A New Look!

A New Look!

Welcome to my new website everyone!  Take a look around and tell me how you’re liking the new look by posting a comment below.  I welcome feedback.  🙂

The last month’s posts are missing on this blog, but that’s okay.  I’ll update you here.

Since the middle of September I’ve finished “Escapees”.

I’ve also been out plein air hooking at Echo Lake Provincial Park here in Saskatchewan.  It’s beautiful in the fall with golden yellow leaves on the trees against the bright blue prairie sky.  Here’s what I was hooking in.

The other side of the lake looked a bit barren though.  The leaves had already fallen and the golden brown of the grassy hills was showing through the bare dark branches.

The end result was a small approximately 5″ x 9″ piece I call simply “Echo Lake”.

I attended Art Now! in Regina this fall.  It was an inspiring event for me.  I was able to spend Saturday listening to presentations, and enjoy the artwork in-between sessions.

I’ve also been spelling off my hooking with knitting.  I’ve finished my Painted Desert Shawl by Karen Klein (available free on Ravelry) from Sea Turtle yarn.

I’ve been knitting some baby items… a hat and some mitts with an i-cord string attaching them.  I am currently working on this baby sweater, which requires I pick up stitches around the neck and down the front to knit a collar and button band.  I am knitting to learn new techniques.  I’m finding baby items ideal for this.  They are small and quick to knit…when I’m not distracted by other things… The patterns for these come from “60 Quick Baby Knits”.

I’ve also been spinning.  It’s come to my attention that I have a lot of fibre that needs to be spun.  I just had my wheel serviced and will be working, when I have time, to spin it up.  Here’s a couple of small skeins of old singles that I plied together to make yarn.  I will overdye these to make them usable.

And, now that Canadian Thanksgiving is over, my eye is turned towards the upcoming Christmas season.  To that end I diverted myself to scrapbooking last week.  My daughter was married about twelve years ago and I promised her a wedding scrapbook.  I think twelve years is a long enough wait!  I had the tools, the time, and the money to finish it off.  Traditional scrapbooking is not cheap! It is my daughter’s Christmas gift this year.

On September 23rd I took part in Sunrise Library’s Old Fashioned Fair.  Sunrise Library is a branch of the local Regina Public Library.  I had a blast!  So much so I forgot to have photos taken of me there!  I was with a group of weavers and spinners and we had a great time chatting and demonstrating to the public.  Definitely on my repeat list if asked next year.

As a result of the Old Fashioned Fair I ended up at the local Weavers and Spinners Guild one evening.  Had a blast spinning away while listening to the meeting.  Lots of people doing interesting things there.

I’ve also been approached for information to include on myself and my hooking in a book to possibly be published in 2019.  Writing everything down about my en plein air hooking was a bit of a novelty.  I didn’t realize it was such a process, or that I knew as much as I did.  It was good for me.

And in-between all that I’ve been helping my web designer with the new website, including the new videos for my classes that help explain what they are about. Please feel free to provide constructive feedback.




Friday Finales

WIP "Prairie Sky - Paisley"

WIP “Prairie Sky – Paisley”

Finished another Prairie Sky wall hanging yesterday.  Today I hope to finish the last on this backing.  With luck I’ll be able to cut it all apart and serge edges too.  Maybe even block them.

That would leave The weekend for pressing and hemming.  Saturday and Tuesday Hubby has off, and so do I.  That means hopefully I’ll get hanging sleeves sewn on Monday and Wednesday.  Price tags on Thursday.

Hmm…still have to buy doweling to hang them from, and get it cut.  That will have to happen Saturday or Tuesday when I have the car.  It will be a busy week!

On top of all that I have to get ready for our trip. We are taking it slow to start. The Highway 1 Studio Tour is on the 26th and 27th of September and we plan to stop in and visit some of the 14 participating artists.  It is in Saskatchewan between Rush Lake and Morse, west of Regina.

Have a great day everyone! 🙂

Motoring on…


WIP “Prairie Sky – Altocumulus”

One more Prairie Sky wall hanging finished hooking!  Two more left to go.  Should be done this week. 🙂

More food prep for fall on my plate today.  Processing more beans. 🙂


Gluten-free flour mix

Gluten-free flour mix

Made more gluten-free flour mix to use as a 1:1 replacement with regular flour in recipes. My recipe is a take off of the recipe offered up in More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet by Bette Hagman.

Gluten-Free Flour Mix
9 cups

3 c. white rice flour
3 c. brown rice flour
2 c. potato starch
1 c. tapioca flour
3 tbsp. xanthan gum

Blend together and use as a flour replacement in any recipe calling for flour.


Curry Rub/Powder in the making.

Curry Rub/Powder in the making.

My other accomplishment last night was to make up a batch of gluten-free curry powder/rub from the Company’s Coming cookbook Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen.  I’d be breaking copyright laws to post it here, but it’s on page 54 if anyone is interested.  Take the book out of the library and check out the cool recipes!


