A Sales Day!

I had a busy day today, so a late post.  I sold a wood pile among other things!  I sold some sewing patterns and an old wood gardening tray as well, and I posted some jewelry and china online for sale.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a new patron.  She stopped by to deliver a cheque for a piece she tried to purchase online.  There seemed to be difficulties with PayPal not recognizing my correct email address.  My web developer and I sorted that out.  But as the buyer was local, I just emailed her and suggested dropping by the studio to pay me the money owed.

She dropped by this afternoon and we had a wonderful chat about my work, whether I would work on commission (I will, given the right situation), what the biggest size is that I make and why (2′ x 5′ because of my frame size), and to just admire my work.  In the end she purchased two of my larger pieces – “Wascana Creek” and “The Barn”.  I told her the story behind each piece.  She was delighted.

Both pieces are based on smaller plein air pieces.  “Wascana Creek” was hooked on a local man-made island called “Boreal Island”.  It’s near a friend’s place and for part of the hooking of the plein air piece I had her and her dog’s company.  The final studio piece was hooked at home in my studio.  It is hooked from home spun yarn and wool and silk fibers on primitive linen backing.  I hand dye most of my fiber.

“The Barn” is at The Crossings on the edge of Grasslands National Park.  It’s been turned into a picnic shelter now.  You can drive around the dugout and go into the paddock, which is where the barn is, park your car, and picnic at the picnic tables in the barn.  The Crossings has rooms for rent above their old garage (now turned laundry and maintenance area for the nearby campground).  I hooked “The Barn” plein air piece from a second floor window, as the mosquitoes were too thick to sit on the balcony and hook.  Once again the finished piece was hooked in my studio.

I really enjoyed visiting with my new patron and was pleased to know my work would be hanging alongside the likes of Allen Sapp!

This week’s plan is to work more on “Escapees”.  I may be planning a few larger prairie sky pieces as well.  I have noticed an interest in the larger pieces among people in general.

Inspiration Monday – Wascana Creek

We live near a creek beside which the City has kindly placed a walking and biking path.  Every now and then we go out to enjoy it.  Yesterday afternoon was one of those times.  We went on an hour and twenty minutes long walk.  The Creek is a great place to people watch, as well as bird watch.  I took plenty of photos and narrowed it down to this slideshow for my readers to view.

I told Hubby we need to go on more walks the next few weeks.  I’m trying to get in shape for South Korea.  I hear there will be a lot of walking.  Lots to see and do!  And I could use the exercise.

In the meantime, Saturday was the last From Start to Finish class.  I had an excellent student who wasn’t afraid to ask questions and gave quality feedback when I asked.  I really appreciated everything she had to say.  I have revised some areas of the course based on her experiences, and mine.

I cleaned up the dining room and put everything back where it belongs.  My dining room is looking more like a dining room than a rug hooking studio.  It will stay that way until May, when a new set of classes will begin.  Feel free to check out my classes and contact me if you are interested in taking any.

I am still hooking on “Moss”.

My current event is the exhibit at the Art Gallery of Regina Salon Show and Sale.  I have two pieces on exhibit: “Dancing Tree” and “Blue-eyed Grass”.

The last Saturday in May, the 27th, will be the Cathedral Village Arts Festival Street Fair.   It runs from 10 am – 5 pm.  I will be demonstrating and selling work.  I hope to see people there!




Inspiration Wednesday

Inspiration Wednesday

Not much time to take photos for Inspiration Wednesday this week.  I have another busy day of baking and cleaning today.  I’m signing off for Christmas.  For now enjoy my larger works I produced this year, soon to be up on this website for sale.  “See” everyone on December 27th. 🙂

“Wascana Creek”


“The Barn”



“Blue-eyed Grass”


“Dancing Tree”


“African Dream”

In my studio…

Hi everyone!  I had a good weekend and hope you did too. 🙂

On Friday I posted more finished hooked wall hangings for sale on Etsy.  Check them out! They are also available direct from me.  Email me at <jo6865@gmail.com> for more information.


