Saturday Review

WIP-RS-11Hi all!  Well I finished hooking Ripening Saskatoons.  Made a few small changes, but it’s done now.  Will spend time blocking and hemming it this weekend as Hubby is working.  Might even sew the hanging sleeve on by the end of the weekend. 🙂

Baby-SetAlso finished off the baby hat to go with the baby sweater.  The pompom is not as full as I’d like it, but I ran out of yarn for it.  This little project used up a lot of my hand dyed cochineal yarn, as well as some hand spun.  Best of all, it inspired another spinner and knitter to make one as well. 🙂

This week was punctuated with company that resulted in some inspiring trips to an art gallery and two museums.   I am going to spend some time with my sketchbook and playing around to see if I can come up with some new designs.

My next hooking projects will be poppies for a while.  Small ones to start.  Then a couple medium sized ones…just in case anyone gets a hankering for larger poppies. 🙂  I want to prepare for the Traditions exhibit in November.

Saturday Meanderings

Had a wonderful class today.  Only one student, but we had a great time.  She was a fast learner too. 🙂

Hooked more on the background of Ripening Saskatoons.


Also finished the baby sweater.  Found buttons up in my sewing room. 🙂


I have the main floor picked up for company too.  Not bad!  Company arrives Monday.  So I may not be posting much for much of next week.  We’ll see.  The lady coming is a very artsy craftsy lady, so maybe we will do some fun stuff together. 🙂

Saturday Review

This week was light for rug hooking and heavy on cleaning.  I worked on the berries and background for Ripening Saskatoons and prepared for today’s class.  I also finished knitting the baby sweater from hand spun, hand dyed wool and alpaca.  

Not much different happens from day to day here.  Much of my work this week has been to get my main floor in order.  Lots of de-cluttering going on. I have two or three boxes ready to leave the house. I am tired with all the stuff we have and maintaining it.   It’s looking much better now!  I even finally have all the artwork on the walls! ?

Thursday Happenings

Well folks, the smoke has finally cleared here…mostly.  It is going to get hot!  Up to 33 C.  That’s hot for us!  Today’s agenda is to keep cool! 🙂

Other things on my agenda?

~ meeting with financial planner,
~ rug hooking Ripening Saskatoons,
~ knitting the baby sweater I started yesterday,
~ company this evening.

I am hiding out indoors in this heat.  What’s everyone else up to today?  Are you all as hot as we are?  What creative endeavors are on your plate today?

Late Post!


It’s coming along! 🙂

Sorry for the late post folks.  It’s been a busy day.  Up and off to gym.  Also had to prepare a lunch to take because I was going directly to Crafting afterwards.

I decided to take this afternoon off and do some knitting.  I want to knit up some of my home spun and hand dyed yarn that is not suitable for rug hooking.  I’ll post a picture of the winter baby sweater when it’s finished. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