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Look where I am!!!

Look where I am folks!!!  I’m in Canadian Living magazine’s July issue – Canada’s 150th Birthday issue!  So pleased and happy with Canadian Living staff.  They did a great job.  Short but sweet.  I’ve been tracking the response to the mention this weekend.  It’s looking good so far.  Subscribers to my blog have doubled already.  And views of my website are up.

On top of that we were celebrating Mosaic – Regina’s multicultural festival – and hosting company.  Company was very agreeable to attending Mosaic with us, which was good.  We managed to see 15 out of 20 pavilions this year, along with watching at least part of the show in each pavilion.  It was fun again, as usual.

I’ve also been posting old burlap patterns I bought from my old rug hooking teacher online to sell on my Facebook page – JLT Studios.  Check them out!  Some Bluenose patterns (also posted for sale here under “Patterns”), an old Jane Olson pattern, and a Mildred Sprout pattern.  Also a couple of small stained glass patterns.  I have a couple more patterns to photograph and upload this week.

And I’ve been busy organizing my work for the summer.  I am hooking a small “Prairie Sky – Altocumulus” wall hanging at the moment.  Using up scrap pieces of backing in my rug hooking studio.  That will be my fun for the next few days.

Anyone interested in summer classes, now is the time to contact me.  Use the form on my Classes page.  Due to family issues I have had to change the class schedule for the summer and fall.  Please check the current schedule to make sure the class you want is being offered.  If you want a specific class and the time is not working for you, please contact me and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

This week will see me

  • hooking more,
  • posting more patterns online,
  • adding more product to the website,
  • adding hanging sleeves to some smaller wall hangings,
  • cutting up some wool strips for sale,
  • finishing up my mini-portfolio photo book, and
  • hopefully finding my file folders for my classes!  I’ve managed to lose those…

I hope everyone has a great week!  I’ll check back in with everyone on Friday. 🙂


Friday Finale

Hi everyone!  I’m up early this morning, for a wonder.  I wasn’t in bed till after midnight.  I suspect an afternoon rest will be in order!  Mosaic was great though!  Both for fun and inspiration. The food was excellent too.

I finished my little “Prairie Sky – Cirrus” wall hanging and am onto a “Prairie Sky – Altocumulus” one. I have a lot of bits and pieces of linen backing that need to be used up.  They will most likely become ornaments and small wall hangings.

I’ve also managed to take photos of all the old patterns I have and will post those on my website and Facebook page for sale.

I made a list of things that need to be done in my little studio to finish up loose ends.  I’ll be working on those gradually.

I’ve also been working on creating a mini-portfolio photo book of my work to take to shows and show galleries.  It’s finally reached the point where I can’t take all my work with me.  So this serves as a detailed look at my development as an artist and shows potential patrons the width and depth of my style.

Today I’m looking forward to listing items online for sale, resting, enjoying company, and another evening at Mosaic.  Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

WIP Prairie Sky – Cirrus 12


Mosaic 2015

First Nations Pavilion 1

First Nations Pavilion

Every year, the first weekend in June, Regina hosts its annual multicultural festival known as Mosaic.  We try to go every year and sample at least a few of the couple dozen or more pavilions.  This year has been a challenge because hubby worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  But we gathered up our remaining energy and went out Saturday evening.

I have a bit of a restricted diet, and most of Mosaic centers around food and cultural performances, so I ate before I left to rule out any major issues en route.   I went for the cultural performances.

I also went for the costuming.  The costume and dress of different cultures is fodder for inspiration for me.  In fact, Mosaic in general is very inspirational.

We were able to visit four pavilions: the Chinese pavilion (always good for supper and Hubby hadn’t eaten), the First Nations pavilion (great costumes, dancing, and star quilts!), the Scottish pavilion, and the Italian pavilion (great desserts!).


First Nations tipi


First Nations dancer


First Nations dancer


A cross section of star quilts.


These are drop down dead gorgeous handmade Canadian mukluks. Good for the prairie winters, according to the lady who made them, who was also selling them!


Chinese pavilion dancers.


The Italian pavilion – dessert! Yes, I know, I’m supposed to be gluten free… Oops!


Beautiful beaded moss bag by First Nations artist.

We had a great time!


As for rug hooking, in my studio this week I want to finish Rose Hips. 🙂