The Barn


Wascana Creek

Above the Garage

Above the Garage



Dancing Tree


Blue-eyed Grass



Saturday was dreary and rainy here.  So I bundled up more fabric and yarns and posted them on Etsy too.  They are $25 each + shipping. They also are available direct from me. 🙂


This week I would like to post more finished work on Etsy and more bundles as well.

If the weather clears up and it’s sunny, then I’m hoping to work some outside in the yard.  The patio garden still needs some work.  We still have herbs growing!



In my studio…


Sketch I will base my Blue-eyed Grass on.

It was a busy weekend.  I dropped The Barn, Wascana Creek, and Dead of Winter off to be exhibited in the Art Gallery of Regina 40th Salon Show.  Now to focus on this week.  I’ll be busy finishing Sprouts and starting my next piece.

I think my next piece will be a tall, thin, blue-eyed grass wall hanging.  I’m thinking of trying to bleach some nylons for the background for it…to mix with wool and silk yarn and fabric.  But first I need to put the pattern on backing.  So I’ll be enlarging it considerably.  The piece will be about 3′ high.

In My Studio …


Entries for the Art Gallery of Regina 40th Salon Show: “Dead of Winter”, “Wascana Creek”, and “The Barn”.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  I know I did. 🙂  On my plate in the studio this week…

  • I have to put proper labels and tags on my pieces for the Art Gallery of Regina 40th Salon Show.
  • I need to buy sturdier dowels to hang Wascana Creek and The Barn.
  • I also want to finish Sprouts, which was forgotten in the excitement of the return of Moose & Mountains. 
  • If I have time, I have to sit down with my portfolio again and see what I’m missing.

What’s up in your world this week?



WIP: “Sprouts”

WIP Thursday

AGR promo 40th Salon Show001

My works in progress Thursday has been sidetracked by the news I’ve been accepted into the 40th Salon Show of the Art Gallery of Regina.   I’ve been busy devising an appropriate hanging system that will hang securely from nails, and will be working on proper hang tags today.

I’ve already decided to display Wascana Creek and The Barn.  I have one more framed Prairie Sky – Cirrus piece I will enter in the exhibit as well.  It will be interesting to see how my work shows in that space.  It will be crowded.

I always attend this show though.  It’s a great cross-section of local artists and art.  It is a great place to view up and coming artists’ work as well as more established ones.

Well, I better get to it!  Hope to see you there! 🙂


Weekly Review


Hardanger Bell Pull – a modification of the EAC (Embroiderer’s Association of Canada) Intermediate Hardanger course.

In keeping with the list theme, you notice you see a lot of lists on this blog.  I find them easier to navigate and scan as a reader, and very concise as an author.  This week I accomplished a few things to put on my “Done” list.

  • I finished my Hardanger bell pull,
  • I finished, I mean totally finished, Wascana Creek,
  • I did the finishing on Wascana Creek – Study, the original plein air piece for Wascana Creek,
  • I worked on updating my portfolio, and
  • I continued with my Blogging 101 course.

Today I will continue with my portfolio and color planning The Barn.

Planning next week soon.

Wascana Creek and study

“Wascana Creek” and its plein air piece “Wascana Creek – Study”.

In My Studio

Hardanger Bellpull 1

This week in my studio I am…

  • busy organizing my receipts from last year to file away for any future use.
  • finishing the hardanger bellpull.
  • sewing a hanging sleeve on Wascana Creek.
  • start to hook The Barn.

The barn pattern 1

I am also considering work on a laptop case and a footstool cover.  My footstool cover is sprouting holes.


I have the laptop case drawn on linen backing, but haven’t started hooking it.  I am not happy with the actual design of the case itself.  I need to do some zipper shopping online and off to see if I can find what I need for it.  Local selection is limited.

I am also looking at more sewing.  I have everything I need for a camera case except some foam padding.  Hmm…

Lots to keep me busy the next while!