TIGHR Tri-ennial Conference

WIP - Prairie Sky Cirrus

WIP – Prairie Sky Cirrus – finished yesterday.  Three more wall hangings to go on my backing and then it’s on to finishing! 🙂

Hi everyone!  If you’ve been following along on this blog you know I’ll be at TIGHR (The International Guild of Handhooking Rugmakers) Tri-ennial Conference this Oct. 4 – 7th in beautiful downtown Victoria, B.C.

I have two rugs going on exhibit in their Back to Nature exhibit, which, it turns out, is open to the public on Tuesday evening at The Inn at Laurel Point from 4 – 7 PM in Spirit Room B.  There is an admission charge of $10.00.  Inside will be more than a hundred hooked items representing artists from around the globe.  If you’re in the area, and/or want to see what the world of rug hooking has to offer, this is a good time to see a wide variety of work.

I am looking forward to the Tri-ennial, as it is the first rug hooking conference I’ve been to.  I was to a rug camp once, but that’s not quite the same thing.  This conference I’m focusing more on the business aspect of rug hooking and attending lectures and panel discussions, rather than classes (though I have signed up for one class).  I am looking forward to meeting new people and learning new things. 🙂

Tackle it Tuesday

Refrigerator Pickles

Refrigerator Pickles

Made some refrigerator pickles yesterday.  I was given the recipe by a lady who lived out by one of our local community gardens.  We used to garden out there when the girls were young.

Refrigerator Pickles
1 gallon

6 c. sliced cucumbers, sliced
2 large onions, sliced
1 green or red pepper, chopped
4 c. white sugar
2 c. white vinegar (in my case I modify it to 1 3/4 c. vinegar and 1/4 c. water)
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. tumeric
1 tsp. celery seed
1 tsp. mustard seed

Chop and slice the vegetables and put in a gallon ice-cream bucket.  Combine the rest of the ingredients in a pot on the stove, stir, and bring to a boil.  Pour over the vegetables.  Cover and let sit in the fridge one week before eating.  Keep indefinitely. (ETA: We’ve never had them last long enough to go bad!)

Aside from the pickles, I also have another Prairie Sky wall hanging finished. 🙂

“Prairie Sky – Paisley”

Today I will be hooking another Prairie Sky wall hanging.

In my studio…

Greeting cards - every day

Greeting cards – every day

This weekend I took my wall hangings and most of my card inventory to Traditions on 13th Avenue in Regina for sale this fall and winter.  It will be interesting to see how they do with them.  I love doing business with Traditions because they are local and friendly people.  I hope my work sells well for them leading up to and throughout the holiday season.

I actually had to order more cards this weekend, as I’m low on inventory.  Plus more plastic sleeves to put them in.  Hopefully everything will arrive before I leave on my road trip later this month.

This week I am focusing on the wall hangings for the SCC Boutique in the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon.  I’ll take some cards for them as well.  I’ll drop them off on my way through Saskatoon, on my meandering trip home from Victoria.

Christmas greeting cards

Christmas greeting cards

In My Studio…

GeraniumsHi everyone!  We have a nice bright sunshiny day happening here.  Temperatures are set to go into the 30s Celsius.  And we have no air conditioning.  I will be trying to avoid the heat as much as possible.

My big push this week is updating my portfolio and hooking poppy wall hangings.  I have one more piece to list on Etsy as well.

I will be excited to see what news comes out of Sauder Village, OH.  It is Rug Hooking Week starting Tuesday and four of my pieces will be on display.  The two small plein air pieces of Geraniums and Above the Garage.  As well as the two finished studio pieces.


In my studio

WIP-Goldfish-3I managed some work on Goldfish this weekend, in-between company.  I also drew some more Prairie Sky wall hangings on backing.

My goals this week?

  1. Hook on “Goldfish”,
  2. Draw some spring wall hangings on backing,
  3. Consider approaching a couple more shops for sales,
  4. Photograph “Above the Garage” and “Geraniums” and send the photos and info in for jurying to the Sauder Village Plein Air exhibit,
  5. Listen to some online videos and podcasts on the art business,
  6. Maybe hook some on the Prairie Sky wall hangings (depends how much I do on Goldfish),
  7. Sketch daily.

I am waiting for more backing to come in the mail so I can sketch out my second piece for Dimensions 2015 and pieces for the Join the Thread exhibit in Weyburn this summer.  I have also been toying with the idea of entering a piece for jurying into Fabrications this fall.  It is on over the winter of 2015/2016.

In my studio today

I have a busy week planned for myself.  This past weekend I had a lovely student who did very well learning to hook with variable types of fibre.  She left happy with a hook and hoop.  I hope to see her finished piece some day soon. 🙂

I am planning more hooking this week.  My main goal is to work on Goldfish.  It would be nice to finish it, but I suspect it will take until next week.  It is a bit larger than some of my other wall hangings.

After that I have a prairie sunset I would like to plan and hook…a larger one again.  I am hoping to submit it and the large prairie sky for Dimensions 2015.

Other things on my plate?

