Tuesday Happenings

Well yesterday I had a fun day.  I was to gym, had company over, pressed Okra, and organized my week.

Today I’m hoping to pick up where I left off. I’ve decided to cancel a couple of commitments this week so I can actually accomplish something.  Today I want to:

  • Hem Okra,
  • Sew the hook and loop tape on Prairie Sky,
  • Staple the other side of the hook and loop tape to the hanging board,

That’s it.  If I achieve all that I will be happy! 

Saturday Review


Here is Okra as of this morning.  It’s easily going to be ready in time for Weyburn.  The Join the Threads exhibit in Weyburn allows two entries.  So I am contemplating my second entry and what it might be.

Spent most of this week on the plaid and tweed swatches and getting them up on the website for sale.  Also separated out the fat quarters and other larger pieces of fabric.

I did work some on the hanging system for Prairie Sunset, but it is not finished yet.  Too much fun with company for Hubby’s birthday yesterday. 🙂

I filled out the Certificates of Origin for the wall hangings going to Sauder Village this summer.  Trying to figure out who I send them to at the moment, and debating whether I want to hook another rug to go with them.  Probably not.

I am wanting to hook more poppy wall hangings for Traditions November window display, and for general inventory back up.  I’m wanting to hook slightly larger ones.  We’ll see.  At this point I’m only hooking what I would keep in my own home.  I don’t have a lot of space to store inventory here.

Which brings up another issue Hubby and I discussed recently.  It is not unusual for me to host patrons and students in my home.  And in the future, it might not be that unusual to host a gallery owner or two.  That being said, we do not hang my wall hangings on the walls.  Instead we have everyone else’s art on the walls!  Hmm…Hubby and I are thinking of ways to re-arrange the house and the walls…preferably this summer.

Friday Fun

WIP-Okra-2A busy day ahead.  Above is Okra so far.  It’s going to be an interesting looking okra!  It’s 12″ x 12″ and destined for the Join the Thread exhibit in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada this summer.

Aside from working on Okra today, I’ll be having fun with Hubby who is off work celebrating his birthday.  We have company swinging by this evening for supper, and possibly later.  I still have gym today with the ladies, and lunch out.  Hubby is just going to enjoy the day doing whatever he wants! 🙂

If I have time today I would like to finish the hanging system for Prairie Sunset.  Need to attach one side of the hook and loop tape to the wall hanging, and the other to the door stop strip, and drill a couple holes in the door stop strip for the screws to hang the whole thing.  Then I could call Prairie Sunset completely done.

In my studio

Arrived home safe and sound again.  Hopefully we’ll be here for a while.  🙂

In my studio this week…

  • I forgot to pack Prairie Sunset to finish the edges, so that’s up to be finished, including the hanging system.
  • I want to prepare more swatches to post.  If nothing else I am making space in my studio and arranging and organizing my textures and plaids better.
  • It would be nice to hook some on Okra.  We’ll see.
  • I want to work more on my business plan.

Once again I’ll have a short week.  Hubby is off Monday and Friday.  I get some things done when he’s off, but not as much as when he works.  I allow him to distract me when he’s home, and sometimes I’m the instigator myself!  We are struggling with scheduling joint activities and creative alone time.  He can retire any time now and we are thinking of the pros and cons, and how to manage a business for me and retirement for him.   His days off are our practice ground.

Anyone else struggle with this scenario?  Or any been there, done that experience?

I spent time on the trip going over my business mind map and updating it.  I have so much I want to do!   I will be prowling the neighbourhood this summer, looking for a good clump of poppies to photograph and hook.  I will be part of a Remembrance Day exhibit at one of the shops where I sell.  It will actually be up all of November.

I also took time to read a couple of CARFAC newsletters and make notes on articles.  I really need to acquire some back issues. Laureen Marchand has written some excellent articles on the business of being an artist.

Well that’s it for today folks. Hope everyone has a great Monday!  Take care all.  ?

It’s a Happening!


One slightly psychotic goldfish coming along. lol  I may have to change those eyes a bit!  And maybe even the mouth.  Hubby thinks it looks kind of like a piranha!  This will be done in a cartoon style.  It is to go with a child’s poem about a goldfish.

I am also working on finishing the large rugs…


And I have finally finished and pressed the small and medium rugs again.

WIP-small-rugsGetting ready to head to Saskatoon tomorrow!  I am looking forward to the opening reception for Our Prairie in Fibre from 7-9 PM.  If you are going to be there, introduce yourself to me.   🙂

Mailed my registration for TIGHR Tri-ennial today.  🙂

Anyone else going places and doing things?  What’s up peeps?

In my studio today

Wowser!  Hubby is home today and I slept in!  Waaay overtime.  Should have been up three hours ago!  I usually wake up with his 6 AM alarm, and gradually work at getting up by 8 AM (what can I say…I’m really a night owl).  But today it did not go off.  Or if it did, I did not hear it.  I woke up at, get this, 10:15 AM!!!  Guess I needed the sleep…

So plans for today?

I finished hemming the Prairie Sky wall hangings last evening.  So today is the time to make the hanging sleeves and attach them.

I also want to cut some wooden dowels and door stop to make the hanging systems for the Prairie Sky wall hangings, and the pieces I want to have juried for Dimensions 2015.  I hope to have shellacked the door stop by the end of the day.

What is everyone else up to today?

Shopping Day :)

Today I took time to pick up some more ribbon and fabric for finishing my star rugettes.  Also picked up some dowels for hanging rods. 🙂  Time to get organized and do something constructive with the dowels.   Hubby thinks I’m going to have to learn how to use the table saw to cut them smoothly at the right length.  Hmm…


In my work basket…

work-basket-3My stars are all lined and pressed (aka blocked) and drying in my sewing room.  I made a lot of sleeves for hanging rugs today.  I have two to sew on “Canola” and “Trees”, and more for other rugs.  I drew 10 more rugs on backing and 3 more ornaments.  Hope to hook them all by next weekend. 🙂  Today’s remaining job?  Sew sleeves on “Canola” and “Trees”.

In My Studio Today…


Yesterday’s dyeing results.  This is actually greener than it looks in the photo.  I actually like this colour a lot and can see using it in distant hills or in churning oceans.  Today I will be putting samples in my dye record binder.

hanging-system-part-1 Hanging-System-part-2

My hanging system in progress.  I will be giving the board another coat of polyurethane today.

I do think the jurors misunderstood the way I hang my rugs.  I should have figured it out when the girl helping them went by with a 1″ wood dowel.  Rug hookers never hang their rugs from wood, and certainly not a 1″ dowel!  I hang my rugs from metal curtain rods, 1/2″ in diameter, to prevent sagging from the weight of the rug.  Still, it is what it is. They told me what they expect to see and I am trying to comply.  I will work on hubby and see if we can install a long wooden board on our wall to hang rugs from later.  He is resistant to the idea of putting big holes in the wall.


I sort of managed to organize my greens by value.  I actually ran out of room in the cupboard.  I do not know how I had them all in there to begin with!  I have a stack of swatches behind me in this photo that I did not have the heart to rip apart for value sorting.  Today I am going to have to make a decision on them and store them up off the floor.

So those are my plans for today.  Hope to actually fit in a bit of rug hooking.  We will see.  I notice my hooking chair has moved and it will be iffy getting it back into position for hooking.  My back is not that great.  I do not like this getting older business one bit!