Week in Review

Hi all.  Christmas is coming down.  The New Year has definitely begun!  This is the first Week in Review for the year.  I have to admit to not accomplishing a lot of rug hooking.  However I did manage a few things related to my business…

  • Finished hooking Wascana Creek,
  • Hemmed Wascana Creek,
  • Attached a label to Wascana Creek,
  • Figured out my PST (provincial sales tax) owed to the government and dropped it off,
  • Catching up on business related reading,
  • Started the Blogging 101 course put on by WordPress.

Blogging 101 is very informative.  It is taking a lot of my time, but that is okay.  I am learning a lot and enjoying playing around with WordPress.  Plus the community here is great!  So varied and helpful.

See you next week! 🙂

WIP Thursday


“Wascana Creek” – 22.5″ x 16″ – $345 CAD

WIP is crafter lingo for Works in Progress, otherwise known as UFOs, or UnFinished Objects.  🙂

Today’s WIP is none other than Wascana Creek!

I am technically finished, as the photo above shows.  What I need to do is sew a hanging sleeve on the back to insert a dowel to hang the wall hanging from.

Part of my dallying has been around deciding which hanging system to use – the hook and loop tape or the hanging sleeve. Both have their merits.  It’s a question of whether the wall hanging is heavy enough it would bend the dowel that goes through the hanging sleeve system.  I think, over time, it would bend a 1/4″ dowel, my standard dowel size.  I am going to try a wider diameter dowel.


Hanging sleeves attached to the back of wall hangings, awaiting 1/4″ dowels to be inserted for hanging from cup hooks.


Hook and loop hanging system.  Hook attached to shellacked oak and loop attached to the wall hanging backing.

The hook and loop system is failproof.  The loop side is attached to the back of the wall hanging.  While the hook side is attached to a piece of oak trim that has been shellacked.  I put holes at either end of the oak board and screw it to the wall through those holes.  Then just pop the wall hanging up on the board.  Very sturdy.  This system can handle a lot of weight.  I have come to the realization that my larger rugs are definitely on the heavy side.

Whenever I speak to patrons about the two systems they invariably prefer the hanging sleeve system because they view it as not damaging the wall as much as the hook and loop system, and as being easier to install.  I can’t blame them.  My Hubby feels the same way.  But if you want to prevent sag in a large heavy hooked wall hanging, you really need to use the hook and loop system.  Plus have some reinforcing done on the back of the wall hanging.

Next up?  My unfinished project for the remainder of the week is a Hardanger bell pull I started many years ago and never finished.  It has a very small section of stitches to fill in to complete.  I am hoping to complete it in short order.


Tackle it Tuesday

Lots of fun today.   Company coming this evening.  I get to bake and cook!  I also need to do some serious picking up around here.

I finished up my business statement!  And pressed Wascana Creek.  I think I’m going to need to fill in some holes.  Sometimes when I hook with yarn it’s difficult to see the spots that need a few more loops.  It’s best to look at the work from the back and see if I have any big bare spaces of backing.  That’s a clue the front needs a bit of work yet.  Though I have to be careful not to pack too tightly around yarn, as it likes to “bloom” or expand when hooked, and looks best when given the room to do so.





The plans for this week:

  1. press and hem Wascana Creek,
  2. sew on a hanging sleeve,
  3. label and price it.
  4. work on business spreadsheets.  Close to being finished! 🙂
  5. If I have time, sew more sanitary napkins for women in Africa. 🙂
  6. get ready for Christmas!
  • clean fridge
  • pick up sunroom studio
  • pick up dining room
  • make grocery list
  • final grocery shop!
  • bake quiche and freeze
  • make hummus and store in fridge

And…Celebrate Christmas! 🙂



Week in Review

Last Import - 1 of 1

“Wascana Creek” – ready for finishing.

This week was a mixed bag.