  • Searching the Net for more learning opportunities.
  • Getting the final bit of information into my accountant’s assistant for my taxes.
  • Posting some work on Etsy for sale.
  • Plus I need to think about spring inventory for the shops.
  • And do some checking of fibre to see if I need another dye day soon.
  • Some sketching needs to be accomplished.
  • Some magazines gone through.


In my studio today

Wowser!  Hubby is home today and I slept in!  Waaay overtime.  Should have been up three hours ago!  I usually wake up with his 6 AM alarm, and gradually work at getting up by 8 AM (what can I say…I’m really a night owl).  But today it did not go off.  Or if it did, I did not hear it.  I woke up at, get this, 10:15 AM!!!  Guess I needed the sleep…

So plans for today?

I finished hemming the Prairie Sky wall hangings last evening.  So today is the time to make the hanging sleeves and attach them.

I also want to cut some wooden dowels and door stop to make the hanging systems for the Prairie Sky wall hangings, and the pieces I want to have juried for Dimensions 2015.  I hope to have shellacked the door stop by the end of the day.

What is everyone else up to today?

Timeless Tuesday


Today I have the whole morning to myself!  Oh my, what to do?   I stitched this hardanger star ornament a few years ago.  I am looking for some hardanger kits I have around here somewhere.  I am thinking more ornaments.  A bit of fun and a short break.

I also have a young friend and her mom coming over to bake and decorate a gingerbread house.  I love the excitement, innocence, and energy kids bring to life!  Everything is imbued with a childlike sense of curiosity and wonder.

This week I am working on finishing Prairie Sky wall hangings for Traditions and the SCC Boutique.

I went through my stash of finished wall hangings and turned up six or more that need hanging sleeves attached.  That is on my radar also this week.  At least making the sleeves will be.  Attaching them may have to wait for another time…  We will see what the season holds.

Saturday Samplings

I will be busy with an ‘at home’ day today.  Laundry has piled up to the point of no return!  I must do it!

I’m hooking rug today…more Prairie Sky rugettes.  I hope to have two finished by the end of the day, but we shall see.   I may switch to another project in the afternoon.  That hardanger bell pull is almost finished!

It is also my father’s 84th birthday today and I want to call and wish him well.

Plus I have Christmas cards to mail.

That should be enough to keep me out of trouble! 🙂

Cleaning and Entertaining Day

What is everyone up to today?  I have a full day planned.  Hopefully I will fit in some rug hooking.  I am missing it in all the Christmas hustle and bustle.  I am thinking maybe this afternoon.  🙂  I have more small Prairie Sky wall hangings I would like to finish before the end of the month actually.   And then there is Goldfish

I hope all my friends and relatives on the east coast are faring well with the big storms that passed through there a couple days ago.  I hear and see that there is a lot of flooding.  My heart goes out to them to have their communities and roads in such a state just before Christmas.

I am starting to think year end and about organizing my receipts for the accountant.  And double checking my books to make sure I did not forget to record anything.  I think I will leave that till after Christmas though.

Well, that’s my post for today.  Hope everyone has a good day. 🙂

Blue Skies…nothing but blue skies…

IMG_2241Finished a third Prairie Sky wall hanging.  Only seven more to go on this backing!  I would like to have some for after Christmas, in case the gallery showcasing the exhibit with my work needs/wants more for sale.  I find these small wall hangings excellent for the days I go to Crafting.  One can be hooked in a couple of hours.

Our renovation is going well.  The fridge is back in the kitchen!  Unfortunately we have a few things that need attention.  A small hole in the wall where the phone wires used to be.  Some pull out bins for the pantry.  Some trim for the base of the cabinets.  All things that were promised us but that were not done.  We are on the contractor’s and installer’s radar though.  That is good!

Today is errand day.  I also plan to make some royal icing for a gingerbread nativity event at my church.  And I plan to go Christmas caroling this evening, if I have energy and time. 🙂

One down, another to go

One contract mailed.  One more to be dealt with via email, but I think it is too early to do it yet.  Will check my past emails and see.

Not sure what I am up to today.  Need to think about my rug hooking and do some research before going any further.  No knitting to do.  Might take more Prairie Sky to work on at Crafting.  Need to pack up and eat breakfast here!

Reading an interesting little book right now called The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaefer.  You’d think it was all about homemaking, but it is not.  It is about creativity in every aspect of your home life.  It is from the Christian perspective, and has some very good points to make about how we are afraid to be creative in certain areas of our lives for a variety of reasons.  She encourages people to just create for themselves and their families.  To not dream about a big day when their “boat will come in” as a creative individual, but to just start small.

Something she said must have struck a chord, because I went to play the piano afterwards!  I have never had lessons.  The piano is a leftover of when the girls lived at home.  They played…the eldest in particular.  I miss hearing her play.  Thankfully the good Lord has brought along some wonderful pianists as boarders ever since! 🙂

Chugging along

WIP-Lost-Soul-1I have been taking my own sweet time with the border on Lost Soul.  Spent today dealing with the kitchen renovation and this afternoon working on Lost Soul, reading some about retirement – hubby is close, and gardening.  There is finally a break in the weather and I plan to take the time to work in the yard before the next rainstorm.  Which looks like it might be this afternoon.