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WIP Thursday


I’ve been busy knitting on the cellular baby blanket.  I was joking to some friends that there were so many mistakes in it it looked like a pattern!  The pattern is going to be thrown out when I’m finished.  I never could get it to work properly.  Next time I’ll pick up some plain knitting to work on in the company of other people.  It appears I cannot stay focused on a basic lace pattern.  I’m going to block the blanket when it’s done, see how it looks, and then decide what to do with it.  But I strongly suspect it will find its way to the local thrift store.  Note to self: not all projects work out…and that’s okay.

I hooked a bit on “Moss” this week.  I am not overly happy with the values I’ve chosen for different colors.  I am trying not to go to the dye pot because I have so much fiber in the house already.  I’ll hook a tad more on it and then take it off the frame on a nice sunny day in natural light to make some color decisions/revisions.

I’ve also been loading a lot of wall hangings on Etsy for sale.  I started uploading Christmas wall hangings.  I know. I’m a bit early.  But I’m sitting beside a big tote of wall hangings and ornaments that have yet to be listed.  It’s going to take a while.

I’ve also been making more fiber bundles and uploading them to Etsy.



And I’m working on my new website.

I think that’s enough “Works in Progress” for one week!  Time to get busy on them.  Talk to you all tomorrow. 🙂

WIP Thursday


WIP – “Moss” 

Well nothing’s changed in the WIP department.  Still a baby blanket to finish knitting and a wall hanging to finish hooking. Hopefully today I’ll find some time to work on them. I plan to change the values on the left side of the tree in “Moss”.  Too close in value to the background.

I have a friend coming over this afternoon.  I want to rest a bit, do laundry, and prepare for our upcoming trip.  We’ll be off to fair Alberta for a week to ten days to visit family again.

I’ve been thinking about my sewing room and studio, and realizing I have a lot of fibre and supplies to work my way through.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with it all.  I’m thinking it might be an idea to pack up fibre kits to sell.  I did sell some fibre in a kit the other weekend.  But it’s not something I’ve focused on up till now.

Do any of you think there might be a market for fibre kits?


Weekly Review

Beauty F B

“Beauty” – still hemming this.

I managed a few things this week.

  • I sorted through inventory and checked to see if I had photos of everything,
  • I didn’t.  So I took photos of the wall hangings without.
  • I made draft listings on ETSY for everything.  They are ready to go live after the street fair.
  • I made hang tags for the wall hangings that needed them, and attached them.
  • I updated my business books,
  • I blocked and started hemming Beauty,
  • I finished hooking Dancing Tree,
  • And I hemmed and attached a hanging sleeve to Dancing Tree.

Today’s goal is to label Dancing Tree and put on hang tags. But we shall see.  It’s shaping up to be a busy day.

Dancing Tree F B

“Dancing Tree” – only the labeling left to do…and the hang tags.

On the road again

Today is a road trip show.  Off to the gym this morning, a friend’s for lunch, and, finally, some rug hooking at another friend’s this afternoon.

Hubby did find the big artificial tree in behind the little boxed one in the upper cupboard.  I was all set to decorate when I realized we don’t have enough lights.  Every year we go through this, but we have never bought more lights.  So this year I called a halt to the proceedings until more lights are purchased.  Hubby has promised to pick some up after work.

I moved one big chair into the dining room and it does not really look like it fits there.  However it is too big to go upstairs into my studio, which was the original plan.  We are just going to have to live with it in the dining room for now.  It was the only way to make room for the Christmas tree in the living room.  We seem to have a surplus of seating in this living room!

Pictures coming after we decorate the tree this evening. 🙂

Later…  mission accomplished!


In my studio

Not much is happening but a good deep cleaning this week!  🙂  My studio is the sunroom at the front of the house.  It is where we put our small Christmas tree every year.  That kind of limits the action there until after Jan. 6th.  But we shall see.  I am trying to figure out how to have the tree and hook there at the same time.  Could be dicey.

This week’s goal is to hook one more small wall hanging and that’s it.  I have too much else to do.  🙂 We are deep in the throes of Christmas planning and parties right now.  I am hosting a Come and Go Tea for people to see the new kitchen, and a potluck a week later for those who cannot make the Come and Go Tea.  Then the night after the regular potluck we plan on having a few friends in for a Korean potluck.

All this means it is time to clean house!  Yesterday was the dining room.  Today was the living room.  Tomorrow is the sunroom.  It’s slow going, but it has got to be done!