  • I finished hooking Wascana Creek, as you can see. 🙂
  • I renewed my domain and transferred it to WordPress.
  • I upgraded my blog so you should see no ads now.
  • I received notice from my accountant’s assistant that she was not entirely happy with the way I filled out the T2125 Business Statement for this year.  She wants me to re-enter my expenses and income in three separate forms she provided.  I am not happy.  This should have been given to me at the beginning of the year, not the end.  I spent a lot of time since Wednesday, when I received the email, on that.  I have better things to do this time of year.  This is time consuming detailed work.

Aside from all that,

  • I’ve hosted company this week,
  • been to see the CP Christmas Train,
  • took part in a church Christmas potluck,
  • attended a potluck for a group of ladies I used to stitch with,
  • and engaged in watching Christmas movies to de-stress…I love ’em!


Monday Meanderings

Last Import - 1 of 1

Hi everyone!  A busy day today.  I have the laundry started and a pumpkin cheesecake in the oven.  The cheesecake will be our Christmas Day dinner dessert. 🙂

Planning to fit in some hooking today.  I’ll be visiting with a friend for a while.  And I have to make a run to the store for meds.  But otherwise my day is open for some work on Wascana Creek. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

Tackle it Tuesday

My rug hooking studio in need of a major re-organizing.

My rug hooking studio in need of a major re-organizing.

Time to get down to work.  Time to clean up the sunroom studio and work on Wascana Creek. 

Also time to figure out a bit more about my business statement.  I’m in need of a bit more information.

Another busy day in the social arena today.  I hear we may go Christmas shopping again this evening. 🙂

Our church puts on a Scenes of Wonder every December.  They collect up nativity scenes from around the city and display them for one weekend.  We had over 150 scenes this past weekend!

Our church puts on a Scenes of Wonder every December. They collect up nativity scenes from around the city and display them for one weekend. We had over 150 scenes this past weekend!

A busy week ahead…

Last Import - 1 of 1

WIP – Wascana Creek

Lots happening here.

~ Laundry and housework must be done!
~ Christmas shopping with Hubby, and with a friend.
~ Hubby manages two work places.  At least one has their Christmas dinner this week.
~ An acquaintance is coming over so I can teach her how to use Facebook for her business.
~ Company coming mid-week, just for the day.
~ A friend coming in the evening later this week.
~ Possibly another Christmas outing happening towards the end of the week, but we shall see.

In amongst all that, I hope to finish hooking Wascana Creek.  But first to get my sunroom studio back into order!

Weekly Review

Last Import - 2 of 4

My booth at Makers 2015 makerspace at Regent Place Library, Regina, SK, Canada

Hi everyone.  I accomplished a few things this week…

~ I gathered up receipts and sent my ledger into the accountant.  She mentioned having enough information for the business statement.  I decided to take on preparation of that document myself this year.  I need to base it on last year’s document.  I cannot find last year’s tax statements!  They are not where they’re supposed to be.  Must talk to Hubby and see if he knows where they are.

~ I casually mentioned Friday was International Rug Hooking Day when Hubby and I were out to tea one evening.  He mentioned the local library was hosting a makerspace on Friday.  Well, one thing led to another and next thing I knew I was offered a spot at Makers 2015 for Friday.  I had a great time with great people!  AND I’ve been invited back for today.  I’m slightly more prepared for the onslaught of children and young adults.  I’ll be taking more hoops and smaller patterns for them to hook.

~ I also hooked more on Wascana Creek.  I’d include a photo, but it is at the library right now.

Later… I had many visitors to my booth today, both young and old.  At one point I had five people hooking rug, and I ran out of hoops.  The fifth lady decided to try hooking without a frame!  Mostly though, there were three or four people from 1 PM through to 4 PM.   It was busy!  Lots of demonstrating.  Not a lot was done on Wascana Creek! 🙂

Happy International Rug Hooking Day!

Last Import - 1 of 1

Getting ready to go the Makers 2015! 🙂

This is a short post before I start preparing to head out to the makerspace at Regent Place Library here in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  I’m taking Wascana Creek with me for hooking.  I’m also taking a couple of star decoration patterns for the public to try hooking.  And I will set up a display for people to see some finished wall hangings.

