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Rug Hooking 101 Class


Introductory Rug Hooking 101

Time: November 18 2017, 1:30 – 3:30 PM

Cost breakdown: $75CAD + $25 for kit


Introductory Rug Hooking takes the student through the beginning steps of rug hooking.  It is an opportunity to try rug hooking to see if you like it and want to pursue it further.  In the class we start to hook a small 6″ square star.  The student chooses two of three color packets: green, red, and yellow.  One packet is for the star and the other for the background.

In this course the student will try different hoops or stands, as well as different hooks.  Students will also learn about different backings.  They will learn how to hook with different fibres – both yarns and fabrics – and learn where to find them and how to prepare them for hooking.    The student will learn a bit of the history of rug hooking and will focus on techniques for creating a straight line, diagonal lines, and points.  Information will be given on how to finish their piece and prepare it for use.  Handouts include: a list of suppliers, a list of YouTube videos and rug hookers to google on the Internet, a short history of rug hooking, and class notes.  

Students are asked to come about 15 minutes early to get all the payment details out of the way before class begins.  Class costs $100 for lessons and kit.  The kit includes the pattern on primitive linen backing and two fibre packages.  Hook and hoop are an extra $50CAD.  For the duration of the class the student may borrow equipment from me.  However, if you wish to finish your piece after class, you will have to buy a hoop or frame, and a hook.  You are not obligated to buy either from me.


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