In My Studio

I had a delightful day trip last week to Dilke, SK.  Found this gorgeous fieldstone church there.  One of the town residents opened the door for us to peek inside.  I believe it was called St. Lucy’s Anglican when it was being used.  It hasn’t been used in over two years.

This past weekend was interesting.  We were creative in finding places with air conditioning to hide out in.  Our house doesn’t have a/c.  One of the places we ended up was the MacKenzie Art Gallery.  I really loved viewing the Alex Janvier exhibit.  It was awesome, informative, and sad at the same time.  I wished Mr. Janvier was there to talk to though.  The placards describing the work didn’t go near far enough!

After seeing Janvier’s exhibit we did a quick walkthrough of the rest of the Gallery, then headed to the Gallery shop.  Hubby waited outside while I went in to look around.  About 15 minutes later I went to leave.  To my surprise there was no one else there!  No staff, no customers.  AND the grated doors were closed and locked up!  With a sign saying the staff member would be back in half an hour!  Oh my!  Locked in a museum shop!  Not exactly my worst nightmare. Ha!  Actually, it would have been nice, if the staff had been there to answer some questions.

I caught the attention of a woman trying to get into the shop.  We were laughing at our predicaments – me trying to get out and her trying to get in.  I caught the attention of the security guards who by then had figured out something was going on that was abnormal.  One of them came through a side door, through a workroom, and into the shop to escort me out.

Hubby decided I needed to be treated to dessert out to help me deal with the “trauma”. LOL!  We headed to a lovely Regina restaurant called La Kasbah de Maroc for dessert crepes.  They have a lovely Toasted Coconut, Banana Crepe, with Caramel Sauce.

It will be a mixed bag kind of week. We are having work done on the house.  It may cause some disruptions.  That, plus selling items online.

  • I will be working more on “Escapees”.
  • I also have some Certificates of Authenticity to print and fill out.
  • Plus I want to prepare a couple wall hangings for sale with new hang tags.

I’m wanting to design some wall hangings, but it’s too hot to do anything here.  We do not have air conditioning.  The outside air temperature hit 36 C yesterday.  Thankfully we live in a big old house that takes a long time to heat up.  Especially if doors, windows, and curtains are left closed.  Unfortunately that makes it too dark for hooking.  But even with our fans running, it’s hot!!!


In my studio…and out – the Mackenzie Art Gallery

Inuit tapestry weaving on display at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, SK until April 30th, 2017.

Yesterday Hubby and I headed out for a little inspiration and a bit of a break.  We headed to the Mackenzie Art Gallery here in Regina, SK.  There was a wonderful exhibit of Indigenous Peoples artwork on display!  It is the collection of Thomas Druyan and Alice Ladner of Yellowknife, NWT, Canada.  If you are in the area I highly recommend going to see it.  There are a lot of different media types represented, including fiber art.  Lots of new and interesting ideas.  Check it out!

Good news!  I was up to pay my entry fee into the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair on Friday.  We are IN!  The Street Fair is the last Saturday in May, so I have adjusted my class schedule for that weekend.  I will hold the Onion Skin Dyeing class another weekend.  Looking forward to another fun day at the Fair!

I’m gearing up for my Curves rug hooking class this weekend.  I plan on having a fun time teaching.  I love teaching, though I have been told that I tend to overwhelm at times.  I am concerned my students feel they get what they paid for!  I’d rather give too much information than not enough.  Still, I do have to slow my pace for new rug hookers.  After all, I want them to enjoy rug hooking and come back for more lessons!

Current reading…still working on my business plan, and some online courses.  The courses finish this week and then next week I’ll write the finals for them.  After that I’m taking a break and spending more time rug hooking!  I will finish “Moss” yet!  I am hoping to have it done before we leave for South Korea in April.  Then it would be ready for display at the CVAF Street Fair.


FN-VestPlayed hooky yesterday and took company around town to show them some sights.   We went to the MacKenzie Art Gallery to see Dimensions 2015 and Thauberger’s exhibit.  And to Government House.  And finally to the RCMP Heritage Centre and to watch the Sunset Ceremony at the RCMP Depot.

Found some wonderful textiles, embroidery, and design inspiration around me!

embroidery-3 embroidery-2 embroidery-1Loads of design possibilities here! 🙂

What’s Happening?

WIP-Goldfish-5-edHi everyone!  What’s happening out there in cyber-land?  I was hooking more Goldfish this weekend.  Still did not finish it.  However, I made a good stab at it.  I think I will take time Monday and Tuesday and try and finish it.  I hate leaving it mostly done.  I have definite changes to make.  The lettering will be a different colour to stand out better…maybe a light orange.  The mouth will undergo some changes, as will the eyes.  As always, this is evolving.  It will definitely be one of my most ripped out rugs for re-hooking!

I tallied up my Prairie Sky wall hangings and found I have 15 for the shops.  Means I really only need another 5 right now.  That way they can each have 10 this spring.  I will supplement with other wall hangings.  I would also like to design some slightly larger, but still smallish Prairie Sky wall hangings…say 8″ x 10″.

I have been looking over my inventory in general and contemplating making some changes to what I show in exhibits.  I am toying with selling the poetry series online.  An original piece of art that comes with an original poem.   Hmm…

Also looking at my spring schedule.  My activity level will heat up this month.  It has to.  I have a lot of workshops to go to, plus work to prepare for shops and exhibits.

I had great fun this weekend at the Wilf Perrault exhibit at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, SK, Canada.  Wilf creates beautiful realistic paintings of the back alleys of the city.  There were a lot of people there.  I am glad the exhibit was held over a month.  They could hold it over another month, judging from the turnout!