I’m only there for this afternoon, so come on by if you’re in the area.  I’ll post some pics later today… 🙂

Later…  My oh my!  What a day!  Rug Hooking Rules folks!  I was only going to stay till 5 PM, but my table was so busy with people – young and old – that I stayed right till 8 PM, when the makerspace closed.  AND I was asked if I would please consider coming back tomorrow.  I agreed.  So I will be at Regent Place Library from 11 AM – 5 PM tomorrow as well. 🙂

My biggest surprise today were the number of young people wanting to learn to hook.  The youngest was five, and it went up from there.  I was surprised by the amount of talent in the children, and some of the adults.  I did not have enough hoops or small patterns to hook.  I’m going to try and prepare some small Christmas tree ornaments for the children to hook tomorrow and, hopefully take home with them.  I have no idea how I’ll have them finish them…yet.

Here are the photos I promised.  Unfortunately none of people.  I’m not kosher about posting photos of kids online without their parents permission. And yes, that is the grass finished on Wascana Creek!


Saturday Review

Last Import - 1 of 1

Still working away at Wascana Creek.

We have mice!  Ugh!  Traps set.  I’m heading out with Hubby for more weatherstripping for underneath the doors.  Ours, apparently, is not long enough.

We went grocery shopping last night — our big grocery shop for the month of December.  Today I need to spend some time re-packaging food into smaller packets for just the two of us.  Also need to mix up more of my GF flour mix.  It’s basically a kitchen day.

Later… Well that wasn’t much of a review of the week!  Let’s see what I can give my readers. 🙂

Most of the week seemed to be spent dealing with household situations and medical situations.  Everyone’s fine.  Just more appointments and changes in medication.

Hubby’s pay schedule has changed, so we’re trying to adapt to it.  Instead of being paid twice a month it’s now every two weeks.

I had an upholsterer fix my seat cushion on my Mission oak chair.  It’s nice.  A bit firm, but a lot better than sitting on the old thin cushion with the plywood underneath!

I also had my leather walking shoes fixed. 🙂

We made arrangements for the exterminator to come and inspect the house for access points for the mice…and tell us how to get rid of them.  He came this morning.  We have some shopping and hole blocking to do this afternoon.

I am starting to prepare for the upcoming Christmas season.  I was out shopping with a friend and visiting with friends throughout the week.  We’ve been planning December.

I do some charity work through the church.  So I’ve been setting that up, and will be working on it throughout December.

So that’s what’s been happening here.  I’m still working on my hooking, and some knitting as well.   I hope everyone has a great day! 🙂


WIP – Wascana Creek

Last Import - 1 of 1

I did finish the water yesterday, and now I’m onto the grass surrounding the creek.  I’m not likely to finish all of it today, but will do a fair chunk.  I’m getting a late start this morning, having slept in.

I understand we will have some welcome company today as well.  And I will be tutoring ESL this evening.  Nothing like a varied day to keep you alert and stimulated!  🙂

Thankful Thursday

Last Import - 1 of 1

I have a lot to be thankful for today. I am thankful I am able to work on Wascana Creek today.  I should have the water finished by nightfall.

Today I see a medical specialist whom I am very thankful for.  Her knowledge and skill will keep me as healthy as I can be, as long as I do my part.

I have an upholsterer coming with a fixed seat cushion for a very nice old Mission oak living room chair.  It will be nice to sit in the chair without hurting my back.  I am very thankful for her skills.

And I’m thankful for friends, one of whom will drop by this evening for a visit.


It’s Snowing!

Last Import - 1 of 2

Lovely wonderful white flakes…not terribly fluffy, but it’s snowing.  Somehow it never seems like Christmas is coming to me until the snow starts to fall.

Today’s job is hooking more water on Wascana Creek.  I am almost finished it.  Then onto the grass of the park.