiber work?

All fiber work is sensitive to direct sunlight and is best hung away from it.  My work is designed to be hung on the wall, not put on the floor.  As such, a light dusting every now and then should keep colors bright.

If you notice grime accumulating you can rinse it in lukewarm water with a bit of mild dish detergent.  I do not recommend rubbing, agitating, or soaking.  Depending on the fibers, it is hard on them.  Swishing back and forth in the water and detergent is fine, but you will have to block and press the rinsed piece when finished.  Rinse with cold water until water runs clear over the surface.  I recommend hanging away from areas where grime and grease might collect.

The traditional way to clean woolen hooked work is to bury it upside down in freshly fallen snow.  Brush snow on top of it and leave sit for an hour.  Come back and brush all the snow off the hooked work. The dirt releases into the snow and the hooked piece will look much brighter.

Proof of Purchase?

Labels are printed and attached, and/or information is written on the back with permanent marker.

All pieces larger than 6″ x 6″ are sold with an artist Certificate of Authenticity. Keep this for your records.

Along with your receipt, these are your proofs of purchase.


Orders are shipped via Canada Post.


All items are accepted for return within 30 days of purchase.  Please include a reason for the return.  Buyer is responsible for shipping.  All goods must be returned in the same condition as they were sent out in.

If there is damage in the delivery system, please send clear detailed photos of the damage and an explanation of the situation so we can enter a claim and issue a refund.